2011 bills

900 bills are currently in our system.

Constitutional Amendment Concurrent Resolutions (14)
CACR1Relating to the election of state and county officers. Providing that state and county officers shall be elected in odd-numbered years.
CACR2Relating to the tenure of judges. Providing that the general court may specify the term of office served by a judge.
CACR3Relating to initiative petitions. Providing that referenda to enact laws may be initiated by petition.
CACR4Relating to oaths of civil officers. Providing that persons elected to the United States Senate and House of Representatives shall take the oath of civil officers prescribed by the constitution.
CACR5Relating to the governor's power to reduce appropriations. Providing that the governor shall have line item reduction power of items in any bill making appropriations of money.
CACR62nd (New Title) relating to taxation. Providing that a 3/5 vote is required to pass legislation imposing new or increased taxes or license fees, or to authorize the issuance of state bonds and providing that the general court shall appropriate funds for payment of interest and installments of principle of all state bonds.
CACR7Relating to education funding. Providing that the general court shall distribute funds in the manner that it determines will best promote an equal opportunity for an adequate education.
CACR8Relating to education. Providing that the legislature shall have the power to authorize schools.
CACR9(New Title) relating to parental rights. Providing that parents have the natural right to control the health, education, and welfare of their children.
CACR10Relating to establishing a New Hampshire state reserve fund. Providing that the New Hampshire state reserve fund shall be under the authority of the state treasurer and dedicated to offset the business profits tax, business enterprise tax, and the interest and dividends tax for purposes of lowering the rates of such taxes.
CACR11Relating to terms for state judges. Providing that all state judges be commissioned for renewable 5-year terms.
CACR12(New Title) relating to public education. Providing that the general court shall have the authority to define standards for public education, establish standards of accountability, mitigate local disparities in educational opportunity and fiscal capacity, and have full discretion to determine the amount of state funding for education.
CACR13Relating to prohibiting any new tax on personal income. Providing that no new tax on personal income shall be levied by the state of New Hampshire.
CACR14(New Title) Relating to public education. Providing that the general court shall have the authority to define standards for public education, establish standards of accountability, mitigate local disparities in educational opportunity and fiscal capacity, and shall have full discretion to determine the amount of state funding for education.
House Bills (626)
HB1Making appropriations for the expenses of certain departments of the state for fiscal years ending June 30, 2012 and June 30, 2013.
HB2Relative to state fees, funds, revenues, and expenditures.
HB25Making appropriations for capital improvements.
HB26(2nd New Title) relative to the definition of gross misconduct for purposes of unemployment compensation and relative to disqualification for unemployment benefits.
HB27(New Title) relative to the classification of rivers, de minimis impact work in designated rivers, and protected instream flows, and extending the time for septage and sludge land application restrictions.
HB28Establishing a committee to study driver's license suspensions.
HB29Permitting a person to petition the superior court for any action pertaining to a pistol or revolver license.
HB30(New Title) relative to qualifications for licensure by the board of veterinary medicine.
HB31(New Title) relative to insurance payments for ambulance services and relative to coverage for the cost of testing for bone marrow donation.
HB32Relative to statutory references to the choice and duties of town auditors.
HB33(New Title) relative to the care of memorials in Franconia Notch state park.
HB34Relative to the distribution of total education grants to municipalities in the 2012 and 2013 fiscal years.
HB35Authorizing the acquisition of certain dams in the Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Tract.
HB36Reducing the fee for copies of birth certificates.
HB37Reestablishing the initial monthly gross charge exemption to the communications services tax.
HB38Relative to emergency use of public docks and piers.
HB39Relative to the adoption of the common core state standards in New Hampshire and relative to the substantive content of an adequate education.
HB40Relative to the number of children in a licensed foster family home.
HB41Designating purple as the official state color.
HB42Relative to the appropriate officials with whom to file for a primary.
HB43Relative to the adoption of forms under the administrative procedures act.
