2012 bills

1095 bills are currently in our system.

Constitutional Amendment Concurrent Resolutions (21)
CACR4Relating to oaths of civil officers. Providing that persons elected to the United States Senate and House of Representatives shall take the oath of civil officers prescribed by the constitution.
CACR6(2nd New Title) relating to taxation. Providing that a 3/5 vote is required to pass legislation imposing new or increased taxes or license fees, or to authorize the issuance of state bonds and providing that the general court shall appropriate funds for payment of interest and installments of principle of all state bonds.
CACR7Relating to education funding. Providing that the general court shall distribute funds in the manner that it determines will best promote an equal opportunity for an adequate education.
CACR8Relating to education. Providing that the legislature shall have the power to authorize schools.
CACR11(New Title) relating to terms for state judges. Providing that all state judges be commissioned for renewable 7-year terms.
CACR12(New Title) relating to public education. Providing that the general court shall have the authority to define standards for public education, establish standards of accountability, mitigate local disparities in educational opportunity and fiscal capacity, and have full discretion to determine the amount of state funding for education.
CACR13(New Title) Relating to prohibiting an assessment, rate, or tax on personal income. Providing that no assessment, rate, or tax on income earned by a natural person shall be levied by the state of New Hampshire except taxes in effect on January 1, 2012 and adjustments to the rate of such taxes.
CACR20Relating to meetings of the general court. Providing that the general court shall meet biennially.
CACR21Relating to referendums. Providing that voters may veto laws by referendum.
CACR22Relating to the chief justice of the supreme court. Providing that the chief justice shall adopt court rules with the concurrence of the general court.
CACR23Relating to members of the general court. Providing that members of the general court may not vote on or deliberate on matters in which they have a pecuniary interest.
CACR24Relating to age limitations for judges. Providing that no person shall be eligible to be appointed a judge until such person has reached 60 years of age.
CACR25Relating to the supreme and superior courts. Providing that the supreme and superior courts shall not be constitutionally established courts.
CACR26(New Title) Relating to administration of the supreme court. Providing that the legislature and the chief justice of the supreme court shall have concurrent power to make rules governing the administration of all the courts of the state.
CACR27Relating to the membership of the house of representatives. Providing that the number of representatives shall be reduced.
CACR28Relating to the allocation of authority between the legislative and judicial branches. Providing that the supreme court shall determine the constitutionality of judicial acts and the legislature shall determine the constitutionality of legislative acts.
CACR29Relating to the attorney general. Providing that the attorney general be elected for a 2-year term.
CACR30Relating to limitations on impeachment judgment. Providing that judgment may include forfeiture of pension and retirement benefits.
CACR31Relating to parental rights. Providing that parents have the natural right to control the health, education, and welfare of their children.
CACR32Relating to judicial conduct. Providing that the people of New Hampshire, in a manner established by law, shall be responsible for investigating and evaluating the conduct of members of the judiciary.
CACR33Relating to biennial legislative sessions. Providing that the general court shall meet biennially.
House Bills (768)
HB29Permitting a person to petition the superior court for any action pertaining to a pistol or revolver license.
HB34Relative to the distribution of total education grants to municipalities in the 2012 and 2013 fiscal years.
HB72Establishing a state aeronautical fund.
HB96Relative to issuance of individual health insurance policies by health carriers.
HB102(2nd New Title) relative to interagency information sharing by financial services regulators.
HB108(New Title) relative to trees and roadside growth.
HB110(New Title)establishing a committee to study the reporting of crimes by professional safety and security services personnel.
HB121(New Title) relative to eligibility for the property tax exemption for the disabled.
HB123Prohibiting an electric utility from disconnecting service from a residence or building in which a person is using life-sustaining medical equipment.
HB125Relative to lawful commerce in firearms, including manufacture and sale, in New Hampshire.
HB126Prohibiting interference with access to medical services and health insurance of New Hampshire citizens.
HB127Relative to the definition of oral communication.
HB137Relative to the state fire code and the state building code.
HB138Relative to the cold case homicide unit.
HB145(New Title) permitting the audio and video recording of a law enforcement officer while in the course of his or her official duties.
HB146(New Title) relative to the right of a jury to judge the application of the law in relationship to the facts in controversy.
HB151(New Title) repealing the laws relative to marital masters.
HB152Relative to the definition of "party" for election purposes other than primary elections.
HB153Relative to political organizations.
HB158Relative to the misuse of social security numbers.
HB162Relative to capital murder for purposely causing the death of another.
HB165Establishing a committee to study contract negotiations between health insurance companies and health care providers.
HB171Relative to restrictions on liquor licenses.
HB179Establishing a task force to study the formula for determining adequate education grants to school districts.
HB186(New Title) relative to the definition of political communication.
HB193Relative to the Mount Washington commission.
HB194(New Title) relative to the prohibition on having or carrying a loaded crossbow, rifle, or shotgun in or on a vehicle.
HB199Relative to proceedings of medical injury claims screening panels.
HB210Relative to the use of deadly force to protect oneself.
HB212Relative to the definition of conflict of interest for executive branch officials and employees.
HB217(4th New Title) including “fetus” in the definition of “another” for the purpose of certain criminal offenses.
HB219(New Title) restricting the rulemaking authority of the state board of education and establishing a legislative oversight committee to review the rulemaking authority of the state board of education.
HB221Establishing a procedure for leasing state parks.
HB222(New Title) relative to the specificity of certain statutory provisions granting rulemaking authority.
HB225Relative to the return of personal property confiscated by law enforcement agencies from a person charged with a crime.
HB227Relative to the membership of the retirement system board of trustees.
HB228(New Title) prohibiting the use of public funds for abortion services.
HB232Relative to abandoned homes in manufactured housing parks.
HB233Restricting judicial review of state education trust fund distributions.
HB234(2nd New Title) relative to food service licensure.
HB236(New Title) establishing a committee to study workers’ compensation benefits for illegal aliens.
HB241Relative to insurance coverage.
HB242(New Title) relative to the net operating loss carryover under the business profits tax.
HB244Restricting the collection of biometric data by state agencies and private entities.
HB247Relative to seller financing of mortgages and making changes to the laws regulating mortgage bankers and brokers and debt adjustment services.
HB250Establishing a committee to study the duties and responsibilities of fire wardens.
HB256(New Title) relative to the administrative appeals process of the department of environmental services and establishing a committee to study the appeal process of the department of environmental services.
HB260Relative to the state fire code and the appeal process for decisions of the state fire marshal.
HB261Eliminating screening panels for medical injury claims.
HB263(New Title) relative to the time limits for assistance from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program (TANF).
HB265Redefining earnable compensation in the retirement system for new and non-vested members in service.
HB268Relative to the Merrimack tolls.
HB269(New Title) relative to the authority of departments to transfer funds among budget accounting units.
HB283Relative to impaired drivers.
HB287Making an appropriation for funding disaster relief and hazard mitigation in response to the May 2006 Suncook River avulsion.
HB293Relative to phasing out and repealing the exemption for water and air pollution control facilities from local property taxation.
HB294Relative to the distance from highways for the taking of moose.
HB296Relative to procedures for juvenile delinquency petitions filed by a school district or school official.
HB301Amending the home education statutes.
HB309(New Title) relative to certain insurance mandates and establishing a committee to study current insurance mandates.
HB310Relative to the use of open data formats and the adoption of a statewide policy regarding open government data standards.
HB311Relative to solar renewable energy.
HB315Relative to appointment of attorneys by judges, marital masters, and judicial officers.
HB318Reducing a school district's liability for special education costs.
HB321Relative to the classification of wetlands as contributing or noncontributing.
HB324Relative to lawful commerce in goods and services sold, made, and retained in the state of New Hampshire.
HB325(New Title) relative to the transfer of animals from licensed animal vendors.
HB327Relative to health care choice.
HB328Relative to New Hampshire domestic liquor and wines.
HB330Relative to carrying firearms.
HB332Relative to an electronic controlled drug prescription monitoring program.
HB334(New Title) relative to the state’s authority to prohibit or regulate firearms, firearms components, ammunition, firearms supplies, and knives.
HB342Relative to boat operation rules.
HB344(New Title) relative to judicial performance evaluations.
HB350Updating laws relative to the fiscal committee of the general court.
HB351(2nd NT) relative to insurance reimbursement for doctors of naturopathic medicine.
HB352Relative to merger of lots or parcels.
HB354Relative to licensure requirements for retail vehicle dealers.
HB356Requiring valid photo identification to vote in person.
HB357Suspending the payment of travel expenses for legislators and staff.
HB371Relative to capital appropriations to the liquor commission for facilities on Interstate Route 93 in Hooksett and improvements to existing stores.
HB378(New Title) inserting an exception to the criminal threatening statute, relative to the minimum mandatory sentence for a felony conviction involving the possession, use, or attempted use of a firearm, and relative to the definition of “non-deadly” force.
HB382(New Title) relative to the maintenance of municipal public cemeteries.
HB383Prohibiting the collection of certain agency fees from state employees who are not members of the state employees' association.
HB387Requiring providers of prepaid cellular telephone service to provide subscriber information to the enhanced 911 system.
HB388(3rd New Title) requiring providers of Voice over Internet Protocol services to pay surcharges for deposit in the enhanced 911 system fund.
HB394Relative to the regulation of oil heating technicians.
HB405Relative to dissolving corporations.
HB408(New Title) clarifying the exemption for attorneys from licensing requirements for mortgage brokers or bankers.
HB415Relative to access to abuse and neglect investigation records pending a child custody dispute.
HB418(New Title) relative to the use of open source software and open data formats by state agencies and relative to the adoption of a statewide information policy regarding open government data standards.
HB420(New Title) relative to the definition of employee and clarifying the criteria for exempting workers from employee status.
HB430Establishing a committee to study the feasibility of establishing a state development bank in New Hampshire.
HB437Relative to the definition of marriage.
HB439Relative to claiming an invasive species as a habitat.
HB440(New Title) requiring that New Hampshire join the lawsuit challenging federal health care reform legislation.
HB443Establishing that marriage between one man and one woman shall be the only legal domestic union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.
HB445Relative to the regulation of electronic tracking devices.
HB446Repealing the authority for regulation of certain professional occupations.
HB447Relative to collection of the education property tax and establishing a program to rebate certain excessive property tax payments of eligible taxpayers.
HB448Relative to spice incense products.
HB449(New Title) relative to reports on information available on the state website.
