Empty Gas Running on Empty! PAC Fundraiser Liberty continues to live and grow in New Hampshire. We had 97 NHLA Endorsed Representatives and Senators elected! We supported 158 candidates in the primary and general election and must replenish funds to be able to support liberty candidates in special elections. We are holding a PAC fundraising event at Vine 32 in Bedford on… (Read more)
2022 Candidate Endorsements are live The initial list of endorsed candidates for the 2022 state elections has been posted. This list may be updated as additional candidates are identified. (Read more)
Liberty Dinner 2022 tickets on sale now! The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance cordially invites you to its 2022 Liberty Dinner on Saturday July 23rd from 6:00 to 11:00 PM. Formal attire please. We will unveil this year's Liberty Rating and award the Legislator of the Year and Activist of the Year. In addition to a buffet dinner and an evening with both… (Read more)
April 2022 Board Election Results The April 2022 Board election is complete.Voting invitation was sent by email to all Full and Life Members for a total of 381 possible voters. 91 members cast votes for the election of these BOD positions. 24% voter response. For Political Director Matt Santonastaso - 80 votes  (89.89%) None of the Above - 7 votes… (Read more)
Bill Review Training Session We are kicking off the first bill review training session of the 2022 legislative season in Nashua on October 30th. Please sign up and learn how you can help us to hold the NH legislature accountable. Get your tickets here (Read more)
2021 Liberty Rating and Liberty Dinner The 2021 Liberty Dinner was a big success! Thank you to all who attended. We released our 2021 Liberty rating.  74 Representatives got an A+ and in total 176 representatives and senators received a B+ or higher. The Legislator of the Year was the Honorable Michael Yakubovich representing Hooksett – district Merrimack-24. He is a… (Read more)
2021 Liberty Dinner – Get your tickets now The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance cordially invites you to its 2021 Liberty Dinner on Saturday July 24th from 6:00 to 11:00 PM. Formal attire please.  We will unveil this year's Liberty Rating, announce the Legislator of the year, and announce the Activist of the year. In addition to a buffet dinner and an evening with… (Read more)
2021 Mid-Term Legislator Scores 2021 Mid-Term Rating This is an unweighted mid-term rating based on roll call votes on pro-liberty and anti-liberty bills. Pro-liberty bills protect individual freedom of choice and personal responsibility; recognize the superiority of freedom over coercion; respect the citizen’s right of self-ownership; promote governance that is transparent, accountable, and adheres to the Constitution; and recognize… (Read more)
2021 Remote Hearings Remote Hearings – Senate At this time, the General Court is conducting legislative activities remotely with the exception of publicly noticed sessions in the House or Senate Calendar. If you would like to attend remote public hearings, here are some helpful guidelines to help you navigate the process. The Senate Calendar will be updated on… (Read more)
Organization Day is approaching – what’s next? As the New Hampshire state election recounts come to a close over the next week, one of the next key events in state government will be Organization Day. Pursuant to Part II, Article 3, of the New Hampshire Constitution, this will occur on December 2nd – the first Wednesday in December. While no legislation will… (Read more)

Working to Expand Liberty

The NHLA is a non-partisan coalition working to increase individual freedom in New Hampshire. We review and rate bills in the State Legislature, and recommend how legislators should vote on bills, based on how they affect individual liberties. We compile report cards on legislators, based on their support for individual liberty. We also assist the campaigns of Liberty candidates for the New Hampshire Legislature, and, provide assistance to local families or persons in need. Learn more…

We Need Your Help!

The NHLA is an all-volunteer organization, with a handful of volunteers shouldering all the work. Build your reputation as a Liberty Activist, not to mention expand Liberty, by volunteering!

The NHLA has modest operational expenses, most of our money goes towards the campaigns of Liberty candidates for the NH Legislature. We also have a charitable fund that helps local families in need. Please donate to help us continue this important work.