HB44(New Title) designating segments of the Oyster River as a protected river and exempting certain portions of the Oyster River from the provisions of the comprehensive shoreland protection act.
HB45Relative to the Connecticut Lakes headwater citizens committee.
HB46Relative to the membership of the current use advisory board.
HB47(New Title) relative to inactive license status for real estate brokers and salespersons and the use of limited electronic media.
HB48Relative to incompatibility of town offices.
HB49Relative to toll-free use of the New Hampshire turnpike system by vehicles with purple heart license plates.
HB51Relative to screening panel members for screening panels for medical injury claims.
HB52Relative to grounds for modification of parental rights and responsibilities.
HB53Requiring the inclusion of certain offenses against adults on the public sexual offender list.
HB54Relative to service in a qualifying war or conflict for purposes of the veterans property tax credit.
HB55(New Title) adding members to the exotic aquatic weeds and species committee.
HB56Relative to proper observance of September 11, 2001.
HB57Establishing a committee to study the penalties for menace, nuisance, or vicious dogs.
HB58Relative to inter-facility transfers of critical access hospital patients.
HB59Establishing a committee to study modification of the education laws.
HB60Repealing the moratorium on school building aid projects.
HB61Relative to daylight saving time.
HB62Relative to the definition of the New Hampshire building code.
HB63Extending the instream pilot program for one year.
HB64Authorizing medal insignias on special number plates for veterans.
HB65Relative to the advisory board on private investigative agencies and security services, and firearms proficiency for armed security guards, private investigators, and bail enforcement agents.
HB66Relative to assessment of the land use change tax on cluster or condominium developments.
HB67Expanding the duties of the school administrative unit oversight committee.
HB68Establishing a committee to study reducing the rate of the interest and dividends tax for New Hampshire residents over 65 years of age.
HB69(New Title) relative to the community college system of New Hampshire academic centers.
HB70Relative to changes to town charters.
HB71Authorizing establishment of pharmaceutical drug take-back programs.
HB72Establishing a state aeronautical fund.
HB73Establishing a process for recall of United States Senators from New Hampshire.
HB74Relative to the ticketing and season passes at Cannon Mountain.
HB75Establishing a commission to study bed bugs in New Hampshire.
HB76Authorizing the division of emergency services and communications to levy administrative fines on carriers that repeatedly overwrite the enhanced 911 database.
HB77Relative to amendments to warrant articles.
HB78Relative to motor vehicle permit fee credits.
HB79Relative to certification of dogs for law enforcement work.
HB80(New Title) relative to ranks in the division of state police.
HB81Relative to public members of the guardian ad litem board.
HB82Relative to the annulment of criminal records.
HB83Relative to vessel registration.
HB84Establishing a statutory commission on motor vehicle recycling issues.
HB85Relative to the definition of "abutter" for notice of land use board hearings.
HB86Relative to filling a vacancy among county officers.
HB87Relative to disqualification of moderators.
HB88Relative to liquor enforcement and liquor licensing.
HB89(New Title) requiring the attorney general to join the lawsuit challenging the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
HB90Relative to enforcement of the requirement of boaters to have a safe boater education certificate.
HB91Relative to the reporting by state agencies with capital budget projects to the capital budget overview committee.
HB92Relative to expiration of licenses issued by the board of foresters.
HB93Relative to medical documentation for a crossbow permit for a person with a disability..
HB94Relative to public access to advisory committee meetings under the right-to-know law.
HB95Permitting an insurer to operate a health maintenance organization as a line of business.
HB96Relative to issuance of individual health insurance policies by health carriers.
HB97Relative to operation of low-speed utility vehicles.
HB98Relative to low-speed utility vehicles.
HB99Relative to deeming voters reregistered for purposes of verification.
HB101Relative to industrial hemp and establishing an industrial hemp special program fund.
