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Bill Hearings for Week of March 27, 2023

  • These are the most liberty-critical hearings for the week
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Of the 45 hearings in the House, we are recommending support of 3 and opposition of 2 with 0 being of interest.
Of the 28 hearings in the Senate, we are recommending support of 5 and opposition of 5 with 3 being of interest.

Position Bill Title Committee Day Time Room State Analysis
Support SB206 prohibiting corporal punishment in child day care agencies. Children and Family Law Tue 3/28 9:30 AM LOB Room 206-208 This bill expands the definition of endangerment to include corporal punishment as defined by the department of health and human services.
Of Interest HB170 requiring the teaching of cursive handwriting and multiplication tables. Education Tue 3/28 9:15 AM LOB Room 101 This bill requires school boards to teach cursive handwriting and the memorization of multiplication tables.
Support HB296 relative to local authority for granting driveway permits. Election Law and Municipal Affairs Tue 3/28 9:45 AM LOB Room 103 This bill clarifies the authority for local land use boards to regulate driveway access for residential properties.
Support HB119 relative to homestead food operation licensure. Energy and Natural Resources Tue 3/28 9:45 AM SH Room 103 This bill allows homestead food operations to sell food, excluding potentially hazardous food, from the homestead residence, at the owner’s farm stand, or at farmers’ markets.
Support HB31 repealing the prohibition on the possession or sale of blackjacks, slung shots, and metallic knuckles. Judiciary Tue 3/28 1:00 PM SH Room 100 This bill repeals the prohibition, penalty, and exceptions relating to the carrying and possessing with intent to sell a black jack, slung shot, or metallic knuckles.
Of Interest HB97 establishing an additional penalty for a violation of privacy. Judiciary Tue 3/28 1:15 PM SH Room 100 This bill increases the penalty for certain offenses that constitute a violation of privacy.
Support HB201 relative to changing the penalties for driving without a license. Judiciary Tue 3/28 1:30 PM SH Room 100 This bill changes the penalties for driving without a license to a violation, unless the individualis convicted for second time in a 12-month period.
Support HB307 relative to attorney’s fees in actions under the right to know law. Judiciary Tue 3/28 1:45 PM SH Room 100 This bill requires the court to issue a final judgment in favor of the requester before attorney’s fees are awarded under the right to know law.
Of Interest HB321 relative to minutes from nonpublic sessions under the right to know law. Judiciary Tue 3/28 2:00 PM SH Room 100 This bill requires public bodies to review meeting minutes withheld from public disclosure at least every 10 years to determine whether they should continue to be withheld. Minutes not reviewed after 10 years shall be made public.
Support SB245 relative to the inspection of hotel guest records. Criminal Justice and Public Safety Wed 3/29 11:00 AM LOB Room 202-204 This bill clarifies the obligation of hotels and similar lodgings to maintain a record of each guest.
Oppose SB136 prohibiting the employment or volunteering of a revoked or suspended educator. Education Wed 3/29 1:00 PM LOB Room 205-207 This bill prohibits the hiring or service of a person by a school administrative unit, school district, chartered public school, or nonpublic school who is listed on the department of education’s list of revoked and suspended educators.
Support SB35 relative to RSV vaccine administration. Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Wed 3/29 10:30 AM LOB Room 201-203 This bill authorizes pharmacists, pharmacy interns, and licensed advanced pharmacy technicians to administer an RSV vaccine to adults.
Oppose SB149 relative to nurse agencies. Executive Departments and Administration Thu 3/30 11:30 AM LOB Room 306-308 This bill establishes a licensing and application process for nurse agencies.