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GenCourtMobile is a tool designed for New Hampshire liberty activists. It’s a web app that makes it easier to keep track of legislation, committee hearings, and legislator details on your phone.

To access GenCourtMobile (GCM), open the browser on your smartphone, and navigate to https://gencourtmobile.com

GCM has many handy features, some of which can’t be found on our website or the General Court website:

  • US congressional district data (mapping towns to the district number), along with the contact information for the respective Representative
  • NHLA endorsements, as well as the NHLA’s own Liberty Rating data, including a detailed breakdown of each legislator’s record on graded votes
  • Ability to search State Reps by license plate number
  • Ability to search by town name or zip code to find your State Reps and Executive Council district
  • “Votes Most Like” – shows the number of roll call votes where two legislators voted the same way
  • “Sponsors Most With” – shows how many times a legislator has another legislator in common for bill sponsorship – the number of bills where they both are a sponsor (prime or otherwise)

When logged in, and viewing a bill, you can subscribe to receive automatic notifications – when anything about the bill changes, an email will be sent to you.

From ‘Bills’ / ‘My Subscribed Bills’, you can view the bills you are tracking, along with their latest status.

Tap ‘Maintenance’, then ‘View Recent Changes’. This will display bill status updates, committee membership, legislator info / status, etc.

When you specify your town (and ward, if applicable) in your account profile, it allows you to gain quick access to all of your reps, senators, executive councilor, and the governor through a single page. You can use that to call and / or email them from one place! There’s also a link to their respective profile pages – useful for keeping track of what your state rep(s) and senator are up to!
This page is under ‘Legislators’ / ‘My Legislators’.

GCM was developed to help New Hampshire liberty activists, and as such, access to certain feaures is granted only to those who are truly working toward the goal of maximum individual liberty, and minimum government involvement.
How can you prove that you are a liberty activist? By supporting the NHLA, of course!
If you are a current Full or Lifetime NHLA member, you can request full access to GCM by emailing membership@nhliberty.org. If your membership has lapsed, please renew!
An invitation email will be sent to you, containing instructions on how to create your GenCourtMobile account. (Note that this login will be separate from your NHLA login.) To help verify who you are, please use the same email address used for your account on the NHLA site, if possible.

Many thanks to NHLA Lifetime member Seamus Casey for making this unique tool available to NHLA members!