HB454Establishing a job creation credit against the business profits tax and the business enterprise tax for small businesses increasing employment in New Hampshire.
HB455Authorizing optional enhanced drivers' licenses and optional enhanced nondrivers' picture identification cards.
HB458Establishing a sunset review process for executive agency and judicial programs and making an appropriation therefor.
HB460Relative to the retirement age for group II members.
HB463Relative to the retirement system maximum initial benefit limitation.
HB465Relative to the number of years for calculating average final compensation for retirement system benefits.
HB466Eliminating the ballot law commission.
HB470Repealing the comprehensive shoreland protection act.
HB475Relative to penalties under the consumer protection act.
HB476Establishing an independent board of psychologists.
HB479(New Title) relative to receivership of nursing homes and other residential health care facilities and relative to annual inspections of health care facilities.
HB480Establishing a state renovation, repair, and painting (RRP) rule program relative to lead-safe practices.
HB486Relative to penalties for alcohol ignition interlock circumvention.
HB493Relative to the certification of integrated residential communities.
HB494Relative to tipped employees who deal card and table games at games of chance venues.
HB506Relative to false allegations of child abuse.
HB508Establishing a performance measurement system for state agencies.
HB514(New Title) relative to entry on private land and establishing a committee to study issues relating to entry on private land
HB515Relative to voter registration and relative to procedures for absentee voting.
HB517(New Title) relative to the licensure of fuel gas fitters and plumbers by a mechanical licensing board established within the department of safety and transferring regulation of plumbers to the mechanical licensing board.
HB518(New Title) changing the prospective repeal date for the research and development tax credit.
HB520Requiring certain bills to have performance standard notes.
HB527Relative to tort reform.
HB528Requiring school districts to develop a facility maintenance and capital improvement program.
HB533Establishing a cap on the amount of school building aid grants distributed in each fiscal year.
HB536Relative to the natural right to carry a firearm, openly or concealed, without a license.
HB543Relative to biomass combined heat and electricity facilities.
HB545(New Title) relative to the administrative rulemaking process governing home educated pupils.
HB553Relative to the law on wiretapping and eavesdropping.
HB554Relative to mental health records.
HB564(New Title) relative to the adoption of forms by the department of revenue administration for the filing of taxes and removing the requirement for electronic tax payments.
HB568Relative to smoking within certain areas of New Hampshire state parks and historic sites.
HB574Relative to the taking of private property during a state of emergency.
HB578Relative to payment at time of medical services.
HB581Regulating guaranteed price plans and prepaid contracts for petroleum.
HB582Relative to communication between employers and employees during bargaining negotiations.
HB587Relative to grounds for divorce for persons with minor children.
HB588Relative to polling hours and location of polling places.
HB591Relative to the determination of parental rights based on the best interest of the child; relative to grounds for modification of an order regarding parental rights and responsibilities, and relative to grandparent and stepparent visitation rights.
HB592(2nd New Title) apportioning state representative districts and relative to the boundaries of wards.
HB593Relative to video lottery and table gaming.
HB595Amending the compulsory school attendance statutes to permit parent-directed instruction programs and repealing the home education statutes.
HB597Revising the child support guidelines based on an income shares model of calculating child support.
HB599Relative to appointments and reapppointments of marital masters.
HB602Relative to funding the law requiring reporting of health care acquired infections.
HB604Relative to the procedures for approval of plans, specifications, and costs of school building construction or renovation.
HB611Relative to determination of the reasonable compensation deduction under the business profits tax.
HB618(New Title) requiring state agencies to develop performance measures and to develop budgets for each biennium.
HB619Requiring the state of New Hampshire to opt out of the requirement that individuals purchase health insurance contained in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
HB624(2nd New Title) establishing a committee to study the rulemaking authority of state agencies to establish fees.
HB625Relative to New Hampshire correctional industries.
HB627Relative to "essential benefits" under federal health care reform.
HB628(New Title) relative to searches conducted for purposes of transportation-related security.
HB632Relative to labeling requirements for dispensing of drugs by automated pharmacy systems.
HB633Preventing prescribing practitioners from owning pharmacies in-state and out-of-state.
HB638Relative to access to public buildings by brick or stone walkways.
HB645Eliminating various taxes and fees and tax and fee increases enacted in fiscal years 2007 through 2010.
HB646Eliminating various taxes and fees and tax and fee increases enacted in fiscal years 2006 through 2010.
HB648(4th New Title) relative to eminent domain by public utilities and establishing a commission to investigate the procedural rights of the landowner when a petition is presented to the public utilities commission by a utility seeking eminent domain, develop a framework for the state to provide use rights to transmission developers on state owned rights-of-way, develop policies to encourage burying such lines where practicable, and establish a structure for payment.
HB649Relative to the Northern Pass Project to construct and operate transmission lines from the Canadian border to a proposed terminal in Franklin, New Hampshire.
HB652Establishing a commission relative to Medicaid managed care.
HB653Requiring general fund budget reductions to reimburse Medicaid.
HB654Relative to credit for retirement system employer contribution overpayments.
HB655(New Title) repealing a prospective repeal regarding certain authority of the secretary of state relative to pooled risk management programs.
HB656Relative to boundaries of wards.
HB1126Relative to nomination of candidates for United States senator.
HB1127Relative to barbering apprentices.
HB1128(New Title) relative to ignition interlock device recalibration and data reports.
HB1129Establishing a committee to study the frequency and financial consequences of erroneously dialed 911 calls.
HB1130Relative to weighted voting by the Winnipesaukee River advisory board.
HB1131(New Title) establishing a committee to study methods of creating a balanced and neutral judiciary.
HB1132Relative to fish and game laws concerning the Blue Mountain Forest Association.
HB1133Relative to membership of the enhanced 911 commission.
HB1134(New Title) establishing a committee to study the construction of a permanent memorial to Governor John Gilbert Winant on state property other than the state house grounds.
HB1135Establishing a civil action for certain disruptions of funerals of members or former members of the armed forces.
HB1136Relative to special state elections.
HB1137Renaming the road to the supreme court and the administrative office of the courts from Charles Doe Drive to Noble Drive and renaming the campus of the supreme court and the administrative office of the courts from Charles Doe Place to Noble Place.
HB1138Naming a bridge in Pelham in honor of Sergeant Daniel R. Gionet.
HB1139Making changes to the unique pupil identification system.
HB1140Relative to the care of war memorials in Franconia Notch state park.
HB1141Relative to fees for the state park system.
HB1142Relative to the electricians' board.
HB1143Relative to speed limits on certain residential ways.
HB1144Establishing a commission to study the taxation of alternative fuel and electric-powered motor vehicles for the purpose of funding improvements to the state's highways and bridges.
HB1145Relative to the New Hampshire public television's affiliation with the university system of New Hampshire.
HB1146Requiring pupils to stand during the pledge of allegiance.
HB1147Proclaiming March 31 of each year as a day to remember Terri Schiavo.
HB1148Requiring the teaching of evolution as a theory in public schools.
HB1149Allowing the planning board chairperson to administer oaths and compel the attendance of witnesses.
HB1150Relative to examinations for licensure as a professional engineer or land surveyor.
HB1151Relative to the default budget in official ballot towns and districts.
HB1152Establishing a committee to study high speed digital subscriber line (DSL) service.
HB1153Relative to fire protection of floors in certain detached dwellings.
HB1154Establishing a committee to study the management structure of state government.
HB1155Relative to the regulation of dentists by the board of dental examiners.
HB1156Relative to preserving due process in all common law matters.
HB1157Relative to signage at fuel service stations.
HB1158Relative to the authority of the superintendant of a county correctional facility.
HB1159Defining a default budget for a municipality.
HB1160Establishing a committee to study the feasibility of allowing towns to split into smaller political subdivisions.
HB1161Establishing a committee to study permitting nonresident property owners to vote in local elections.
HB1162Establishing a committee to study the effects of compulsory school attendance on children and families.
HB1163Relative to the withholding union dues from wages.
HB1164Requiring documentation of qualifications for presidential candidates.
HB1165Naming a bridge in the town of Meredith the POW/MIA Vigil and Freedom Ride bridge.
HB1166Relative to the installation of broadband equipment on Cardigan Mountain.
HB1167(New Title) relative to the calculation of days in the school year
HB1168(New Title) relative to retention and disclosure of annulled criminal records.
HB1169Requiring the secretary of state to make a report of lands over which jurisdiction has been ceded to the federal government.
HB1170Allowing municipalities to authorize the inclusion of a statement of the estimated tax impact of the budget and special warrant articles to be voted at annual meeting.
HB1171(New Title) updating certain references in motor vehicle statutes and relative to motor fuel distributors.
HB1172(New Title) authorizing nano brewery, beverage manufacturer, and brew pub licensees to sell their products at farmers’ markets and establishing an alcohol consultant license.
HB1173Relative to complaints against psychologists.
HB1174Relative to negotiations for contracts for county employees.
HB1175Relative to the membership of the cooperative school district budget committees.
HB1176Relative to the amendment of warrant articles at official ballot town meetings.
HB1177Relative to the limitation on appropriations under the municipal budget law.
HB1178Relative to the losing party's payment of the prevailing party's costs in tort actions.
HB1179Imposing an extended term of imprisonment for assault against a health care worker.
HB1180Relative to awards of noneconomic damages.
HB1181Relative to offers of judgments.
HB1182Prohibiting the sale of baby food products containing bisphenol A in New Hampshire.
HB1183Relative to access to the galleries in the general court.
HB1184(2nd New Title) relative to arrest without a warrant for the offense of willful concealment.
HB1185Relative to the police standards and training council.
HB1186Relative to uniform override keys for elevators.
HB1187Establishing a commission to prepare for possible action in the event of a catastrophic occurrence that renders the federal government unable to function.
HB1188Relative to civil actions for defamation.
HB1189Establishing a committee to study the privatizing of county corrections operations.
HB1190Relative to the dental hygienists committee of the dental board.
HB1191Relative to responsibilities of parents of certain minors.
HB1192Establishing an E-Z Pass commuter discount.
HB1193Relative to requirements for temporary certificates of safe boating education.
HB1194Relative to the text of Article 73-a of Part II of the New Hampshire Constitution.
HB1195Relative to membership of the joint legislative historical committee.
HB1196Repealing the task force on state procurement policies and procedures.
HB1197Requiring the commissioner of the department of health and human services to apply for a state plan waiver.
HB1198Relative to updating voter birth information in the statewide centralized voter registration database.
