Auctions for VIP Pass, Hotel Room at 2015 New Hampshire Liberty Forum

Winning bid for pass - $276

Winning bid for hotel room - $108.95

Update Feb. 14, 2015 - Congratulations to Representative Joe Hannon for winning both auctions!  Thank you to all those who participated in the bidding!

December 2014

NHLA Newsletter for December 2014

Civic Action Fundraiser for Polaris Charter School

Help us keep Manchester's children safe!

NHLA Civic Action is happy to announce a new fundraiser benefiting the community. Polaris Charter School in Manchester is in dire need of funds to finance the protection of the school playground. The school needs bollards — low metal posts — to be installed at the intersection of Kelley and Cartier streets, in front of the fence at the corner of the school’s playground.

Election Results for Chair, Research Director Nov. 2014

The Board elections have closed, and the results are:

Research Director

Scott Carlson - 45
Tim O'Flaherty - 54


Kirk McNeil - 39
Paul Best - 52
Alexander Portelli - 4
Mike Lorrey - 2
George Lambert - 6

Thank you to all those who ran, and congratulations to the winners!

November 2014

NHLA Newsletter for November 2014

NHLA Election for Chair, Research Director Nov. 2014

The NHLA election for a new Chair and Research Director opened at 12:01AM EST on Tuesday, Nov. 18th. The election will run through 11:59PM EST on Friday, Nov. 28th. All Full and Lifetime members are eligible to vote.

We are trying something new this time and using SurveyMonkey to administer the election. All eligible voters received an email shortly after the election opened with a unique link to the election web page. The link may only be used once.

Here is the complete list of candidates:

Research Director
Scott Carlson
Tim O'Flaherty


A Day to Benefit the Family of Former NHLA Director Paul Comeau Jr.

Please consider attending the following event, a fundraiser for the family of Paul Comeau Jr. Paul was a former Boardmember of the NHLA who passed away recently.

All proceeds to benefit Paul's wife and three children.

Save the date and join us. We have lots of great raffle prizes, karaoke in the lanes, and live entertainment in the lounge throughout the afternoon.

2014 NHLA Endorsed and Elected Candidates

Congratulations to all the candidates on your tremendous victory in this year’s state elections. We understand how hard you have worked and the sacrifices you have made to make this day come true. We are grateful for all of your efforts. Your win is a win for ALL of New Hampshire’s citizens. We are also proud to announce that out of the 123 candidates endorsed going into the general election, 87 (listed below) were successful. This is a most exciting time and a big win for the NHLA, New Hampshire, and liberty.

October 2014

NHLA Newsletter for October 2014

Upcoming elections for NHLA Chair and Research Director

The NHLA will be holding elections for the positions of Chair and Research Director in November. Nominations are open now until November 16. Voting begins November 18th and continues until November 28th. All full and Lifetime members are eligible to vote in the election. The following individuals have been nominated to date:

Research Director
Scott Carlson
Tim O'Flaherty

Kirk McNeil
Paul Best
Alexander Portelli
Mike Lorrey
George Lambert

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