Proposed Bylaws Amendment November 2016


This ammends the proposed changes to the bylaws from October 2016. The purpose is to change the membership section (section 2) of the bylaws, to increase membership fees (prices reduced from the October proposal), and simplifying and updating other language. Please also feel free to compare directly with the current bylaws, which may be found here:

Additions to the current bylaws are shown in blue.  Deletions are shown in strikeout. Notes are in green. Language changed from the previous version is underlined.

Proposed amendment:
2.1 Any person may submit their name, email address, and mailing address to the board of the NHLA for the express purpose of being counted as a Basic member, signifying that he or she supports the goals and purposes of the organization.
2.8 2.1.1 Membership information such as name, email, postal address, etcetera, shall be held in the strictest confidentiality. Only the Board of Directors, and technical staff directly authorized by the Board of Directors, shall have access to membership information. The NHLA shall not knowingly sell or distribute specific member data. Aggregate membership information, such as the total number of members, may be distributed at the discretion of the Board of Directors. (Moved up from 2.8 and changed)
2.4 2.1.2 Memberships shall be for the term of two years. At the end of each member's term, he or she shall be contacted and asked to renew his or her membership. (Moved up from 2.4)
2.6 2.1.3 There will be an annual meeting of the NHLA membership. (Moved up from 2.6)
2.7 2.1.4 A member may be removed from the NHLA by a unanimous vote of the board of directors. if at least 2/3 of the Board of Directors vote to remove that member. (Moved up from 2.7 and changed)
2.1.5 Membership fees may be paid in US Dollars or an equivalent thereof
2.2 Basic Membership in the NHLA shall always be free , although the Board may create additional paid levels of membership.
2.2.1 Basic Membership shall entitle an individual to receive electronic newsletters and bulletins from the NHLA.
2.3 Full Membership in the NHLA shall be an additional paid level of membership in addition to Basic Membership, effective August, 2009
2.3.1 Full membership in the NHLA shall be offered for a fee of $20 not less than $40 per 2 year term
2.3.2 Full Membership in the NHLA shall entitle an individual to vote in NHLA elections. The Board may resolve to provide additional privilege available to Full Members.
2.4 Lifetime membership in the NHLA shall be an additional level of paid membership.
2.4.1 Lifetime membership shall be offered for a fee of not less than $200 
2.4.2 Lifetime shall entitle an individual to vote in NHLA elections and exempts the member from the biennial membership renewal requirement. 
2.5 Lifetime Memberships shall be offered for a fee of not less than $100 or as determined by resolution of the board. Lifetime members shall enjoy all the privileges available to the highest paid level of membership.
2.5 Additional levels of membership may be created at the discretion of the board of Directors.