HB1199Relative to school district voting on school building projects.
HB1200Relative to reduced spending alternatives in proposed county budgets.
HB1201Relative to the assessment of property taxes on Pinkerton Academy.
HB1202(New Title) amending the definition of “sending district” as it applies to students attending regional vocational education programs.
HB1203Relative to the membership of the capital budget overview committee.
HB1204(New Title) relative to matching funds of highway projects, and relative to the administration of the meals and rooms tax.
HB1205Relative to the duty of the long range capital planning and utilization committee.
HB1206(New Title) relative to continuing obligations under expired public employee labor agreements.
HB1207Defining the owner of timber rights for purposes of timber tax assessment.
HB1208(New Title) relative to advertising of alcoholic beverages.
HB1209Establishing a committee to study administration of the business profits tax and the business enterprise tax.
HB1210Applying the procedures of the eminent domain procedures act to cases of eminent domain concerning public utilities.
HB1211Establishing a committee to study the promotion of lease of state-owned land for use for beginning farmers.
HB1212Relative to resisting arrest.
HB1213Relative to parking for legislators on official business.
HB1214Banning corn-based ethanol as an additive to gasoline sold in New Hampshire.
HB1215Relative to town library budgets.
HB1216Relative to the authority for withholding or withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment.
HB1217(New Title) relative to reciprocity of advance directives.
HB1218Relative to state authority to accept federal aid.
HB1219Relative to the definition of wildlife for purposes of regulation by the fish and game department.
HB1220Repealing the criminal history record and protective order check for the sale of firearms.
HB1221Relative to the credit for the business enterprise tax against the business profits tax.
HB1222Relative to protected shoreland permitting fees.
HB1223Relative to remedies under the right-to-know law.
HB1224(New Title) allowing municipalities to send tax, water, and sewer bills electronically.
HB1225Permitting a charter school to incur long-term debt.
HB1226Directing department of environmental services administrative fine revenue to a special fund for environmental enforcement.
HB1227Relative to disqualification of certain members of the general court.
HB1228Prohibiting the sale of grave markers and memorial markers by funeral directors.
HB1229Declaring March 30 as Welcome Home Veterans Day to honor veterans of Vietnam.
HB1230(New Title) requiring a report of real property owned or leased by the state and relative to New Hampshire hospital real estate.
HB1231(New Title) removing the prohibition on the sale, gift, or display of certain young birds.
HB1232Relative to prerecorded political messages.
HB1233Establishing a statute of limitations on wetlands filling and dredging.
HB1234Establishing a department of environmental services oversight and grievance committee.
HB1235Establishing a committee to study and propose a recodification of certain environment-related statutes.
HB1236Relative to ownership and operation of liquor licensees.
HB1237(New Title) establishing the joint committee on employee relations.
HB1238Relative to divestiture of Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) generation assets.
HB1239Requiring the site evaluation committee to consider economic impact prior to issuing a certificate for an energy facility.
HB1240Relative to license suspensions for refusal to consent to an alcohol test.
HB1241(New Title) relative to table wines and specialty beer.
HB1242Relative to membership dues paid by towns.
HB1243Establishing a committee to study the requirements of the deposit of certain checks.
HB1244Relative to firearms possession while trapping.
HB1245Relative to the fee for retail dealer's licenses for lobster and crab.
HB1246(New Title) authorizing the county sheriff to issue pistol or revolver licenses under certain circumstances.
HB1247Relative to the duties of jurors as constitutional officers and changing the term "petit jury" to "trial jury."
HB1248Relative to emergency management compacts.
HB1249Relative to the child protection reporting law.
HB1250Allowing designated persons to provide emergency medical treatment to another person.
HB1251(New Title) establishing a committee to study requiring that all sales of alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption be made at state liquor stores.
HB1252Relative to required documentation of ownership in foreclosure proceedings.
HB1253Relative to bridge aid and highway block grants for class V roads in certain village districts.
HB1254Establishing a committee to study the effect of illegal immigration on the state and its political subdivisions.
HB1255Relative to the membership of the commission on primary care workforce issues.
HB1256Establishing a New Hampshire state register of historic places.
HB1257Eliminating the tolls on the Everett turnpike in the town of Merrimack.
HB1258Relative to late fees charged by utilities.
HB1259Relative to payment of medical expenses for individuals who surrender themselves to law enforcement or corrections officials.
HB1260(New Title) relative to certain contributions to pari-mutuel pools by race simulcasters in Cheshire county, compensation of charitable organizations by gaming operators, and unauthorized gambling machines and sweepstakes.
HB1261Relative to recovery of delinquent condominium fees.
HB1262Prohibiting banks from requiring blood samples, fingerprints, and DNA samples in order to complete a banking transaction.
HB1263(New Title) relative to the termination of tenancy and repealing the requirement that landlords of restricted residential property provide service of process information.
HB1264Establishing a religious exemption for individuals who do not wish to provide accommodations, goods, or services for marriages.
HB1265Relative to criteria for the government regulation of occupations and professions.
HB1266Requiring the assessing standards board to recommend standards rather than guidelines.
HB1267Relative to adjustments to the child support guidelines based on child support expenses documented by the parties.
HB1268Requiring the department of education to reimburse the community colleges for the costs of providing remedial courses.
HB1269Relative to immunity from civil liability for sports officials.
HB1270(New Title) requiring an employer to disclose non-compete and non-piracy agreements prior to making an offer of employment or an offer of change in job classification.
HB1271Relative to the penalty for violating ordinances governing hawkers and peddlers.
HB1272Establishing a legislative oversight committee to study implementation of the recommendations of the commission on the status of men and solutions to identified problems.
HB1273Relative to the termination of parental rights in cases where the child is born of rape.
HB1274(2nd New Title) transferring the McAuliffe-Shepard discovery center to a private nonprofit corporation and making supplemental appropriations.
HB1275Relative to the common law rule of lenity.
HB1276Establishing a committee to study general court policies and procedures related to persons with disabilities.
HB1277Requiring federal law enforcement agencies to notify New Hampshire law enforcement agencies prior to investigation or enforcement of federal law in New Hampshire, as all lawful police work is local.
HB1278Relative to obstructions on highways.
HB1279Relative to voting rights of certain budget committee members.
HB1280Relative to the sale of E-Z Pass transponders and relative to the online New Hampshire E-Z Pass service center.
HB1281Establishing a committee to study alternative medical insurance coverage for elected state officials.
HB1282Relative to workforce housing and the definition of community.
HB1283Relative to insurance payments for domestics.
HB1284Authorizing the Concord school district to amend its charter without prior legislative approval.
HB1285Repealing the state art fund.
HB1286Relative to the installation of sprinklers.
HB1287Relative to nonresident vehicle registration.
HB1288Relative to protection of private property from the use of eminent domain.
HB1289Relative to agreements between government units.
HB1290(New Title) relative to notice of lien requirements.
HB1291Prohibiting compelled speech.
HB1292Requiring a 2/3 majority for borrowing by official ballot towns and school districts.
HB1293Establishing a rest area gas station and retail opportunities commission.
HB1294Relative to applications for abatement of property taxes.
HB1295Establishing a committee to study the potential effects of total deregulation of the telecommunications industry.
HB1296Relative to net energy metering.
HB1297(New Title) relative to federal health care reform and health care exchanges.
HB1298Relative to the definition of "public use" under the eminent domain procedure act.
HB1299Relative to permit fee transfer credits.
HB1300Relative to removing public officials for cause.
HB1301Relative to challenges to voters.
HB1302Relative to underpayment of estimated taxes and equalization of valuations administered by the department of revenue administration.
HB1303Amending certain requirements to obtain a local vendor license.
HB1304Relative to the waiver of financial responsibility requirements for certain habitual offenders.
HB1305Reestablishing the exemption from property taxation for telecommunications poles and conduits and establishing a committee to study how utilities are taxed by the state and municipalities.
HB1306(New Title) requiring a report on part-time employment of retired members of the retirement system.
HB1307Relative to agricultural plates.
HB1308Relative to the definition of "public body" under the right-to-know law.
HB1309Establishing a special number plate to support public elementary and secondary schools.
HB1310(New Title) increasing the number of days a motorcycle learner’s permit is valid and requiring a driver’s license for persons under 18 years of age to receive a motorcycle learner’s permit.
HB1311Changing a statutory reference to reflect the current homestead exemption amounts.
HB1312Relative to the statute of limitations for violations involving a motor vehicle accident resulting in death or serious bodily injury.
HB1313Allowing school districts to offer higher education scholarships to high school pupils.
HB1314Establishing a committee to study the maintenance of water and sewer infrastructure.
HB1315Relative to the effective date of revisions to the state building code.
HB1316Relative to continuing education for licensed electricians.
HB1317Relative to certifying electricians as fire suppression equipment and alarm installers.
HB1318Relative to carrying firearms.
HB1319Limiting credit card interchange fees charged to merchants.
HB1320Relative to law enforcement responsibility for interstate highways.
HB1321Establishing a committee to study the relationship between public funding of postsecondary education and workforce development.
HB1322Establishing a task force to study and recommend options to provide hospitals with the capacity to fund uncompensated care over time.
HB1323Requiring employers who offer benefits to full-time employees to offer benefits on a pro-rated basis to part-time employees.
HB1324Establishing a committee to study the public utilities commission.
HB1325(2nd New Title) relative to legal residency requirements for purposes of school attendance for children of divorced parents.
HB1326Relative to advance directives pertaining to medically administered nutrition and hydration.
HB1327Relative to official oppression.
HB1328Relative to vehicle operation with a stuck throttle or runaway engine.
HB1329Relative to the default budget in certain towns.
HB1330Establishing a committee to study blood testing of drivers after motor vehicle fatalities.
HB1331(New Title) relative to the grounds for termination of employment of a school administrative unit or school district employee.
HB1332Relative to the law enforcement authority of fish and game conservation officers.
HB1333(New Title) establishing a committee to study the establishment of a point system for violations of hunting and fishing laws and regulations enforced by the fish and game department.
HB1334Relative to the suspension of a fish and game license by the executive director.
HB1335Relative to the authority of the fish and game department to refuse to issue a hunting license.
HB1336Relative to reciprocity for nonresident trainers of hunting dogs.
HB1337Relative to the enforcement of violations of fish and game laws, and establishing a committee to study the disposition of wildlife confiscated by the fish and game department.
HB1338Relative to failure to renew a professional or occupational license.
