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Bill Hearings for Week of 2019-01-14

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HB 172LangParents can provide driver educationJan 1510:00 AMLOB 203Transp
HB 364CushingPatients can cultivate marijuanaJan 1502:00 PMLOB 303HHS
HB 366CushingAllow opioid addiction to be treated with marijuanaJan 1502:30 PMLOB 303HHS
HB 399CushingAnnul some marijuana convictionsJan 1502:30 PMLOB 204CrimConvictions for small amounts
HB 425KarrickVulnerable users of highwaysJan 1610:00 AMLOB 204CrimMakes some accidents felonies, depending on who was hurt
HB 438HorriganRemove premium cigar tax exemptionJan 1610:30 AMLOB 202W&MCurrently, high end cigars are not taxed and we have lots of stores
HB 134SeaworthReduce first offense drug penaltiesJan 1611:00 AMLOB 204CrimFirst offense would be misdemeanor
HB 185WeylerPhase out I&D taxJan 1611:00 AMLOB 202W&MContingent on revenues
HB 117LangReduce I&D tax and R&D exemptionJan 1611:30 AMLOB 202W&MMove roughly $5M from R&D exemption to lowering I&D tax.
HB 208AbramsonUse of deadly forceJan 1601:30 PMLOB 204CrimCan be used for defense of another; simple language correction
HB 265HorriganNo foreign sales taxesJan 1602:00 PMLOB 202W&MNo sales tax collection unless Congress acts
HB 176LaddSchool building aidJan 1710:30 AMLOB 207EdMakes it a minimum of $50M per year, not a maximum
HB 249RogersRestaurants may allow dogsJan 1710:30 AMLOB 302ComSuggest that the restaurant may designate specific areas for dogs
HB 177LaddRestore stabilizationJan 1711:00 AMLOB 207EdDoes not base school aid on current circumstances, but on past spending
HB 222HorriganCriteria for charter school teachersJan 1702:00 PMLOB 207EdAdds licensing requirements for charter school teachers
HB 269HorriganState board can deny charter applications due to lack of fundingJan 1702:15 PMLOB 207EdState board not qualified to determine state funding

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