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The NHLA provides a members-only discussion forum, based on Discourse. The forum requires login via the NHLA Single Sign-on (SSO) system, based on OpenID. Please join here to become a member.

If you are a member, and this is the first time you want to access the forum, you will require a one-time password reset in the SSO system. Please follow these instructions to do that:

  1. Navigate to the forum:

  2. Click “Log in” to go to the SSO login page:

  3. Click “Forgot Password?”, which takes you to the password reset page:

  4. Enter the username or email on your website membership account, and click “Submit.”

  5. You’ll shortly receive an email with a link:

  6. Click the link, which takes you to the password reset page:

  7. Update your password as requested, after which you’ll be taken to the forum. You’ll be asked if an account should be created for you (in the forum) – please confirm that step.