2014 Liberty Rating

This is the 11th Annual Liberty Rating issued by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, based on 94 roll calls in the House and 24 in the Senate. Bills have been carefully selected for inclusion which clearly demonstrate the level of respect our elected representatives show for our individual rights and liberties. Please note that this is the initial version that was distributed at the 2014 Liberty Dinner on July 13th; an updated version will be posted as any necessary corrections are made.

We’d like to congratulate our Legislator of the Year, Carol McGuire. McGuire, currently serving her third term, was the only representative to earn an “A+” rating. Representative McGuire has earned the distinction of being a two-time winner of the Legislator of the Year award, the first time being in 2010. We would also like to thank our Activist of the Year, Michelle Levell, for her tireless efforts to promote educational choice at the Statehouse.

The Liberty Rating is based on pro-liberty and anti-liberty votes and their impact on the state of New Hampshire—actual, recorded floor votes on legislation in the House and Senate. Legislator of the Year is awarded to the individual with the highest score calculated from these votes.

Pro-liberty votes protect individual freedom of choice and personal responsibility, recognize the superiority of freedom over coercion, respect the citizen's right of self-ownership, promote good government, and recognize the value of voluntary economic decisions.

Anti-liberty votes replace self-governance with interventionist ownership, assume agencies backed by force are superior to voluntary choices backed by personal accountability, and assume a better economy can be designed by a central authority that compels communities to pay for policies people do not willingly support.

The Liberty Rating is the result of hundreds of hours of work by many volunteers who read and analyzed bills, testified before committees, called and wrote their representatives, created spreadsheets and numerous other tasks.

We encourage every New Hampshire citizen to learn the facts about exactly how their elected representatives are voting in Concord and to use this tool when these same reps are running for re-election in 2014. While this report card bears the seal of the NHLA board, it is the product of our members' commitment to liberty.
Printable Summary

2014 House & Senate Liberty Rating - the report is available for download in .PDF format below

Detailed Analysis & Specific Votes

Detailed breakdowns of the methodology used to produce the Liberty Ratings are available in the attached Excel file.

Questions? Comments? Errata?

Contact the NHLA Director of Research, at research@nhliberty.org.
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