The Liberty Rating

The Liberty Rating report card is based on pro-liberty and anti-liberty votes and their impact on the State of New Hampshire—actual, recorded floor votes on legislation in the House and Senate. Bills have been carefully selected for inclusion which clearly demonstrate the level of respect our elected representatives show for our individual rights and liberties.

Pro-liberty votes protect individual freedom of choice and personal responsibility, recognize the superiority of freedom over coercion, respect the citizen’s right of self-ownership, promote governance that is transparent, accountable, and adheres to the Constitution, and recognize the value of voluntary economic decisions.

Anti-liberty votes attempt to replace self-governance with interventionist regulation, assume rules made by agencies backed by force are superior to voluntary choices backed by personal accountability, and assume a better economy can be managed by a central authority that compels people and businesses to pay for policies they may not willingly support.

The Liberty Rating is the result of hundreds of hours of work by many volunteers who have read and analyzed bills, testified before committees, called and written their representatives, worked on our other signature publication, the Gold Standard, and culled extensive data from legislative voting records.

We encourage New Hampshire citizens to learn the facts about how their elected representatives are voting in Concord and to use this tool to hold them accountable. This report card serves as a valuable voter guide when these same reps are running for re-election.

Click below to find the Liberty Rating PDF document for that year.