HB102(New Title) establishing a committee to study certain issues relative to the insurance department, banking department, and bureau of securities regulation of the office of the secretary of state.
HB103Requiring law enforcement agencies to take proper care of firearms seized pursuant to a domestic violence order for relief.
HB104Relative to the date for the state primary election.
HB105Relative to the required number of instructional days and instructional hours in a school district's calendar.
HB106Relative to filing for town offices.
HB107Relative to the creation of express trusts for payment of claims for materials and services in building projects.
HB108Authorizing the town of Hampton to appoint a tree warden.
HB109Relative to residential fire sprinklers.
HB110Requiring professional safety and security services personnel to report certain criminal offenses.
HB111Relative to redispensing unused drugs.
HB112Relative to the required number of instructional days and instructional hours in a school district's calendar.
HB113(New Title) prohibiting the use of state funds for New Hampshire public television.
HB114(New Title) reinstating and expanding the duties of the joint legislative historical committee.
HB115Relative to the temporary removal or transfer of prisoners from a county correctional facility.
HB116Relative to the rulemaking requirement for establishing operating restrictions on certain bodies of water.
HB117Allowing additional weight for vehicles using idle reduction technology in order to promote reduction of fuel use and emissions.
HB118Relative to reporting a person as medically unfit to drive.
HB119Relative to agency membership on the information technology council.
HB120Extending the public health services improvement council.
HB121Establishing a committee to study eligibility for property tax exemptions for the permanently and totally disabled.
HB122Establishing a commission to study the effectiveness of the sex offender registry.
HB123Prohibiting an electric utility from disconnecting service from a residence or building in which a person is using life-sustaining medical equipment.
HB124Allowing any person to request conviction information regarding public officials.
HB125Relative to lawful commerce in firearms, including manufacture and sale, in New Hampshire.
HB126Prohibiting interference with access to medical services and health insurance of New Hampshire citizens.
HB127Relative to the definition of oral communication.
HB128Requiring tenants to execute a financial affidavit as part of the eviction process.
HB129Relative to the licensure of attorneys as real estate brokers by the real estate commission.
HB130(2nd New Title) relative to accountability for the opportunity for an adequate education and relative to an exception for the election of school board members by the Concord school district.
HB131Relative to indemnification of volunteers performing duties in the state park system.
HB132Adopting and implementing the United States flag code.
HB133Relative to the minimum wage.
HB134Relative to eligibility for walking disability plates.
HB135Relative to state employee reimbursement for use of a personal vehicle.
HB136Repealing the uniform athlete agents act.
HB137Relative to the state fire code and the state building code.
HB138Relative to the cold case homicide unit.
HB139Establishing a committee to study merging the New Hampshire turnpike system and the state highway system.
HB140Establishing an exemption from the civil filing fee surcharge.
HB141(New Title) relative to protected utility services.
HB142Relative to sales of artificial flowers and miniature flags.
HB143Relative to the sale of stove polish.
HB144(New Title) relative to energy efficiency and clean energy districts.
HB145(New Title) permitting the audio and video recording of a law enforcement officer while in the course of his or her official duties.
HB146(New Title) relative to the right of a jury to judge the application of the law in relationship to the facts in controversy.
HB147Making the commission of certain offenses punishable under the capital murder statute.
HB148Relative to federal funding for motorcycle-only roadside checkpoints.
HB149(New Title) designating segments of the Lamprey, North Branch, Pawtuckaway, North, Little, and Piscassic Rivers as protected rivers and exempting certain portions of the Lamprey River from the provisions of the comprehensive shoreland protection act.
HB150Relative to benefits of judicial branch employees who transfer from the judicial branch to state service in the executive branch or the legislative branch.
HB151Relative to appointments and reappointments of marital masters.
HB152Relative to the definition of "party" for election purposes other than primary elections.
HB153Relative to political organizations.
HB154(New Title) increasing a threshold amount for taxation under the business enterprise tax.
HB155Relative to permits to conduct raffles.
