2015 Liberty Rating

This is the twelfth annual Liberty Rating issued by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, based on 50 roll call votes in the House and 22 in the Senate. This year the House earned a collective grade of C and the Senate a C+. We’d like to congratulate our Legislator of the Year, Dan Itse. Rep. Itse, currently serving his eighth term, recieved a perfect score, and a grade of A+. Representative Itse has been on the five year honor roll every year since it was established in 2010, and served as the NHLA's political director from 2007-2008.

August 2015

NHLA Newsletter for August 2015

July 2015

NHLA Newsletter for July 2015

June 2015

NHLA Newsletter for June 2015

Your help is needed now - call your Senators and ask them to support marijuana decriminalization!

NHLA Newsletter for Your help is needed now - call your Senators and ask them to support marijuana decriminalization!

May 2015

NHLA Newsletter for May 2015

NHLA Liberty Dinner 2015

Liberty Dinner 

Update 7/18/2015: The Liberty Dinner is sold out!  Tickets to the cocktail reception *only* can still be purchased at the door.


NHLA Congratulates Yvonne Dean-Bailey on Rockingham 32 Victory

Rockingham 32 Representative-Elect Yvonne Deane-Bailey

Manchester - New Hampshire Liberty Alliance Chair Paul Best has released the following statement:

Membership Renewals

Important note to NHLA members: Basic and Full memberships are for two year periods. If you don't renew your membership after two years, you're no longer a member! If you joined the NHLA several years ago and haven't logged into our website to renew, you're expired. If this applies to you, please take three minutes to log in and renew your membership! If you're not sure of your current status, or have any problems, email membership@nhliberty.org for assistance. Thank you for continuing to support the NHLA!

April 2015 Election Results

The Board election has closed, and the results are as follows:


Melissa Best - 68
one write-in: George Hoyt
one write-in: Stuart Light

Civic Action Director

Amanda Bouldin - 62
one write-in: Kevin Bloom
two write-ins: Hillary Clinton
one write-in: Bill Walker
one write-in: Heidi Macia

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