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The NHLA Research Committee is responsible for: Bill Review training and oversight; documentation of NHLA positions on key legislative issues via the Gold Standard or other publications; developing the Liberty Rating for board approval; and, developing and scoring surveys for new candidates for state office.

We need help reviewing the approximately one thousand bills, most anti-liberty, that are proposed each year. Without your help, New Hampshire will become less free. Contact the Research Director at research@nhliberty.org to help. It’s an easy way to volunteer – you can work at your convenience in your own home.

Bill reviewers are encouraged to join our Facebook bill reviewers group for general discussion of the process of reviewing bills. This is a good place to get up to speed on the process and ask questions about how to get started. Once you have a basic understanding of how our system works join one of our research teams to focus on bills in those particular committees.

Political Action

The goal of the NHLA Political Action Department is to counter the ceaseless efforts of those who would use their political clout to encourage politicians to abuse the public trust by passing legislation that deprives citizens of liberty and property.

An important part of the Political Action Director’s role is to give testimony on behalf of the NHLA on important bills. Giving testimony is a great opportunity for members of the public, and liberty activists, to give their input on pending legislation.

To be an effective advocate for liberty, read these tips for how to use your time before a legislative committee wisely. Contact the Political Director, Michael Granger, at political@nhliberty.org to help out or learn more.

Civic Action

The Civic Action arm of the NHLA works to strengthen the foundations of civil society in New Hampshire by encouraging private charity and increasing citizen involvement in the community. Private solutions are more efficient, more effective and genuinely more caring than those provided by outside agencies.

New Englanders have always had the reputation of being independent, hardy and resourceful. Settlers in our harsh beginnings not only relied on their personal fortitude, but also believed strongly in the concept of neighbor helping neighbor to build the foundation of their community.

We’ve proven time and time again how private charity and local contributions have helped families in need. Natural disasters, household fires, and local children struck by a catastrophic illness or left parentless pull communities together. Individuals rally together to have a fundraiser, make and take meals, or make donations in collection boxes with the face of a smiling child gazing back. These are all examples of times when people lend a helping hand to a friend, neighbor, or even to someone they may have never met.

The old adage that charity begins at home has been a building block of what New England represents. Expanding private charity and focusing resources within the community builds stronger ties between families, which in turn builds community to community ties creating a more civil and less competitive society. According to a Forbes article, “almost 82% of New England households participate in charitable giving” compared to just 65% in the South and Gulf area; with New England being ranked high for secular giving.

We have a proud heritage of self-reliance and strong communities. NHLA works to foster these values through efforts focused on keeping our elected officials accountable and promoting legislation that creates small, local governments.

In addition, the Civic Action branch of NHLA works towards its goal in several specific ways:

  • Financial donations to private charitable organizations
  • Volunteer days helping to keep our state clean and beautiful by cleaning up an adopted stretch of highway
  • Direct donations to community members suffering from personal accidents, house fires, and legal woes over victimless crimes
  • Supporting our members via promotion and volunteer assistance in their charitable and community-building projects

There are many ways you can help preserve and protect our New Hampshire ideals. We welcome your donations, look forward to working side by side with you on volunteer efforts, and are excited to hear your ideas. For more information about how you can get involved, please contact civicaction@nhliberty.org.