HB156Reducing the rates of the tobacco tax.
HB157Repealing the tax on gambling winnings.
HB158Relative to the misuse of social security numbers.
HB159Relative to review of proposed administrative rules by legislative committees.
HB160(2nd New Title) relative to the powers of the joint committee on legislative facilities.
HB161Establishing standards for adequate service of process and establishing a commission to study service of process by laypersons.
HB162Relative to capital murder for purposely causing the death of another.
HB163Establishing the medical sharps advisory council on disposal of medical sharps.
HB164Requiring legislative approval for the adoption of the common core state standards in New Hampshire.
HB165Establishing a committee to study contract negotiations between health insurance companies and health care providers.
HB166Reducing the rate of the meals and rooms tax.
HB167Naming the Enfield wildlife management area after former fish and game biologist Henry Laramie.
HB168Establishing a committee to study the juvenile delinquency and child in need of services statutes.
HB169Relative to the regulation of wood stove, wood pellet, and fireplace dealers.
HB170Conferring degree-granting authority to the Upper Valley Educators Institute.
HB171Relative to restrictions on liquor licenses.
HB172Relative to transporting school children to school and school-supported activities.
HB173Relative to service of process on commercial tenants.
HB174Relative to insurance coverage for court-ordered counseling in divorce proceedings.
HB175Relative to technical changes in life, accident, and health insurance.
HB176Relative to eligibility to vote.
HB177Relative to the probation and parole status of offenders in motor vehicle records.
HB178Establishing a committee to study issues regarding Financial Resources Mortgage, Inc.
HB179Establishing a task force to study the formula for determining adequate education grants to school districts.
HB180Relative to criteria for registration as a lobbyist.
HB181Permitting the charter of a city, town, or school district which is in statute to revert to the control of the voters.
HB182Relative to the definition of a child in need of services.
HB183Renaming Mount Clay in honor of Wonalancet.
HB184Establishing a committee to study implementing day care services at the state house.
HB185Relative to determining bargaining units for purposes of public employee collective bargaining.
HB186(New Title) relative to the definition of political communication.
HB187Relative to the carry forward periods for the business enterprise tax credit against the business profits tax.
HB188Relative to division responsibility for road toll administration, hazardous waste transport, truck weight enforcement, and the international registration plan by the department of safety and relative to clerical support for the advisory board of fire control.
HB189Relative to disclosure of certain hospital fees.
HB190Relative to legislative study committees.
HB191Relative to the community mental health system.
HB192Relative to commercial motor vehicle registration.
HB193Relative to the Mount Washington commission.
HB194Repealing the prohibition on having or carrying certain crossbow, rifles, or shotguns in vehicles.
HB195Relative to special permits for transportation of deer.
HB196Relative to the certificates of completion of a basic hunter education program or bow hunter education program.
HB197Relative to processing absentee ballots.
HB198Relative to the investment options for county funds.
HB199Relative to proceedings of medical injury claims screening panels.
HB201Establishing deductions from the tax on gambling winnings, the business profits tax, and the business enterprise tax for gambling losses.
HB202Relative to road salt applicators.
HB203Relative to mandatory motor vehicle liability insurance.
HB204Granting motor vehicles with special number plates for veterans toll-free use of the turnpike system.
HB205Relative to notice to owners of upstream dams.
HB206Establishing an apprentice hunting license.
HB207Relative to physical force in defense of a person.
HB208Providing additional per pupil funding for pupils in certain public schools.
HB209Establishing a study committee to recommend a continuing revenue estimating process to produce revenue forecasts.
HB210Relative to the use of deadly force to protect oneself.
HB211Relative to the review and approval of proposed agency rules under the administrative procedures act.
HB212Relative to the definition of conflict of interest for executive branch officials and employees.
HB213Reducing the rate of the business profits tax.
HB214Establishing a committee to study the state's participation in the federal Medicaid program.
