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Bylaws Change 2019-02-24



A) Remove Development Director position

B) Add ability to hire independent contractors.


A) Remove Development Director position

Article Three – Board of Directors

3.2 The Board will consist of eight seven Directors: a Chairman, a Director of Development, a Director of Political Action, a Director of Membership, a Director of Research, a Director of Information Technology (IT), a Secretary and a Treasurer. Specific duties may be assigned to each Director by majority vote of the Board.

3.5.1 Starting in December 2017, the term of office for each board position shall expire as follows: Odd years: April 30th: chairman, secretary; November 30th: political action, treasurer. Even years: April 30th: membership, IT; November 30th: development, research.

Article Four – Officers

4.8 The duties of the Director of Development shall include, but not be limited to: soliciting donations from individuals and organizations; managing donor relations; organizing the annual Liberty Dinner.

Article Five – Committees

5.2 The Ways and Means Committee shall be responsible for raising the funds necessary for the NHLA to fulfill its mission of advancing the cause of individual liberty in New Hampshire. The Director of Development shall be the chair of this committee.

5.3 5.2 The Public Relations Committee shall be responsible for communicating with the media and the public in a manner consistent with the directives set forth by the Board. The Secretary shall be the chair of this committee.

5.4 5.3 The Information Technology Committee shall be responsible for fulfilling the needs of the organization as they relate to technology, as determined by the Board. The Director of IT shall be the chair of this committee.

5.5 5.4 The Research Committee shall be responsible for writing policy briefs and proposed legislation in furtherance of the purpose of the NHLA, for distribution to the media and elected representatives, as directed by the Board. The Director of Research shall be the chair of this committee.

5.6 5.5 The Civic Action Committee shall consist of all members of the Board of Directors and their designees and shall be responsible for finding appropriate NH residents to receive financial assistance through our Civic Action Fund and scheduling charitable events throughout the year to bring non-governmental assistance to NH residents. The Membership Director shall be the chair of this committee.


B) Add ability to hire independent contractors

Article Six – Independent Contractors (New Section)

6.1 An independent contractor may be engaged to accomplish specific tasks or duties and whose engagement would meet 1099 IRS reporting requirements.

6.2 The board shall have the authority by a simple majority to retain or discharge the services of an independent contractor.

6.3 The board shall develop, and approve by simple majority, a well-defined scope of duties before establishing a position and must advertise the position.

6.5 The board shall approve by simple majority any compensation, commissions, expense reimbursement policy, board oversight processes, and/or reporting requirements for the position. These requirements may be defined by the board and negotiated with applicants but must ultimately be approved by the board.

6.6 No independent contractor may be a voting member of the board.

6.7 Independent contractors will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Article Six Seven – Dissolution

6 7.1 Should the NHLA dissolve, all remaining assets shall be distributed in a manner advancing the purpose of the organization.

Article Seven Eight – Amendments

7 8.1 These Bylaws may be amended with the approval of four-fifths of the Directors, provided that at a prior meeting such amendments were approved by a majority of the Directors, and that these amendments were distributed to all Directors for review, and made available to the members on the website and in an email newsletter, in the interim between meetings.

7 8.2 Any Bylaws changes shall take effect at the close of the Board meeting at which they are ratified.

Article Eight Nine – Conflict

8 9.1 If there is any conflict between the provisions of these Bylaws and the Articles of Incorporation of the NHLA, the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation shall govern. Should any of the provisions of portions of these Bylaws be held unenforceable or invalid for any reason, the remaining provisions and portions of these Bylaws shall be unaffected by such holding.