HB1339(New Title) prohibiting agreements for monetary consideration to limit or reserve access to hunting, fishing, and trapping on private land.
HB1340Relative to reimbursing chiropractors.
HB1341Repealing the provision relative to the unauthorized use of firearms in the compact part of a city or town.
HB1342Prohibiting state and local governments from using funds to employ a lobbyist.
HB1343Prohibiting employees of parties and political committees from running for state office.
HB1344Prohibiting public employees from being candidates for certain offices.
HB1345Prohibiting party committees from selecting candidates for office.
HB1346Relative to the construction of power line extensions.
HB1347Requiring the courts to file reports of complaints against court officers, court staff, and any other person involved in the administration of justice.
HB1348Relative to playing mind sports for money.
HB1349Relative to the service of town health officers.
HB1350Relative to the style and form of new articles and amendments to articles proposed by constitutional amendment concurrent resolutions.
HB1351(New Title) relative to disclosure of information by the board of funeral directors and embalmers and governing boards of allied health professionals.
HB1352Relative to citizen complaints against a police officer.
HB1353Relative to establishing an individual's status as a veteran.
HB1354(New Title) relative to voter affidavits.
HB1355Relative to county budget adoption by the county convention.
HB1356Classifying certain land in Litchfield as land to be retained by the state.
HB1357Relative to the membership of mosquito control districts.
HB1358Establishing a committee to study the costs of health care.
HB1359Relative to exceptions for municipal regulation of hawkers and peddlers.
HB1360(New Title) relative to the state board of education rules concerning special education.
HB1361(New Title) relative to fiscal notes on bills.
HB1362(New Title) exempting service animals from dog registration and licensing and establishing an option for permanent registration and licensing of service animals.
HB1363Relative to banking regulations and foreclosures.
HB1364Relative to transfers of appropriations in Carroll county.
HB1365Relative to complaint investigation procedures of the guardian ad litem board.
HB1366(New Title) relative to employer charges for unemployment compensation benefits and relative to suitable work and eligibility requirements for claimants for unemployment compensation benefits.
HB1367Relative to the issuance of administrative inspection warrants.
HB1368Relative to real property held as a joint tenancy with rights of survivorship.
HB1369Relative to the location of overhead tolling on the F.E. Everett turnpike.
HB1370Making technical changes to the New Hampshire real estate practice act.
HB1371Relative to conflicts of interest of county government officials.
HB1372Requiring prisoners between 17 and 21 years of age to complete the requirements for a high school diploma or a GED certificate prior to release on probation or parole.
HB1373Relative to the definition of first-in, first-out as it applies to wastewater or public water supply projects.
HB1374Relative to speed limits approaching toll booths.
HB1375Relative to access to firearms by persons convicted of nonviolent felonies.
HB1376Relative to amending warrant articles in towns that have adopted the official ballot referendum form of meeting.
HB1377Requiring postsecondary education institutions to compile and submit reports on remedial education courses.
HB1378Relative to transfer by pharmacy technicians of prescription drugs between pharmacies.
HB1379Establishing a committee to study the regulation of pharmacy technicians by the board of pharmacy.
HB1380Relative to the development of wetland mitigation banks.
HB1381Exempting note finders from licensing requirements for real estate brokers and mortgage brokers.
HB1382Including parents in the approval process for alternative learning plans and requiring a truant officer to obtain a warrant or permission of a parent prior to returning a child to school.
HB1383Relative to residency status for the purpose of receiving in-state tuition status within the university system of New Hampshire.
HB1384Relative to the statute of limitations for complaints against judges.
HB1385Reducing the rate of the road toll during the 2012 Memorial Day weekend.
HB1386Relative to offers of judgments.
HB1387(New Title) requiring flags purchased with state funds or displayed in state facilities to be manufactured in the United States.
HB1388Relative to speeding in the compact part of cities and towns.
HB1389(New Title) relative to the pre-engineering technology curriculum and pre-engineering technology advisory council and establishing advisory committees for regional vocational education.
HB1390Relative to the regulation of incumbent local exchange carriers.
HB1391Relative to transmission and distribution utility line extension construction and relative to pole attachments.
HB1392Relative to oyster aquaculture licenses.
HB1393Relative to the valuation of property for property tax purposes and procedures for imposing sanctions against appraisers who act in bad faith or violate statutory requirements.
HB1394Relative to appeals of eminent domain decisions.
HB1395Revoking amendments to supreme court rules 50 and 50-A.
HB1396Restoring and reinforcing the exemptions from levy, sale on execution, and liability to be encumbered or taken for the payment of debts of the homestead right.
HB1397Relative to the right of a jury to judge the application of the law in relationship to the facts in controversy.
HB1398Relative to lighting on bicycles at night.
HB1399Relative to state general election ballots.
HB1400Allowing the department of transportation to sell naming rights for certain structures.
HB1401Relative to site evaluations and certificates for energy facilities.
HB1402(New Title) relative to the sale of homemade food and licensing of certain milk producer-distributors.
HB1403(New Title) relative to providing pupils with curriculum and instruction regarding state and national sovereignty and establishing a committee to study the implementation of the International Baccalaureate program in New Hampshire.
HB1404Relative to the election of Hillsborough county commissioners.
HB1405Relative to refugee resettlement.
HB1406Relative to goods in intrastate commerce.
HB1407Allowing towns to establish a firefighter commission.
HB1408Establishing a commission to study the judicial branch family division.
HB1409Relative to definitions under the Uniform Securities Act.
HB1410Relative to securities regulation.
HB1411Establishing a committee to study small brewer relationships with distributors.
HB1412Requiring the department of transportation to post signs on roads that cross the border into Massachusetts.
HB1413Directing New Hampshire to withdraw from the No Child Left Behind Act.
HB1414Relative to revocation or suspension of youth operators' licenses for speeding.
HB1415(New Title) relative to permits for repair or replacement of sewage and waste disposal system.
HB1416(New Title) relative to a required fluoride statement.
HB1417Relative to a student's freedom of association.
HB1418(2nd New Title) increasing the threshold amounts for taxation under the business enterprise tax and extending the commission to study business taxes; excluding charges for Internet access from the communications services tax and requiring the transfer of insurance premium tax revenue to the department of health and human services; and relative to section 179 expense deductions under the business profits tax.
HB1419Relative to the rights of military parents.
HB1420Relative to the disposition of the remains of service members.
HB1421Requiring a vegetarian diet for inmates in state correctional facilities.
HB1422(New Title) relative to the applicability of foreign law in cases before New Hampshire tribunals.
HB1423Relative to justification for use of deadly force in defense of another.
HB1424Relative to a parent's conscientious objection to a school, school program, or school curriculum.
HB1425Relative to the creation or elimination of employment positions in Hillsborough county government.
HB1426Relative to employer negotiations for health care coverage.
HB1427Relative to declaring that private contracting of governmental operations shall not be deemed an unfair labor practice.
HB1428Relative to public utilities commission orders concerning renewable portfolio standards.
HB1429Enabling municipalities to adopt a property tax credit based on home renovation costs.
HB1430Designating the Thompson/Center Contender pistol as the official state firearm of New Hampshire.
HB1431(New Title) relative to requirements for a barber to obtain a license and for a licensed barber, cosmetologist, manicurist, or esthetician to obtain a shop license.
HB1432Relative to the release of motor vehicle registration information.
HB1433Relative to instruction for pupils on the issues of HIV, AIDS, and sexually transmitted diseases.
HB1434Relative to display of antique motor vehicle plates.
HB1435(New Title) establishing a liaison committee to monitor the department of environmental services.
HB1436(New Title) establishing a liaison committee to monitor the management of natural resources by the department of resources and economic development.
HB1437Relative to display of certain historical items in the state house.
HB1438Relative to confidentiality of police personnel files.
HB1439Establishing a committee to study sprinkler requirements in nightclubs.
HB1440Relative to driver education.
HB1441Removing the requirement for the reporting of incidents by emergency medical services providers and units.
HB1442Relative to motorcycle noise emission regulation.
HB1443Relative to unemployment compensation payments.
HB1444Prohibiting certain state employees from wearing fragrances.
HB1445Requiring refunds for returns of merchandise.
HB1446Relative to the meat inspection program.
HB1447Relative to motorcycle number plates.
HB1448Requiring public access to any document and Internet content which is incorporated by reference in administrative rules.
HB1449Requiring a search warrant for searches of privately-owned property.
HB1450Eliminating the requirement that the county attorney be a member of the New Hampshire bar.
HB1451Establishing a statewide property tax credit for a resident maintaining a personal vegetable garden.
HB1452Prohibiting the establishment of sobriety checkpoints.
HB1453Relative to requiring planning boards to require a deeded right-of-way to a public road as a condition for approval of plans for certain developments.
HB1454Establishing a task force to study the charging of reimbursing employers in certain situations for the purpose of calculating unemployment benefits.
HB1455Relative to special licenses for taking lobster while engaged in recreational scuba diving.
HB1456Relative to school district policies on health and sex education.
HB1457Relative to scientific inquiry in the public schools.
HB1458Relative to the responsibilities of telecommunications companies that permit third party billing.
HB1459Relative to court proceedings in civil actions.
HB1460(New Title) establishing a defined contribution retirement plan for public employees.
HB1461Requiring school officials to notify parents of a class or event involving an outside speaker and allowing parents to opt for their child not to participate in the class or event.
HB1462Relative to the eviction process.
HB1463Relative to abandonment of the tenancy and relative to property abandoned by a tenant.
HB1464Establishing non-unanimous juries.
HB1465Relative to criminal records of juvenile offenders.
HB1466Relative to the investigation by the state attorney general of conflicts of interest of municipal officers and employees.
HB1467Relative to educational requirements for teacher certification.
HB1468Relative to seizure of personal property.
HB1469Relative to enforcement of parenting plans.
HB1470Establishing a committee to study administrative orders related to parental visitation.
HB1471Relative to authority for opticians to replace eyeglasses.
HB1473Relative to the calculation and distribution of adequate education grants.
HB1474Relative to eliminating the requirement that attorneys be members of the state bar association.
HB1475Relative to enforcement of interstate compacts.
HB1476Prohibiting the enforcement of out-of-state laws, rules, codes, and fess not approved by the New Hampshire legislature.
HB1477(New Title) relative to the definition of spent material.
HB1478Relative to the definitions of resident for motor vehicle law purposes and domicile for voting purposes and relative to vehicle registration and driver's license requirements.
