Fall Elections Coming Up!

Elections for a new Political Director and a new Treasurer are coming up this month! All Full and Lifetime members are eligible to vote.  If your membership has expired, or if you're a Basic member, now is a great time to renew/upgrade.  More info about the election and candidates is available here.


NHLA Supports School Choice with Matching Funds

The NHLA supports school choice in Croydon, NH (and everywhere else)!

October 2015

NHLA Newsletter for October 2015

NHLA Supports the Croydon School Board's School Choice Program

Concord – The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance supports the innovative school choice program offered in Croydon, NH. This common-sense initiative allows market competition to set the price for educational options, and empowers parents with choices that best fit their children's needs and goals. This is a win-win for tax-payers, schools, and students.

Irena Goddard Appointed NHLA Civic Action Director

We're very pleased to announce that Irena Goddard is the new Civic Action Director of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance!

Rally for Constitutional Carry on Wed. Sept. 16

Are you "suitable" to carry a firearm discreetly?

Governor Hassan thinks a government official should be able to make an arbitrary decision whether or not to allow a law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm discreetly.

This Wednesday, responsible gun owners are rallying at the State House to pressure Representatives and Senators to tell the Governor she is wrong and to overturn her veto of SB 116.

NHLA Annual Membership Meeting on Sunday Sept. 13

Many thanks to Porcupine Real Estate for sponsoring this event!

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance's annual membership meeting will be held on Sun. Sept 13th in Auburn. All members are welcome to come and enjoy burgers, hot dogs, potluck contributions, and refreshing beverages. Come meet other members, including state representatives and Board members.

August 2015

NHLA Newsletter for August 2015

July 2015

NHLA Newsletter for July 2015

2015 Liberty Rating

This is the twelfth annual Liberty Rating issued by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, based on 50 roll call votes in the House and 22 in the Senate. This year the House earned a collective grade of C and the Senate a C+. We’d like to congratulate our Legislator of the Year, Dan Itse. Rep. Itse, currently serving his eighth term, received a perfect score, and a grade of A+.

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