December, 2012

NHLA Newsletter for December, 2012

  • Bill Review Training Session
  • Membership Update
  • Public Testimony Reminder
  • Spotlight on Shire Sharing
  • Gold Standard Subscriptions
  • Meet The Legislators Event
  • 2012 NHLA Elected Endorsed Candidates
  • Board Meeting Schedule and Venue Changes
  • NHLA Newsletter

    Bill Review Training Session

    The first of the Bill Review training sessions is scheduled for Sunday, December 30 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm Grafton. Please contact Research Director Jeremy Olson to RSVP: This is a great opportunity for anyone who hasn’t done any bill reviewing yet to get involved and learn the process. For anyone who is a seasoned Bill Reviewer, this is a great chance to get a refresher course on the process. We would also like to encourage those of you who have done Bill Reviewing to come down and help us train, so we can get a head start on the hundreds of bills that lay before us.

    The training session will teach you how to:
    • read the text of the bill,
    • decipher the intent of the bill,
    • debate the liberty points, and
    • score, grade, or rate the bill with the NHLA bill review checklist provided.

    The purpose of Bill Reviewing is to identify early on those potentially high impact bills that will affect the liberty of New Hampshire citizens, positively or negatively. Once found, we can preemptively make a huge difference in the success or failure of the bills by calling or writing our Representatives and/or giving public testimonies as to why they should support or oppose such legislative proposals.
    This is where the outcome of a bill is at its most vulnerable and where we need to do the greatest activism. Because once the Committee has completed its reviewing and recommendation process, the bill goes before the full House for a vote. And generally, the House votes in favor of the Committee’s recommendation.

    However, in some cases, the more crucial bills may come out of Committee with a close minority/majority recommendation or a recommendation that is not in favor of liberty and these are the ones that will eventually make it onto the Gold Standard (our weekly publication hand delivered to all of the Representatives on House Session days). The Gold Standard is our last stand at informing the legislators of the pro- or anti-liberty aspects of the bill and our recommendation of Yea or Nay.

    Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 St. Anselm College, Manchester, NH 6-8 pm
    Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 UNH Law School, Concord, NH 6-8 pm

    If interested in participating in the Bill Review training session and becoming a part of our Bill Review team, please email Anyone interested in hosting a Bill Review training session, please contact Eileen at

    Membership Update

    The NHLA Board is again asking members to please update your account information. There are still many accounts in our system that have outdated or incomplete information. Failure to update the required information could result in suspension of your account. NHLA by-laws require all registrants to provide a viable name and mailing address in order to become a member.

    If you wish to keep your account active, please login to the website, click on “My Account,” and update the required fields. You can email us at to provide the correct information and we’ll update it for you. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Public Testimony Reminder

    With the 2011 legislative session drawing near, the Board would like to remind our members that the NHLA does provide training for those interested in offering testimony at public hearings in Concord. Our goal is to provide you with the best information available, based on our experience, on how to become a more effective and influential testifier at the State House. We will share with you our secrets, such as proper tone and decorum, that are essential to getting your message across and successfully heard by a Committee.
    Currently, the Board is organizing a Public Testimony training seminar for some time within the next month or two for those who may want to take part in this form of activism. If you would like to participate, please email
    Remember, only those who have undergone the training, and are given special permission by the Board, are allowed to testify as a representative of the NHLA. The Board appreciates and encourages all members to continue their participation in the political process, and when providing testimony at public hearings, we ask that you do so only as a private, concerned citizen and never on behalf of the NHLA.
    It is imperative that the NHLA maintains a respectable reputation and rapport with our legislators in order for us to remain a positive, powerful, influential force in Concord. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    Spotlight on Shire Sharing

    In January the NHLA would like to spotlight the organization Shire Sharing and its founder Amanda Bouldin. Shire Sharing got its start in 2011 when Amanda Bouldin sought to honor her father's memory by continuing a family tradition of a Thanksgiving Basket Brigade to deliver Thanksgiving meals to families in need. The idea quickly spread and soon over $5,000 was raised in 2012. The money was used to put together Thanksgiving meals and delivered to families in Concord. In addition to helping people in their community, many of the volunteers in Shire Sharing are interesting in doing so without the funding from the government. Shire Sharing self describes themselves in their Facebook group as "a group of individuals motivated to put their small-government values into practice in the form of private charity work. We believe that the actions of a bloated government cause and prolong social problems and we agree that only voluntary actions in a free market will solve them." NHLA donated $200 from the Civic Action Fund to this very worthy cause.

