2014 Liberty Rating

This is the 11th Annual Liberty Rating issued by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, based on 94 roll calls in the House and 24 in the Senate. Bills have been carefully selected for inclusion which clearly demonstrate the level of respect our elected representatives show for our individual rights and liberties. Please note that this is the initial version that was distributed at the 2014 Liberty Dinner on July 13th; an updated version will be posted as any necessary corrections are made.

2014 Candidate Survey Available Online

The NHLA's 2014 candidate survey is available online at http://www.nhliberty.org/survey. All candidates for State Representative and State Senator who wish to seek endorsement from the NHLA are encouraged to complete the survey.

July 2014

NHLA Newsletter for July 2014

NHLA Liberty Dinner 2014

The 2014 Liberty Dinner will be held at the Dell-Lea Function Hall in Chichester, on Sunday, July 13 from 6 pm to 8 pm. We will announce the Legislator of the Year and the Activist of the Year, and we will distribute the 2014 Legislative Report Card. The keynote speaker will be Lee McGrath, Executive Director of the Institute for Justice Minnesota Chapter.

June 2014

NHLA Newsletter for June 2014

2014-06-04 Gold Standard

May 2014

NHLA Newsletter for May 2014

2014-05-14 Gold Standard

2014-05-07 Gold Standard

2014-04-30 Gold Standard

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