HB1479Relative to the definition of "charitable trust" for the purpose of paid solicitors.
HB1480(New Title) requiring all local enforcement agencies and other officials responsible for enforcement of fire codes to provide information on the local and state appeals process when issuing a building permit or notice of violation.
HB1481Relative to effluent limitations with regard to nitrogen.
HB1482Relative to the exemption from property taxation for hospitals.
HB1483(New Title) repealing the retirement system special account and repealing the assessments for excess benefits paid by employers in the retirement system.
HB1484(New Title) relative to fees for state parks and relative to limitations for nonconforming structures located within protected shoreland.
HB1485Relative to funding for chartered public schools established by the state board of education.
HB1486Prohibiting the state from accepting federal funds that could be used to enhance the militarization or federalization of law enforcement.
HB1487(3rd New Title) relative to low carbon fuel standards programs.
HB1488Relative to the alternative budget procedure in a school administrative unit.
HB1489Repealing the decrease of the fuel oil importation fee.
HB1490(New Title) relative to New Hampshire’s regional greenhouse gas initiative cap and trade program for controlling carbon dioxide emissions.
HB1491Relative to mileage for members of the county convention for official business.
HB1492Requiring employers to verify an employee's eligibility to work in the United States.
HB1493Relative to copayments for certain specialists.
HB1494Relative to verification of immigration status of all persons arrested or detained by law enforcement officers.
HB1495(New Title) establishing a Purple Heart Trail along U. S. Route 3.
HB1496Relative to the certification of county correctional personnel for purposes of the New Hampshire retirement system.
HB1497Relative to the writing of warrant articles.
HB1498Repealing dog licensing requirements.
HB1499Relative to criminal coercion.
HB1500Relative to on-premises liquor licenses.
HB1501Establishing a fund to upgrade wastewater treatment plants.
HB1502Relative to appeal of abatement requests to the board of tax and land appeals.
HB1503Relative to motorcycle rider education.
HB1504Reinstating the Maine-New Hampshire Interstate Bridge Authority.
HB1505Relative to public employee suggestions for cost-saving measures.
HB1506Relative to the right-to-know exemption for public employee personnel files.
HB1507Authorizing towns to enter into agreements with the state for collection of outstanding taxes.
HB1508Relative to procedures of the board of mental health practice.
HB1509Relative to guardianship of elderly persons.
HB1510Relative to taxpayer standing for declaratory judgments.
HB1511Relative to felons possessing firearms.
HB1512Relative to the authority of conservation commissions.
HB1513Changing the membership of the public employee labor relations board.
HB1514Establishing the crime of oppressing an inhabitant's free exercise of rights.
HB1515Relative to the assessment of the land use change tax and the use of land use change tax revenues.
HB1516Relative to the instruction of English and mathematics for pupils in kindergarten through grade 3.
HB1517Prohibiting the state and any political subdivision from entering any agreement implementing any provision of the No Child Left Behind Act without prior approval of the general court.
HB1518Relative to penalties for certain sex offenders.
HB1519Requiring hospitals to provide Medicaid patient outpatient services at outpatient Medicaid rates for certain hours.
HB1520Prohibiting law enforcement officers from failing to investigate criminal complaints against public servants.
HB1521Relative to retired state employees group insurance participation.
HB1522Reducing the penalty for violating a local vendor ordinance.
HB1523Relative to the return of personal property seized by law enforcement agencies from a person charged with a crime.
HB1524Expanding the definition of official oppression.
HB1525Repealing the wetlands and shorelands review fund.
HB1526(New Title) relative to possession of less than one-half ounce of marijuana.
HB1527Exempting cultivation of marijuana from manufacturing under the controlled drug act.
HB1528Requiring criminal penalties for attorneys in the attorney general's office and the county attorneys' office for failing to prosecute offenses related to falsification in official matters.
HB1529Relative to the introduction of fluoride and herbicides into the drinking water of the state.
HB1530Relative to oversight of guardians ad litem by the guardian ad litem board.
HB1531Relative to prosecution for victimless crimes.
HB1532Relative to trespass on land which is not posted.
HB1533Prohibiting bullying in the state house and legislative office building.
HB1534Repealing the self-funding of the department of labor.
HB1535Relative to arrest records under the right-to-know law.
HB1536Relative to the preservation of religious freedom.
HB1537(New Title) relative to violations of privacy occurring outside a private place.
HB1538Relative to innovative cosmetic or esthetic treatments.
HB1539Relative to the state building code.
HB1540Relative to conservation easements on public land.
HB1541Repealing the authority of officials to enter and examine the premises of an automotive recycling dealer.
HB1542Relative to interference with state constitutional rights.
HB1543Relative to workers' compensation coverage and safety program requirements in state contracts.
HB1544Adding state and local government part-time and public employees to employees eligible to participate in the state group insurance coverage.
HB1545Relative to control of land received or acquired by a conservation commission.
HB1546(New Title) recodifying the laws relative to religious societies and adding a religious exemption to the insurance mandates relative to coverage for contraception.
HB1547Relative to party columns on ballots.
HB1548Relative to access to ballots.
HB1549(New Title) prohibiting the use of motor vehicle records for any federal identification database.
HB1550Relative to conflicts of interest.
HB1551(3rd New Title) clarifying the liability of landowners, lessees, and occupants of premises who allow other persons to use the premises for hunting, fishing, and other recreational purposes or to remove fuel wood, and relative to the losing claimant’s payment of the prevailing party’s costs in actions against such landowners, lessees, and occupants barred by liability immunity provisions.
HB1552(New Title) relative to the reporting of funds.
HB1553Repealing obsolete and outdated provisions of the Revised Statutes Annotated.
HB1554Relative to fire code requirements for licensed foster homes.
HB1555Relative to the penalty for firearm use in a state area for propagation of game controlled by the fish and game department.
HB1556Reducing fees related to reporting of charitable trusts.
HB1557Directing the department of resources and economic development to develop a "Live Free or Die Bucks Program" to increase tourism spending.
HB1558Requiring a certificate of public need for eminent domain.
HB1559Relative to political committees.
HB1560Relative to the interstate Health Care Compact.
HB1561Discontinuing regional planning commissions.
HB1562Establishing a criminal penalty for sending or receiving sexually explicit text messages or images by using a cell phone or other mobile device.
HB1563Relative to Greenland's water rights.
HB1564Establishing a committee to study and recommend solutions for simplifying the calculation of the cost of public education through the combination of adequate education, school building aid, and catastrophic aid funding.
HB1565Establishing a committee to study landlord-tenant law and practice.
HB1566Relative to withdrawal from a school administrative unit or an authorized regional enrollment area school.
HB1567Establishing a committee to study the federal Youth Corrections Act.
HB1568Relative to imposition of consecutive sentences.
HB1569Relative to nomination of political organizations.
HB1570Relative to the duty of a public employee labor organization to represent employees who elect not to join or to pay dues or fees to the employee organization.
HB1571Relative to educational evaluation of home schooled children.
HB1572Establishing a commission to study the labeling of genetically modified foods.
HB1573Establishing a committee to study the duties and responsibilities of the attorney general which are required in law.
HB1574Relative to an employee's lunch or eating period.
HB1575Relative to alternative course selections for certain pupils.
HB1576Requiring construction of a noise barrier along Interstate Route 95 in Portsmouth.
HB1577Relative to petitions for reconsideration of court rulings in the judicial branch family division.
HB1578Relative to the suspension of registration of vehicles.
HB1579Authorizing the department of employment security to garnish the wages of individuals with delinquent unemployment compensation overpayments.
HB1580Requiring a reference to the Magna Carta on certain legislation.
HB1581Relative to procedures for arrest.
HB1582Relative to medical and surgical benefits for state employees.
HB1583Relative to immunity for school personnel using reasonable force to protect a minor.
HB1584Relative to the authority of police chiefs.
HB1585Relative to inspections of trucks and buses.
HB1586Relative to the acquisition of land for conservation purposes.
HB1587Relative to employer safety programs.
HB1588Recodifying the laws relative to sheriffs, constables, and police officers.
HB1589Establishing a committee to study and propose a recodification of the education laws currently in RSA title 15.
HB1590Requiring the disclosure to patients and prospective patients of the charges for medical procedures.
HB1591Relative to the homestead exemption amount.
HB1592(New Title) establishing a committee to study the reporting of business tax revenues collected by the state.
HB1593Relative to the department of information technology.
HB1594Abolishing assessment of damages in tort actions by joint and several liability.
HB1595(New Title) relative to changes of party registration on primary day.
HB1596Relative to the membership of the advisory council on child care.
HB1597Relative to taking by eminent domain for certain purposes.
HB1598Relative to the definition of "meeting" under the right-to-know law.
HB1599Relative to mammography.
HB1600Relative to collection notification practices.
HB1601Relative to the notice to defendant in small claims actions.
HB1602Removing the exemption for janitors from pesticide applicator licensing.
HB1603Relative to local spending caps.
HB1604Relative to penalties for motor vehicle accidents involving death or serious bodily injury to a pedestrian.
HB1605Relative to checking firearms at courthouse entrances.
HB1606Adopting the interstate compact on educational support for military children.
HB1607(New Title) establishing an education tax credit.
HB1608Relative to the issuance and enforcement of domestic violence protective orders.
HB1609Relative to licensure of polysomnographers by the board of respiratory care practitioners.
HB1610Relative to lowering the legal drinking age to 19 for active duty members of the armed forces.
HB1611Repealing certain provisions relative to the sale of pistols and revolvers.
HB1612Requiring the supreme court to adopt uniform rules of evidence for the superior and circuit courts and relative to child support and guardians ad litem.
HB1613Relative to protected health information.
HB1614Establishing a committee to study the public health implications involved with the imposition of the energy provisions of the state building code.
HB1615Relative to industrial hemp.
HB1616Relative to procedures and standards for expert testimony.
HB1617(2nd New Title) repealing the certificate of need law.
HB1618(New Title) relative to types of community living facilities.
HB1619Relative to the assessment of property taxes on the value that exceeds $50,000.
HB1620Requiring employers to participate in the E-Verify system of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.
HB1621Repealing certain statutes.
HB1622Relative to the adoption of forms under the administrative procedures act by the department of insurance.
HB1623(New Title) relative to records of the legislative ethics committee.
HB1624Relative to the fiduciary capacity of persons collecting contributions for a nonprofit organization.
HB1625Relative to reports of fund raising counsel for charitable trusts.
