The NHLA Research Department works in close cooperation with the Political Action Department in developing and providing questionnaires to candidates for local and state office. The research department has also helped to establish methodologies in order to score and rank existing office-holders and candidates based on their support of pro-liberty policies. Additionally, the Research Department creates and publishes "gold papers" and our signature "Gold Standard" voting guide in support of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance's purpose of supporting individual liberty.

We need more liberty loving bill reviewers to help with the monumental task of reviewing the nearly 800 bills that have been proposed by legislators this year. Contact Jeffrey Creem at to find out how you can help. It's an easy way to volunteer - you can work at your convenience in your own home or join us for weekly bill review work sessions in Concord. 

Bill Review Facebook Group:

Bill reviewers are encouraged to join our bill reviewers group on facebook for general discussion of the process of reviewing bills. This is a good place to get up to speed on the process and ask questions about how to get started. Once you have a basic understanding of how our system works join one of our research teams to focus on bills in those particular committees. Select a team in a subject matter that you are interested in or knowledgeable about.


NHLA Research Committee


Gold Standard Team:

The Gold Standard team works with the NHLA Chair, Political, and Research Directors to draft, and edit our Gold Standard voting recommendations for representatives and senators. The Gold Standard recommendations are the final result of the work done by many bill reviewers.



Contact the Research Department

Director of Research, Jeffrey Creem

New Hampshire Liberty Alliance
PO Box 4241
Manchester, NH 03108-4241