HB215Establishing a credit for gambling losses against the tax on gambling winnings.
HB216Relative to the instructional authority of school boards.
HB217Including "unborn child" in the definition of "another" for the purpose of first and second degree murder, manslaughter, and negligent homicide.
HB218(New Title) relative to the New Hampshire rail transit authority.
HB219Establishing a committee to study the abolishment of the department of education.
HB220Relative to the approval of plans and specifications for the construction of school buildings.
HB221Establishing a procedure for leasing state parks.
HB222Relative to administrative rules which contain a fee increase, allowing political subdivisions to object to a proposed rule, and eliminating certain statutory provisions granting general rulemaking authority.
HB223Eliminating election day voter registration.
HB224Establishing an independent legislative redistricting commission.
HB225Relative to the return of personal property confiscated by law enforcement agencies from a person charged with a crime.
HB226Relative to identification of certain publicly owned vehicles.
HB227Relative to the membership of the retirement system board of trustees.
HB228Prohibiting the department of health and human services from entering into a contract with Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. or any organization that provides abortion services and prohibiting the use of public funds or insurance for abortion services.
HB229Repealing the tax on gambling winnings.
HB230Exempting the repair of certain structures from compensatory mitigation requirements.
HB231(New Title) relative to payment of medical benefits for state retirees, their spouses, and dependents.
HB232Relative to abandoned homes in manufactured housing parks.
HB233Restricting judicial review of state education trust fund distributions.
HB234Relative to food service licensure.
HB235Relative to the right to possess a firearm in one's personal motor vehicle.
HB236Relative to workers' compensation for illegal aliens.
HB237Relative to federal mandated health insurance benefits.
HB238Relative to the assessment of the education tax by towns and cities.
HB239Prohibiting a state agency from establishing a fee without legislative approval.
HB240Allowing voters to vote for multiple candidates for an office.
HB241Relative to insurance coverage.
HB242Increasing the net operating loss carryover under the business profits tax.
HB243Enabling towns and cities to establish a local revenue option as an alternative to property taxation for the funding of local government costs.
HB244Restricting the collection of biometric data by state agencies and private entities.
HB245Establishing a committee to study election of the attorney general by the legislature.
HB246Relative to prearranged funeral contracts or burial plans.
HB247Relative to seller financing of mortgages and making changes to the laws regulating mortgage bankers and brokers and debt adjustment services.
HB248Establishing a commission to study business regulations in New Hampshire.
HB249Relative to procedures for property revaluations.
HB250Establishing a committee to study the duties and responsibilities of fire wardens.
HB251Relative to absentee ballots.
HB252Repealing provisions regarding applications for hawkers' and peddlers' licenses.
HB253Establishing a committee to determine the value of professional licensing and disciplinary practices in New Hampshire.
HB254Relative to offers of judgments.
HB255Requiring consumer protection for prepaid services.
HB256Relative to the administrative appeals process of the department of environmental services.
HB257Relative to removal of political advertising.
HB258Eliminating certain unenforced election laws.
HB259Requiring the supreme court to adopt rules of evidence for the judicial branch family division.
HB260Relative to the state fire code and the appeal process for decisions of the state fire marshal.
HB261Eliminating screening panels for medical injury claims.
HB262Relative to beverage manufacturers.
HB263Relative to the lifetime Medicaid limit.
HB264Relative to political contributions by state contractors and other recipients of state grants or appropriations.
HB265Redefining earnable compensation in the retirement system for new and non-vested members in service.
HB266Relative to the submission of plans for sewage and waste disposal systems.
HB267Permitting the adoption of slot machine gaming in a city or town.
HB268Relative to the Merrimack tolls.
HB269Establishing a priority based budget system focused on measurable results.
HB270Relative to cost recovery for emergency services.
HB271Establishing number plates for firefighters and emergency medical care providers.
HB272Requiring hearing aid dealers to post a surety bond.