HB1626Establishing a committee to study the current use taxation of farm land and farm structures in which utility lines or services are installed.
HB1627Relative to communication between federal law enforcement officers and county sheriffs.
HB1628Relative to compliance with fire safety and state building code requirements by municipalities.
HB1629(New Title) relative to state photographic identification indicating honorable veteran’s status.
HB1630Relative to traffic control at public meetings or functions.
HB1631(New Title) allowing persons licensed to provide emergency medical services to work at social or sporting events.
HB1632Establishing a committee to assess the cost savings of digitizing the general court.
HB1633(New Title) relative to a tally requirement on school district and village district warrant articles
HB1634(New Title) establishing a committee to study the implementation of United Nations Agenda 21 into the state, counties, regional commissions, towns, and cities.
HB1635Relative to motor vehicle inspections.
HB1636Relative to the extension of fill and dredge in wetlands permits.
HB1637Authorizing a school district which uses official ballot voting to conduct a special meeting necessitated by changes in adequate education funding.
HB1638Establishing a commission to study and recommend standards for downshifting and cost shifting from the state to counties, cities, towns, and individuals.
HB1639Relative to employment of certain disability retirees by retirement system employers.
HB1640Establishing a committee to study application requirements for nursing home patients seeking respite care.
HB1641Requiring the carry forward of certain net operating loss deductions to relate to creation of new jobs.
HB1642(New Title) relative to destination specialty hospitals.
HB1643Relative to county appropriations.
HB1644(New Title) relative to the regulation of individual home health care service providers by the department of health and human services.
HB1645(New Title) relative to decertification of a bargaining unit.
HB1646Prohibiting the taking of deer from baited areas.
HB1647Requiring the department of health and human services to license supervised visitation centers.
HB1648Requiring prosecution of a law enforcement officer for failure to enforce the crime of interference with custody.
HB1649Relative to collection of the education property tax and establishing a program to rebate certain excessive property tax payments of eligible taxpayers.
HB1650Relative to commerce in food in New Hampshire.
HB1651Requiring the division of state police to equip special weapons and tactics (SWAT) units or teams with tactical cameras.
HB1652(New Title) requiring the transfer of insurance premium tax revenue to the department of health and human services and the revenue stabilization reserve account.
HB1653Relative to the rights of conscience for medical professionals.
HB1654Relative to earned time credits for inmates participating in rehabilitative programming.
HB1655Relative to the use of superior court facilities in Nashua.
HB1656Relative to compensation of jurors.
HB1657Relative to petitions for guardianship filed by parents of adult children with disabilities.
HB1658(4th New Title) establishing an income and identity verification system for public assistance recipients; relative to implementation of the Sean William Corey pilot program; and extending the moratorium on nursing home beds and rehabilitation beds.
HB1659Relative to the women's right to know act regarding abortion information.
HB1660Relative to abortions after 20 weeks.
HB1661Repealing the department of labor's workers' compensation safety program inspection duties and the workers' compensation safety inspection fund and adopting a federal provision which allows a small business to self-certify its spill prevention countermeasure and control plan for above ground storage tanks.
HB1662Relative to preparation of fiscal notes.
HB1663Relative to payment of union fees by non-members.
HB1664(New Title) establishing a committee to study transferring election law enforcement to the secretary of state.
HB1665(New Title) enabling a superior court or circuit court to implement one or more drug courts.
HB1666(3rd New Title) relative to legislative approval of collective bargaining agreements entered into by the state.
HB1667Relative to the application of the juvenile laws to children up to the age of 18.
HB1668Relative to an individual's right to access to all state government files concerning the individual.
HB1669Requiring the deposit of dedicated fund revenues into the general fund for the 2014 and 2015 fiscal years and requiring non-constitutionally established dedicated funds to be eliminated on June 30, 2015 unless reinstated by the legislature.
HB1670Apportioning executive council districts.
HB1671Apportioning congressional districts.
HB1672Apportioning delegates to state party conventions.
HB1673Relative to complaints of election law violations.
HB1674Reducing the interest rate on late and delinquent property tax payments, subsequent payments, and other unpaid taxes.
HB1675Relative to location tracking by electronic communications devices.
HB1676Relative to campaign contributions and expenditures.
HB1677Relative to choice as to whether to join a labor union and eliminating the duty of a public employee labor organization to represent employees who elect not to join or to pay dues or fees to the employee organization.
HB1678Establishing video lottery and table gaming at certain locations in New Hampshire.
HB1679(New Title) relative to partial-birth abortion.
HB1680(New Title) relative to the duties of the oversight committee on health and human services.
HB1681Relative to reporting political expenditures and contributions.
HB1682Relative to forfeiture of personal property.
HB1683Relative to political advertising by business organizations.
HB1684Relative to campaign contributions and expenditures.
HB1685Relative to collective bargaining under the public employee labor relations statutes.
HB1686(2nd New Title) relative to state contracts.
HB1687Relative to state employee information available on the state transparency website.
HB1688Relative to exempting maple syrup and milk products produced and sold in state from federal regulation.
HB1689Relative to taxation of Pease development authority property.
HB1690Prohibiting the use of cell phone data extraction devices by law enforcement agencies.
HB1691Establishing a state bank.
HB1692Making changes to the administration of the university system of New Hampshire.
HB1693Relative to motor vehicle inspections.
HB1694Relative to driving under the influence of drugs.
HB1695Increasing certain speed limits.
HB1696Limiting the offense of speeding to cases resulting in property damage or personal injury to another and excluding speeding offenses from the habitual offender statute.
HB1697Establishing keno in New Hampshire.
HB1698(New Title) establishing a committee to study implementing keno in the state of New Hampshire.
HB1699Relative to driving under the influence of drugs.
HB1700Repealing licensing requirements for money transmitters.
HB1701Prohibiting New Hampshire from entering into or enforcing reciprocal agreements with other states to deny rights and privileges for nonpayment of taxes owed to another state.
HB1702Relative to materials collected during certain proceedings of the board of medicine.
HB1703(New Title) requiring the school board to develop and implement a policy that incorporates the foundations of financial literacy into the school curriculum and instruction.
HB1704Relative to limits on political contributions and relative to reporting by political committees.
HB1705Allowing purchase and use of marijuana by adults, regulating the purchase and use of marijuana, and imposing taxes on the wholesale and retail sale of marijuana.
HB1706Expanding the applicability of the capital murder statute.
HB1707Relative to penalties for operation after revocation or suspension.
HB1708Relative to salaries of state employees.
HB1709Establishing a criminal offense for failure to report a missing or deceased child.
HB1710Establishing a commission to identify issues for legislation related to strengthening the role of fathers in families with divorced or unmarried parents.
HB1711Relative to the use of cooking fires.
HB1712Relative to the teaching of the Bible in public schools.
HB1713Abolishing the department of education and transferring all functions, duties, and responsibilities to the commissioner of education and the state board of education.
HB1714Relative to the term "election" for the purposes of public meetings.
HB1715Relative to authorized regional enrollment area agreements.
HB1716Relative to the state 10-year transportation improvement program.
HB1717Apportioning county commissioner districts.
HB1718Relative to judicial review of electoral districts.
HB1719Relative to the filing period for elections.
HB1720(New Title) relative to jury trials in class actions brought under the consumer protection act.
HB1721(New Title) relative to permitting for the replacement of sewage disposal systems and relative to oil spillage prevention, control, and countermeasure plans.
HB1722Relative to disqualification of judges and lawyers from practicing in the circuit courts.
HB1723Making technical corrections regarding parental notification prior to abortion.
HB1724Requiring certain engine coolants and antifreeze to include an aversive agent so that they are rendered unpalatable.
HB1725Prohibiting health care practitioner self-referrals for medical devices.
HB1726Exempting the transport of certain electronic waste and universal waste from the hazardous waste transporter registration program.
HB1727To return certain insurance exchange moneys to the federal government.
HCO1Relative to implementing an election pursuant to representative districts established in the order.
House Concurrent Resolutions (16)
HCR2In support of the Arizona immigration law.
HCR26Declaring that the Claremont case's mandates that the legislative and executive branches define an adequate education, determine its cost, fund its entire cost with state taxes, and ensure its delivery through accountability, are not binding on the legislative and executive branches.
HCR30Congratulating the Republic of Hungary on the adoption of its first national constitution.
HCR31Commending the work of pregnancy care centers in New Hampshire and across the United States.
HCR32To urge the Congress of the United States to withdraw the membership of the United States from the United Nations so that the United States may retain its sovereignty and control over its own funds and military forces.
HCR33Honoring Charlie St. Clair for his contributions to the tourism industry in New Hampshire.
HCR34Urging Congress to withdraw the United States from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in accordance with Article 2205 of the agreement.
HCR35(New Title) designating Miss New Hampshire, of the Miss America Scholarship Program, an official ambassador of the state of New Hampshire during her term as Miss New Hampshire.
HCR36Urging Congress to amend or repeal legislation expanding the constitutionally delegated powers of federal government.
HCR37(New Title) urging the New Hampshire delegation to support any legislation requiring a comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve.
HCR38Urging the United States Congress to extend equal benefits for the treatment of Agent Orange exposure to Vietnam veterans who served outside of Vietnam.
HCR39Urging Congress to privatize all aspects of social security.
HCR40For the purpose of petitioning the Congress of the United States to adopt an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, for submission to the states, to require, with certain exceptions, that the federal budget be balanced; or, in the alternative, to call a convention for the sole and exclusive purpose of proposing a federal balanced budget amendment for submission to the states for ratification.
HCR41Urging the United States Congress to find that the Department of Health and Human Services' grant to Planned Parenthood of Northern New England is unconstitutional and void.
HCR42Supporting the preservation of the electoral college.
HCR43Urging the joint legislative historical committee to move the granite gates Lafayette passed through to the state house grounds.
House Joint Resolutions (4)
HJR2Prohibiting the implementation of the insurance department rules regarding the New Hampshire Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association.
HJR20Urging Congress to propose an amendment to the United States Constitution to abolish the electoral college.
HJR21Informing the United States Congress that it is the desire of the general court of New Hampshire that the New Hampshire national guard shall not serve outside the borders of New Hampshire absent a declaration of war.
HJR22Supporting the use of an aversive agent in certain engine coolants and antifreeze to render them impalatable.
House Resolutions (11)
HR20Urging the federal government to allow the cultivation of hemp for industrial purposes.
HR21Requiring the Congress of the United States of America to reaffirm its adherence to the Constitution of the United States regarding international agreements and treaties.
