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Bylaws Change 2019-03-27


This proposed bylaws change for the NHLA was submitted by member, Alvin S., of Loudon, NH on February 28, 2019. The board voted to move this change to membership on Sunday, March 3rd. The vote was 6-0 with one abstention.

Purpose: Prevent a winner by virtue of a single write-in, in the event that no other candidates are nominated.

Amend NHLA Bylaws, Article Three, paragraph 3.6 and add new paragraph 3.6.2 as follows:

(Additions are in bold.)

3.6 Any member eligible to vote may become a Director, and may nominate any member eligible to vote to fill a vacant Directorship. Directors will be elected by a simple majority vote but must receive at least ten (10) votes to be elected. All members eligible to vote shall have the option of submitting ballots via mail or electronically. Board vacancies must be filled within a reasonable period. The exact terms of the election may be decided by Board resolution, in accordance with these Bylaws. Where ballots allow for write-in candidates, the ballot shall have a notice that write-in candidates must also meet the ten (10) vote minimum.

3.6.2 If there is a tie vote or if no candidate receives the minimum of ten (10) votes, the board may, by unanimous motion, resolve the tie, elect a candidate who received fewer than ten (10) votes, or call for a new election. A call for a new election would require a simple majority vote.

[End of amendment]

Note: 10 votes corresponds with about 3.5% of voting-eligible members. Since we use “approval voting” there is no possibility of unintentional vote splitting.