January 2016

NHLA Newsletter for January 2016

Auction for Tickets, Hotel Room at 2016 NH Liberty Forum

NH Liberty Forum Keynote Speaker Edward SnowdenThe NHLA is once again a proud Silver sponsor of New Hampshire Liberty Forum, one of the largest annual liberty-focused conferences in the country.  This year's Forum is scheduled for Feb. 18 - 21, 2015 at the Manchester Radisson.

NHLA State House Tour

The NHLA is excited to once again offer our popular State House Tour in conjunction with New Hampshire Liberty Forum! Get a guided tour of the State House and the Legislative Office Building (aka LOB). Tour stops include the historic Hall of Flags, the gallery, a committee hearing room, the underground tunnel, and much, much more! We're thrilled that NHLA Legislator of the Year, Rep. Dan Itse, will once again be sharing his extensive knowledge of New Hampshire history while leading the tour.

December 2015

NHLA Newsletter for December 2015

Nov. 2015 Election Results

The Board election has closed, and the results are as follows:


Steve Villee - 92
None of the Above - 2
one write-in: Bernie Sanders

Political Director

Keith Ammon - 102
None of the Above - 3
one write-in: George Hoyt

Thank you to all those who ran, and congratulations to the winners!


November 2015

NHLA Newsletter for November 2015

Fall Elections Coming Up!

Elections for a new Political Director and a new Treasurer are coming up this month! All Full and Lifetime members are eligible to vote.  If your membership has expired, or if you're a Basic member, now is a great time to renew/upgrade.  More info about the election and candidates is available here.


NHLA Supports School Choice with Matching Funds

The NHLA supports school choice in Croydon, NH (and everywhere else)!

October 2015

NHLA Newsletter for October 2015

NHLA Supports the Croydon School Board's School Choice Program

Concord – The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance supports the innovative school choice program offered in Croydon, NH. This common-sense initiative allows market competition to set the price for educational options, and empowers parents with choices that best fit their children's needs and goals. This is a win-win for tax-payers, schools, and students.

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