HR22Urging recognition of the facts regarding the USS Liberty.
HR23(New Title) urging the federal government to reduce the federal deficit by the amount of certain foreign aid.
HR24Urging relief from the current level of federal nursing home regulation.
HR25Affirming States' powers based on the Constitution for the United States and the Constitution of New Hampshire.
HR26Expressing support for admitting the District of Columbia as the fifty-first State of the United States of America.
HR27Urging New Hampshire policymakers to declare "brainpower" a state resource.
HR28Opposing federal efforts to establish minimum standards for states that allow the carrying of concealed firearms.
HR29Urging the United States Department of Health and Human Services to rescind its rule requiring health plans to provide sterilizations and contraceptives.
HR30Memorializing State Representative James F. Powers.
PET1Petition on behalf of the voters of the town of Hudson school district.
PET2Grievance of Elena Katz, Arnold Goodman, and Their Daughter.
PET3Grievance of Michael Brewster.
PET4Grievance of Vincent Milano.
PET5Grievance of David Johnson.
PET6Grievance of Candy Knightly.
PET7Grievance of Denise-Marie McIntosh.
PET8Grievance of Greg and Sarah Clarkson.
PET9Grievance of Frank M. Handibode.
PET10Grievance of Marie L. Miller.
PET11Grievance of David D. Vandenberg.
PET13Grievance of Hope Nardone.
PET14Grievance of Jeanette Dionne.
PET18Grievance of Jeffrey Frost.
PET20Grievance of Carl E. Dow.
PET21Grievance of Arthur Ginsberg, Nashua, New Hampshire.
PET22Grievance of Joseph Haas.
PET23Grievance of Bill and Mary Cloutier, Epping, New Hampshire.
PET24Grievance of William J. Donovan, III.
PET25Grievance of the Community Action Group to Save CMC Again.
PET26Grievance of Joshua Youssef.
PET27Grievance of Monique Prince.
PET28Grievance of Ghislain Breton.
PET29Grievance of Daniel Shepard.
PET30Grievance of Bethany Capen.
PET31Grievance of Wade Henry.
PET32Grievance of Randall Bowen, Shona Bowen, Jerry DeLemus, Robert Gates, Thomas Kaczynski, Jr., and 308 additional petitioners, all of Rochester, New Hampshire.
PET33Grievance of Nicholas Haas.
PET34Grievance of Daniel Shepard.
Senate Bills (241)
SB4Requiring legislative approval of cost items for state employee contract negotiations.
SB13Increasing the limit on single wagers for games of chance conducted by charitable organizations.
SB17Relative to evidence of admissions in medical injury actions.
SB19(New Title) relative to the definition and designation of “prime wetlands.”
SB41Relative to enforcement of the timber tax and excavation tax by the department of revenue administration.
SB44Relative to payment of rent pending a landlord-tenant action.
SB48(New Title) relative to state regulation of telephone service providers and clarifying the authority of the public utilities commission to regulate pole attachments.
SB49Relative to tip pooling arrangements.
SB71Relative to health care fees in workers' compensation.
SB74Relative to the life settlements act.
SB77Relative to the special fund for payment for second injuries under the workers' compensation law.
SB83(New Title) enabling municipalities and school districts to create other post-employment benefits (OPEB) trusts.
SB84Relative to state regulation of the septic system installation process.
SB94Relative to state certification of community residences in municipalities with zoning ordinances which accommodate certified community residences.
SB106Naming the visitor center at Jericho Mountain state park for Robert Danderson.
SB132Establishing exemptions from the real estate transfer tax.
SB142Relative to reorganizing the permitting process within the department of environmental services.
SB143Requiring the commissioner of administrative services to develop a proposal for state employees to make monetary contributions to a health savings account or other tax-advantaged account.
SB150Authorizing individuals and certain businesses to purchase health insurance from out-of-state insurance companies.
SB152Relative to participation in state employees' group insurance by members of the general court.
SB153Relative to the regulation of real estate appraisers by the New Hampshire real estate appraiser board.
SB155Relative to section 179 expense deductions under the business profits tax.
SB159Establishing a state infrastructure bank.
SB160Relative to the definition and regulation of installment loans.
SB163Relative to the New Hampshire health benefit exchange.
SB167Establishing a production jobs creation credit under the business enterprise tax and making changes affecting small business to the business profits tax, the business enterprise tax, and the meals and rooms tax.
SB168Conforming the interest and dividends tax to federal tax definitions.
SB175Regulating the commercial use of a person's identity.
SB177Relative to training of directors and officers of nonprofit corporations.
SB181Relative to distribution of funds for education.
SB182Relative to video lottery and table gaming, providing property tax relief for local economies, providing services for problem gamers, and promoting tourism and public safety.
SB185Establishing a restitution fund for victims of financial fraud and continually appropriating a special fund.
SB186Repealing the exemption from the consumer protection act for certain regulated trade and commerce.
SB188(New Title) establishing a committee to study establishing an office of the inspector general.
SB190Relative to the duties and membership of the executive branch ethics committee.
SB191Relative to the registration of independent contractors for the purposes of workers' compensation.
SB201Apportioning state senate districts.
SB202Apportioning congressional districts.
SB203(New Title) relative to limited liability companies and relative to meetings of a certain legislative study commission by open blogging.
SB204Adopting amendments to Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code relative to secured transactions.
SB205Revising the New Hampshire business corporations act, RSA 293-A.
SB210Relative to the default budget in school districts which have adopted the official ballot method of voting.
SB211Relative to the board of registration of funeral directors and embalmers.
SB212Relative to pooled risk management programs.
SB213Relative to the authority of state agencies to assess fines and penalties.
SB214Relative to the applicability of the right-to-know law to public libraries.
SB215(New Title) establishing a study committee on updating and improving the procedures and criteria for review of projects by the site evaluation committee.
SB216(New Title) relative to notification of revocation of conditional discharge by the department of health and human services.
SB217Relative to management of Cannon mountain by the department of resources and economic development.
SB218Relative to electric renewable portfolio standards.
SB219Relative to guaranteed issue for health insurance.
SB220Relative to external review under the managed care law.
SB221Relative to life, accident, and health insurance.
SB222(New Title) relative to property and casualty insurance, insurance investigations, and insurance certificates.
SB223(New Title) to make technical revisions relative to the health information organization corporation and relative to the membership of the health information organization board.
SB224Relative to lead fishing sinkers and jigs.
SB225Relative to fees for vital records.
SB226(New Title) transferring the administration of the electricians’ board to the joint board for licensure and certification, and changing the administrative fine authority of the board of accountancy.
SB227Relative to the status of members of the board of tax and land appeals.
SB228Repealing the assessments for excess benefits paid by employers in the retirement system.
SB229(2nd New Title) establishing a commission to make recommendations on whether the New Hampshire retirement system should be replaced with a defined contribution plan for all new hires and to study the impact such change would have on the retirement system.
SB230Relative to the calculation of average final compensation for certain retirement system members.
SB231(New Title) relative to municipal liens.
SB232Relative to the date for the state primary election.
SB233Relative to special elections of the charter commission.
SB234(2nd New Title) relative to salary grades for certain executive branch positions and relative to the retirement classification of certain state officials.
SB235Relative to registration of business organizations with the secretary of state.
SB236(New Title) relative to nomination of candidates and political organizations, election procedure, and recounts.
SB237Relative to field purchases and transfers of funds for the state park system and the bureau of trails, and the use of gifts and donations to the division of parks and recreation.
SB238Establishing a committee to assess the form of government in towns that have elected the official ballot referendum form of meeting.
SB239(New Title) relative to the membership and duties of the installation standards board.
SB240Relative to the regulation of the practice of genetic counseling.
SB241(2nd New Title) relative to expiration and extension of terrain alteration permits and extending the report date for the commission to study water infrastructure sustainability funding.
SB242Establishing a commission to study the administration of the Belknap county department of corrections.
SB243Relative to the management of trust funds and capital reserve funds.
SB244Relative to the administration of the New Hampshire retirement system.
SB245Relative to health care sharing organizations.
SB246Relative to the calculation of employer assessments for excess retirement system benefits.
SB247Relative to certifying municipal culvert installers.
SB248Relative to the installation of municipal culverts.
SB249Requiring a request for proposals for the administration and management of the New Hampshire retirement system.
SB250Relative to operation of ATVs and trail bikes on state lands.
SB251Prohibiting certain games and contests in premises licensed by the liquor commission.
SB252Increasing the maximum term for energy performance contracts.
SB253Relative to debt-related mortgage disability and mortgage accidental death insurance.
SB254Relative to funding and expenditures from certain municipal special revenue funds.
SB255Relative to liens for land use change tax assessments.
SB256Relative to public utilities commission contracts with consultants.
SB257Relative to unemployment compensation.
SB258Authorizing group net metering for limited electrical energy producers.
SB259(3rd New Title) relative to the appointment of the director of ports and harbors, relative to the transfer of land within the Pease development authority, and relative to dredging the Hampton and Seabrook Harbors.
SB260(New Title) relative to protection and preservation of significant archeological deposits.
SB261Relative to requirements for warrant articles.
SB262Requiring disclosure of minutes of meetings after the approval of the minutes.
SB263Relative to certified compliant products certified as such by the department of environmental services.
SB264Relative to energy facility site evaluations.
SB265Relative to the definition of stormwater.
SB266Prohibiting electric utilities from installing and maintaining smart meter gateway devices without the residential or business property owner's consent.
SB267Relative to the establishment of school zones and school zone speed limits by municipalities.
SB268Relative to the appointment of the treasurer of the Concord school district.
SB269Relative to the definition of default budget in towns that use official ballot voting.
SB270Relative to civil commitment of persons found incompetent to stand trial.
SB271Establishing a criminal offense for failure to report a missing or deceased child.
SB272Relative to truancy.
SB273Relative to vexatious litigants.
SB274Removing the phrase "mentally defective" from the aggravated felonious sexual assault statute.
SB275Relative to causing death or serious bodily injury by means of a fraudulent act.
SB276(2nd New Title) establishing the vandalizing or defacing of state or municipal property as criminal mischief.
SB277Establishing a sexual offender management board.
SB278Limiting the recovery of health care expenses in personal injury actions and removing "probable duration of life but for the injury" as an element that may be considered in determining damages in a wrongful death action.
SB279Establishing registers of probate as clerks of the probate division of the circuit court.
SB280Relative to the procedure for approval of medical parole.
