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Bylaw Changes 2019-12-28

The NHLA board voted at the December 2019 board meeting to amend the bylaws. Please see below for details. Deletions are struck through and changes/additions are in italics.


Draft Bylaw Changes 12/08/2019


  1. Change Membership Levels
  2. Change Membership Terms
  3. Increase Membership Fees
  4. Increase board voting requirement to remove a member
  5. Add ability to adjust effective date of new board members after election
  6. Add section for the number of votes required for write-in candidates


Article Two – Members

[2.1 Any person may submit their name, email address, and mailing address to the board of the NHLA for the express purpose of being counted as a Basic member, signifying that he or she supports the goals and purposes of the organization.]

2.1 The NHLA may have several levels of membership to serve the purposes and goals of the organization and to accommodate the members levels of support.


2.1.1 Membership information shall be held in the strictest confidentiality. Only the Board of Directors, and technical staff directly authorized by the Board of Directors, shall have access to membership information. The NHLA shall not knowingly sell or distribute specific member data. Aggregate membership information, such as the total number of members, may be distributed at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


2.1.2 Memberships shall be for the term of [two] one year[s]. At the end of each member’s term, he or she shall be contacted and asked to renew his or her membership. The Board of Directors may establish a specific time period for members to renew membership.


2.1.3 There will be an annual meeting of the NHLA membership. This meeting shall be open to all levels of membership.


2.1.4 A member may be removed from the NHLA if at least [2/3] 4/5 of the Board of Directors vote to remove that member.


2.1.5 Membership fees may be paid in US Dollars or an equivalent thereof if the Board of Directors has established a list of one or more such equivalents to be acceptable.


2.2 Basic membership in the NHLA [shall always be free] is a free membership for the express purpose of allowing an individual to signify support for the goals and purposes of the NHLA.


2.2.1 Basic membership shall entitle an individual to receive electronic newsletters and bulletins from the NHLA.


2.2.2 The NHLA shall cease issuing Basic membership after June 2020 and cease renewing Basic membership after May 2021.

2.3 Activist membership in the NHLA shall have no membership fee but such member shall provide some volunteer service to the organization. Activist membership is a non-voting member.


2.3.1 The Board of Directors shall maintain a list of activities that the member may choose from to fulfill their volunteer activities.


2.3.2 Activist membership shall entitle an individual to receive electronic newsletters and bulletins from the NHLA.


2.4 [2.3] Full membership in the NHLA shall be the normal level of paid [an additional paid level of] membership.


2.4.1 [2.3.1] Full membership shall be offered for a fee of not less than $25 [$40] per [2] one-year term.


2.4.2 [2.3.2] Full membership in the NHLA shall entitle an individual to vote in NHLA elections.


2.4.3 Full membership status, but without a membership fee, shall apply to Legislators currently endorsed by the NHLA.


2.5 [2.4] Lifetime membership in the NHLA shall be an additional level of paid membership.


2.5.1 [2.4.1] Lifetime membership shall be offered for a fee of not less than $500 [$200].


2.5.2 [2.4.2] Lifetime membership shall entitle an individual to vote in NHLA elections and exempts the member from the [biennial] membership renewal requirement.


2.6 [2.5] Additional levels of membership may be created at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

[3.5.1 Starting in December 2017, the term of office for each board position shall expire as follows: Odd years: April 30th: chairman, secretary; November 30th: political action, treasurer. Even years: April 30th: membership, IT; November 30th: research.]


Article Three – Board of Directors


3.5.1. Starting in April 2020, elections for Board members shall be held in April or November as follows: Odd years in April: chairman, secretary; in November: political action, treasurer. Even years in April: membership, IT; in November: research. The terms of office expire at the end of the following month’s Board of Directors meeting or the 15th of the month, May or December, whichever occurs first.


3.6 Any member eligible to vote may become a Director, and may nominate any member eligible to vote to fill a vacant Directorship. Directors will be elected by approval voting but must receive at least ten votes to be elected. All members eligible to vote shall have the option of submitting ballots via mail or electronically. Board vacancies must be filled within a reasonable period. Ketika permainan togel terus bergulir tanpa mengenal ketinggalan jaman, para bettor togel online terus dan kian semangat mencari untungan dari taruhan ini. Sehingga sulit dihentikan permainan togel online yang hadir melalui website online yang disediakan oleh para agen di indonesia. Mudah melaukan proses bertransaksi dengan para agen togel online di indonesia. The exact terms of the election may be decided by Board resolution, in accordance with these Bylaws.


3.6.1 Where ballots allow for write-in candidates, the ballot or the election notification email must have a notice that write-in candidates must also meet the ten vote minimum.


3.6.2 In case of a tie vote, or if no candidate receives the minimum of ten votes, the Board may, by simple majority, resolve the tie, elect a candidate with less than ten votes, or to call for a new election.


3.6.3 [3.6.1] If only one (1) candidate for election to a vacant or expiring [board] Board position can be found, the [board] Board may, by unanimous motion, elect the candidate to the [board] Board, foregoing an election by the membership.


Article Four – Officers


4.7 The duties of the Director of Information Technology (IT) shall include, but not be limited to: website oversight; mailing list oversight; renewing domains; email account oversight; protecting the confidentiality of membership data as specified in article [2.8] 2.1.1.


Article Five – Committees


5.1 The Board may, by amending this article, create standing committees to assist the Board in fulfilling the goals of the organization. Standing committees may also be dissolved by the same process. In addition, temporary committees, dedicated to a short-term objective and intended to exist for less than six months, may be created by Board resolution. The motion creating each committee shall designate [at] a committee chairman, who may be, but is not necessarily, a Director. Minutes of all committee meetings shall be kept. Committees may submit motions to the Board for consideration.