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November 2019 Board Election Results

The results of the November 2019 Board of Directors election are in! Congratulations to the newest Board members, Michael Costable, incoming Political Director, and Séamas Oscalaidhe, incoming Treasurer! The candidates won their elections by 92% and 84% of the vote, respectively. We thank each of you for volunteering and look forward to the upcoming term.

The election was conducted with approval voting. Of 93 respondents:

  1. Political Director:
    1. Michael Costable — 82 votes
    2. None of the Above — 4 votes
    3. Write-In — 5 votes
      • Darryl W Perry
      • Vermin Supreme
      • Dan McGuire
      • Derrick J Freeman
      • I do not know the candidate – abstain
  1. Treasurer:
    1. Séamas Oscalaidhe — 77 votes
    2. Matthew Santonastaso — 20 votes
    3. None of the Above — 2 votes
    4. Write-In — 1 vote
      • I do not know the candidate – abstain

Thank you to all candidates who ran! We are very grateful for your interest and enthusiasm, and we hope we can count on your continued involvement.

We extend our deepest appreciation to outgoing Political Director, Dan McGuire, and Treasurer, Stephen Villee. You have both served New Hampshire and the NHLA with dedication, and we are better for it. We look forward to continuing to work together toward a freer New Hampshire!