SB281(New Title) relative to exposure to infectious disease by emergency response and public safety workers and notification of public health authorities.
SB282(New Title) authorizing the commissioner of safety to require the installation of an ignition interlock device or enhanced technology ignition interlock device as a condition of restoring driving privileges in certain instances.
SB283Relative to disposition of nursing home patient accounts.
SB284(New Title) establishing a certified public health dental hygienist in New Hampshire.
SB285(New Title) authorizing suspension or revocation of a driver’s license for serious boating offenses and relative to loss of motorboat privileges for aggravated driving while intoxicated.
SB286Relative to a controlled drug prescription health and safety program.
SB287Relative to confidential prescription data.
SB288(New Title) relative to medical records and patient information.
SB289Relative to presenting photo identification to vote in person.
SB290Naming a bridge in Woodstock, New Hampshire the Hilliard Family Bridge.
SB291(New Title) relative to the use of currently allowed impact fees by municipalities and making an appropriation to establish a North Country fire training facility.
SB292Relative to property taxation of certain manufactured housing.
SB293Relative to notice requirements and payment of interest by the department of revenue administration for overpayments and underpayments of tax.
SB294Relative to dedicated funds administered by the department of labor, department of environmental services, banking department, and secretary of state.
SB295Increasing the research and development tax credit against the business profits tax.
SB296Relative to including next-of-kin contact information on a driver's license.
SB297Relative to the apprentice hunting license.
SB298Naming the lifeguard tower at the Hampton Beach Seashell Facility for James W. Donahue, Jr.
SB299Relative to the exclusion of certain interest under the business enterprise tax.
SB300Relative to special education services in chartered public schools.
SB301(New Title) relative to the amendment of pleadings in landlord-tenant actions.
SB302(New Title) relative to the Honor and Remember Flag as an official symbol to recognize and honor fallen members of the armed forces and relative to certain maintenance at the rotary in the town of Epsom.
SB303Relative to the penalty assessment on fines for criminal offenses.
SB304Relative to the waiver of state fees associated with historic preservation.
SB305Relative to disposition of boat fee revenue.
SB306(New Title) relative to the commercial and industrial construction property tax exemption, and relative to municipal economic development and revitalization districts.
SB307Relative to the refund of tax overpayment related to a fraudulent investment scheme.
SB308(New Title) proclaiming January 24, 2013 as Granny D. Day.
SB309Making appropriations to the university system of New Hampshire and the community college system.
SB310(New Title) relative to the commemoration of Purple Day in recognition of epilepsy awareness and relative to the observance of Cancer Prevention Day.
SB311(3rd New Title) relative to weights and measures.
SB312Prohibiting the cruel confinement of certain farm animals.
SB313Relative to state photographic identification indicating veteran's status.
SB314Relative to state-owned vehicle fleet management.
SB315Requiring motorists to give wide berth to highway maintenance vehicles.
SB316Relative to compliance with school accountability requirements.
SB317Relative to towable devices permitted to be towed by a motorboat.
SB318(2nd New Title) relative to voter registration.
SB319(New Title) changing the membership of and extending the commission to study the effects of service-connected post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury suffered in the line of duty by members of the armed forces and veterans.
SB320(New Title) directing the department of safety to subscribe to a scrap metal theft alert system.
SB321(New Title) establishing a committee to study the continuation of payments to long-term care facilities.
SB322Relative to the holding of gold and silver by municipalities.
SB323Authorizing accounting transfers by the department of corrections.
SB324Relative to the use of funds generated by the Hampton Beach parking facilities.
SB325Relative to periodic payments of judgments.
SB326(2nd New Title) relative to state reimbursement of towns and relative to taxation of trusts under the interest and dividends tax.
SB327Making an appropriation to the department of health and human services for child care services.
SB328Relative to the procedure for filling a vacancy on a cooperative school board.
SB329Requiring nursing facilities to have at least one automated external defibrillator.
SB330Requiring an independent financial opinion prior to the leasing of any state park property to a private entity.
SB331(New Title) clarifying the definition of surviving spouse for eligibility for line-of-duty death benefits for police officers or firefighters killed in the line of duty, and making an appropriation for a shortfall in an individual medical subsidy payment.
SB332Repealing a prohibition relative to auxiliary state troopers and repealing the law governing motor vehicles carrying property for hire.
SB333Relative to a surviving spouse's right to retain a Purple Heart plate.
SB334Relative to Medicare unfair trade practices.
SB335Establishing a procedure for certain condominiums to waive portions of the state fire code.
SB336(New Title) relative to medical payments coverage.
SB337Relative to property held for water supply or flood control.
SB338(2nd New Title) relative to military discipline by the national guard and relative to qualifications of national guard judge advocate staff.
SB339Establishing Loon Appreciation Day.
SB340Relative to locations for junkyards.
SB341Authorizing electronic payment of payroll.
SB342(New Title) relative to the inclusion of requirements for log structures in the state building code.
SB343Establishing an independent board of psychologists.
SB344Allowing the department of resources and economic development to cut vegetation in shoreland areas where public safety is of concern.
SB345Relative to the sale of mortgages.
SB346Extending the committee to study the laws relating to electronic prescriptions.
SB347Relative to the department of health and human services administrative appeals.
SB348Relative to the pulse oximetry test for newborns.
SB349Relative to the administration of juvenile justice services.
SB350Relative to the sale of portable electronics insurance.
SB351(New Title) relative to proclaiming Blue Star Mother’s Day and changing eligibility for free admission to the state park system for members of the armed forces.
SB352Relative to low-profit limited liability companies.
SB353Relative to establishing water and sewer infrastructure in the commercial district of a town.
SB354Relative to the escrow fund for court facility improvements.
SB355Clarifying the exemption for attorneys from licensing requirements for mortgage brokers or bankers.
SB356(2nd New Title) limiting the authority of delegates to Article V conventions and recodifying the laws relative to religious societies.
SB357Establishing a commission to study how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2009, as amended, will affect emergency and ambulance providers.
SB358(New Title) relative to eligibility for free admission to the state park system for members of the armed forces.
SB359Relative to civil actions involving accessibility standards for public buildings.
SB360Naming a pond in the town of Sandown.
SB361(New Title) establishing a commission to study the feasibility of establishing energy infrastructure corridors within existing transportation rights of way and repealing a commission.
SB362Relative to benefits related to service of certain part-time judges of probate retiring because of permanent disability.
SB363(New Title) establishing a commission to study the regulation and licensing of youth camps, including youth skills camps.
SB364Relative to tenant guest practices.
SB365Authorizing state residents to join the state health care program.
SB366(New Title) relative to use of certain OHRVs on snowmobile trails, and relative to authorization for snowmobiles and OHRVs registered in Vermont and Maine to operate in this state.
SB367Naming a bridge in the town of Londonderry in honor of Lance Corporal Peter J. Sora, Jr., U.S.M.C. and Private First Class Eric D. Currier, U.S.M.C.
SB368Relative to nondepository trust companies.
SB369Relative to aid to assisted persons.
SB370(2nd New Title) relative to the powers of the state veterinarian.
SB371(New Title) allowing a lien for labor and materials for professional design services.
SB372(New Title) establishing an education tax credit.
SB373(New Title) authorizing the retention of funds by a school district and relative to regional vocational education centers in the Manchester school district.
SB374Naming marine patrol headquarters in honor of David Barrett.
SB375(New Title) relative to a prepaid health plan for Medicaid services and relative to the Medicaid management information system.
SB376Extending the committee to develop a plan for privatizing the department of corrections.
SB377Relative to unemployment compensation eligibility for participants in the return to work program.
SB378Allowing municipalities to remove snow from private roads and driveways and class VI highways.
SB379Relative to insurance fraud.
SB380Relative to the study committee on juvenile delinquency and children in need of services.
SB381(New Title) relative to auction houses and relative to wine auctions.
SB382(New Title) allowing for proration of property assessments for damaged buildings.
SB383Revising the distribution of school building aid grants.
SB384Relative to eligibility for child care assistance for individuals pursuing a bachelor's degree.
SB385Relative to police investigations of motor vehicle accidents involving police officers.
SB386Authorizing the state treasurer to issue bonds for highway construction.
SB387Allowing schools to develop policies on the distribution of literature of patriotic organizations.
SB388(2nd New Title) relative to the use of land along Silver Lake that is below the public trust boundary.
SB389Relative to sewer commission costs.
SB390Establishing a special number plate to benefit the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation.
SB391Naming a portion of New Hampshire route 107/43 in the town of Deerfield the Honorable Joseph E. Stone Highway.
SB392Relative to road salt applicators.
SB393Relative to the definition of "meeting" under the right-to-know law.
SB394(2nd New Title) relative to the reclassification of Province Road in Strafford from the intersection of Route 202A to Ricky Nelson Road from class II to class V and relative to an appropriation in the capital budget for construction and renovations to the Milford Armory.
SB395Relative to construction of an access road on land in current use.
SB396Declaring the Temple Mountain ski area a historic site.
SB397Relative to vehicle operation when a traffic control signal is inoperative.
SB398(New Title) proclaiming March 30, 2013 as Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.
SB399(New Title) relative to the maximum permit application fee for certain municipal or state agency dredging projects.
SB400Including owls within the definition of raptor for the purpose of falconry.
SB401(New Title) relative to reporting the average daily membership of pupils in the public schools and relative to adjustments to adequate education grants.
SB402(New Title) relative to the adoption of policies for the management of concussion and head injury in student sports.
SB403Relative to the report on tobacco tax revenues.
SB404Relative to funding for pupils enrolled in vocational education programs.
SB405Establishing the workforce investment tax credit.
SB406(2nd New Title) relative to establishing an early offer alternative in medical injury claims, relative to confidentiality of police personnel files, and establishing a committee to study the referral of patients for use of implantable medical devices.
SB407(2nd New Title) relative to the purchasing policy of the department of information technology, increasing the amount required for competitive bidding, and relative to the transfer of federal grant funds.
SB408Relative to a school district's policy informing parents of bullying incidents.
SB409Relative to the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.
Senate Concurrent Resolutions (2)
SCR1Urging Congress to call a convention for the sole purpose of proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
SCR2Regarding the White Mountain National Forest.
Senate Joint Resolutions (1)
SJR1Requesting the governor to enter into an anti-ethanol compact with other northeastern states.
Senate Resolutions (1)
SR12Supporting the establishment of a National Women's History Museum in Washington, D.C.