    Gold Standard Subscriptions

    Get a copy of the Gold Standard delivered right to your inbox every week for FREE! That’s right, you too can get this highly effective, very popular liberty cheat sheet.
    Our Gold Standard team carefully selects bills going before the House for a vote each week that have a high liberty impact upon N.H. citizens and businesses. Our Gold Standard contains our recommendations and liberty talking points on each of these impactful bills. Feel free to use our talking points to contact your Representatives as a concerned citizen in support or opposition to specific legislation. Your correspondence could make the difference on whether or not these bills pass or fail moving N.H. towards more liberty or more tyranny.
    To get your copy, login to the website and click "Newsletter Subscription" on the left sidebar. You can also email and tell us that you wish to be put on the Gold Standard Subscription list.

    Meet The Legislators Event

    The NHLA is hosting a “Meet The Legislators” event . This event will take place on Wednesday, January 2nd at noon (or immediately following session if later than noon) at Tandy’s Top Shelf, 1 Eagle Square, Concord. This will be a great opportunity for you to meet the re-elected and newly elected legislators who we will be working with over the next two-year term. Please be sure to visit the calendar on our website or on our Facebook page for more details as they become available.

    2012 NHLA Elected Endorsed Candidates

    Congratulations to all the candidates on your tremendous victory in this year’s state elections. We understand how hard you have worked and the sacrifices you have made to make this day come true. We are grateful for all of your efforts. Your win is a win for ALL of New Hampshire’s citizens.
    We are also proud to announce that 74 of our endorsed candidates were successful. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers, donors, and supporters for making this victory a reality.
    To all of the newly elected/re-elected pro-liberty Representatives, we are looking forward to working with you in the upcoming 2013 legislative session. We feel many great things are about to happen in New Hampshire in the pursuit of liberty and we are excited and ready to do our part.



    Colette Worsman (R) I District 2 (Gilford, Meredith)
    Charles Fink District 6 (Belmont)
    Michael Sylvia District 6 (Belmont)
    Guy Comtois (R) I District 7 (Barnstead)

    Mark McConkey (R) I District 3 (Albany, Freedom, Madison, Tamworth)
    Harry C. Merrow (R) I District 5 ( Brookfield, Effingham, Ossipee, Wakefield)
    Christopher J. Ahlgren (R) I District 6 (Wolfeboro)

    John B. Hunt (R) I District 11 (Fitzwilliam, Rindge)

    Laurence M. Rappaport (R) I District 1 (Atkinson and Gilmanton Academy Grant, Cambridge, Clarksville, Colebrook, Columbia, Dix's Grant, Dixville, Errol, Erving's Location, Millsfield, Odell, Pittsburg, Second College Gt., Stewartstown, Stratford, Wentworth's Location)
    Edmond D. Gionet (R) I District 5 (Lincoln, Livermore, Waterville Valley, Woodstock)

    Gary S. Hopper (R) I District 2 ( Deering, Weare)
    John Adam Hikel (R) I District 6 (Goffstown)
    Calvin D. Pratt (R) I District 6 (Goffstown)
    John A. Burt (R) I District 6 (Goffstown)
    Richard Meaney (R) District 6 (Goffstown)
    Moe Villeneuve (R) I District 7 (Bedford)
    Keith Murphy (R) I District 7 (Bedford)
    Kelleigh D. Murphy (R) District 7 (Bedford)
    Tim O’Flaherty (D) District 12 (Manchester Ward 5)
    Larry G. Gagne (R) I District 13 (Manchester Ward 6)
    Steve Vaillancourt (R) I District 15 (Manchester Ward 8)
    Emily Sandblade (R) District 18 (Manchester Ward 11)
    Richard Barry (R) I District 21 (Merrimack)
    Jeanine Notter (R) I District 21 (Merrimack)
    Lenette M. Peterson (R) I District 21 (Merrimack)
    Peter T. Hansen (R) I District 22 (Amherst)
    Robert F. Willette (R) I District 23 (Milford)
    Stephen J. Palmer (R) I District 23 (Milford)
    Jim Parison (R) I District 25 (New Ipswich, Sharon, Temple)
    David Murotake (R) District 32 (Nashua Ward 5)
    Andy Renzullo (R) I District 37 (Hudson, Pelham)
    Lars T. Christiansen (R) District 37 (Hudson, Pelham)
    Lynne Ober (R) I District 37 (Hudson, Pelham)
    Russell T. Ober III (R) I District 37 (Hudson, Pelham)
    Jordan Ulery (R) I District 37 (Hudson, Pelham)
    Mark Warden (R) I District 39 (FL) (Deering, Goffstown, Weare)
    Gary Daniels (R) I District 40 (FL) (Hollis, Milford, Mont Vernon, New Boston)
    Laurie Sanborn (R) District 41 (FL) (Amherst, Bedford)
    George Lambert (R) I District 44 (FL) (Litchfield, Manchester Ward 8, & 9)

