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Bill Hearings for Week of May 08, 2023

  • These are the most liberty-critical hearings for the week
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Of the 4 hearings in the House, we are recommending support of 0 and opposition of 0 with 0 being of interest.
Of the 3 hearings in the Senate, we are recommending support of 1 and opposition of 1 with 0 being of interest.

Position Bill Title Committee Day Time Room State Analysis
Support HB281 relative to least cost integrated resource plan of utilities. Energy and Natural Resources Tue 5/9 9:00 AM SH Room 103 This bill: I. Repeals the requirement for electric and natural gas utilities to submit least cost integrated resource plans with the public utilities commission and have the commission evaluate the plans and maintain them on file. II. Removes the requirement that a municipal host under the limited electrical energy producers act be located in the same municipality as all group members. III. Requires the public utilities commission to provide an estimated annual cost of compliance with electric renewable portfolio standards in customer’s electric bills. IV. Repeals the establishment of the energy efficiency and sustainable energy board and transfer some of the board’s responsibilities to the department of energy. V. Makes various changes to the energy facility site evaluation committee and permitting process.
Oppose HB532 relative to the licensure and regulation of music therapists. Executive Departments and Administration Wed 5/10 9:00 AM SH Room 103 See State website. Two proposed amendments will be heard.