    Dan McGuire (R) I District 21 (Epsom, Pittsfield)
    JR Hoell (R) I District 23 (Bow, Dunbarton)
    Frank R. Kotowski (R) I District 24 (Hooksett)
    Carol McGuire (R) I District 29 (FL) (Allenstown, Epsom, Pittsfield)

    Joe Duarte (R) I District 2 (Candia, Deerfield, Nottingham)
    Kyle Tasker (R) I District 2 (Candia, Deerfield, Nottingham)
    Kathleen M. Hoelzel (R) I District 3 (Raymond)
    Stella Tremblay (R) I District 4 (Auburn, Chester, Sandown)
    Al Baldasaro (R) District 5 (Londonderry)
    Frank V. Sapareto (R) I District 6 (Derry)
    John T. O'Connor (R) I District 6 (Derry)
    Robert Fesh (R) I District 6 (Derry)
    Charles E. McMahon (R) I District 7 (Windham)
    Kevin Waterhouse (R) I District 7 (Windham)
    Mary E. Griffin (R) I District 7 (Windham)
    Walter Kolodziej (R) I District 7 (Windham)
    John Sytek (R) I District 8 (Salem)
    Marilinda Garcia (R) I District 8 (Salem)
    Daniel C. Itse (R) I District 10 (Fremont)
    Kenneth L. Weyler (R) I District 13 (Hampstead, Kingston)
    Norman L. Major (R) I District 14 (Atkinson, Plaistow)
    Adam Schroadter (R) I District 17 (Newfields, Newmarket)
    Tracy Emerick (R) District 21 (Hampton)
    Frederick C. Rice (R) I District 21 (Hampton)
    Pamela Tucker (R) I District 23 (Greenland, Newington)
    Timothy P. Comerford (R) I District 33 (FL) (Brentwood, Danville, Fremont)

    Robbie Parsons (R) I District 1 (Middleton, Milton)
    Joseph Pitre (R) I District 2 (Farmington)
    Warren Groen (R) I District 10 (Rochester Ward 3)
    Laura Jones (R) I District 24 (FL) (Rochester Wards 4 & 5)

    Steven D. Smith (R) I District 11 (FL) (Acworth, Charlestown, Goshen, Langdon, Lempster, Washington)

    Sam Cataldo Senate District 6 (Rochester, Farmington, New Durham, Alton, Barnstead and Gilmanton)
    John Reagan Senate District 17 (Allenstown, Chichester, Epsom, Loudon, Pembroke, Pittsfield, Deerfield, Northwood, Nottingham, Raymond, Strafford)
    Chuck Morse Senate District 22 (Pelham, Atkinson, Plaistow, Salem)


    Board Meeting Schedule and Venue Changes

    For the past year, Keith Murphy of Murphy’s Taproom in Manchester has graciously hosted the NHLA monthly Board meetings. After the recent board elections, the Board has decided to move the monthly meeting to better fit the schedules and commutes of the current Board members. Future Board meetings have been moved to the Second Saturday of the month from 1:30 PM-3PM at Tandy’s Top Shelf in Concord. The next Board meeting is scheduled for January 12th at 1:30 PM. The NHLA would like to thank Keith Murphy for providing much needed public venues for our monthly meetings.
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