HB273Relative to public or private criticism of employers by employees.
HB274Relative to voting procedures.
HB275Establishing an employers' private right of action to enforce the payment of workers' compensation coverage.
HB276Relative to wine manufacturers.
HB277Relative to the deposit of fees collected under the Unified Carrier Registration System into the highway fund.
HB278(New Title) setting the natural mean high water mark of Ossipee Lake.
HB279Relative to gifts, grants, or donations received by the governor's commission on disability.
HB280Relative to interest rate terms in contracts for providing credit to consumers.
HB281Relative to protective custody of intoxicated or incapacitated individuals under 18 years of age.
HB282Relative to spitting or urinating in an emergency vehicle.
HB283Relative to impaired drivers.
HB284Relative to contact lens prescriptions.
HB285Prohibiting smoking in motor vehicles when a passenger under the age of 16 is in the vehicle.
HB286Changing district court jurisdiction over the town of Weare.
HB287Making an appropriation for funding disaster relief and hazard mitigation in response to the May 2006 Suncook River avulsion.
HB288(New Title) relative to payment for election services by unincorporated places.
HB289Relative to procedures followed by funeral directors.
HB290Relative to staffing exceptions for small schools.
HB291Relative to permissible fireworks.
HB292Relative to securities regulation.
HB293Relative to phasing out and repealing the exemption for water and air pollution control facilities from local property taxation.
HB294Relative to the distance from highways for the taking of moose.
HB295Relative to the use of long-term antibiotics for the treatment of Lyme disease.
HB296Relative to procedures for juvenile delinquency petitions filed by a school district or school official.
HB297Allowing municipalities to establish municipal courts.
HB298Requiring condominium management companies to make certain disclosures to the condominium board of directors.
HB299Relative to the method of financing for the judicial retirement plan.
HB301Amending the home education statutes.
HB302Modifying the laws relative to renewable energy portfolios.
HB303Relative to the regulation of planned unit developments.
HB304Requiring prisoners between 17 and 25 years of age to complete the requirements for a high school certificate or a GED prior to release on probation or parole.
HB305Relative to the homestead right.
HB306Relative to access to birth records.
HB307Relative to the authority of the superintendent of a county correctional facility.
HB308Relative to the authority of the superintendent of a county correctional facility to order the removal or transfer of prisoners.
HB309Repealing certain insurance mandates.
HB310Relative to the use of open data formats and the adoption of a statewide policy regarding open government data standards.
HB311Relative to solar renewable energy.
HB312Relative to notice required for the fluoridation of drinking water.
HB313Requiring parental consent for court referral of a minor to a juvenile diversion program.
HB314Relative to judicially appointed officials.
HB315Relative to appointment of attorneys by judges, marital masters, and judicial officers.
HB316(2nd New Title) relative to penalties for failure to file a property tax inventory blank or for refusing inspection of property, and relative to the restoration of involuntary merger of lots or parcels.
HB317Relative to fire warning devices and carbon monoxide detection devices in dwellings.
HB318Reducing a school district's liability for special education costs.
HB319Relative to the use of clotheslines.
HB320Requiring the construction of a clock tower as part of the Hampton seashell complex.
HB321Relative to the classification of wetlands as contributing or noncontributing.
HB322Relative to occupancy fees charged by manufactured housing park owners.
HB323Establishing a commission to study and promote the long-term growth and efficient use of existing state highway rights-of-way.
HB324Relative to lawful commerce in goods and services sold, made, and retained in the state of New Hampshire.
HB325Relative to the purchase of ill animals from licensed animal vendors and inspections of animal vendor premises by the state veterinarian.
HB326Eliminating the automatic continuation requirement for public employee collective bargaining agreements.
HB327Relative to health care choice.
HB328Relative to New Hampshire domestic liquor and wines.
HB329Requiring parental notification before abortions may be performed on unemancipated minors.
HB330Relative to carrying firearms.
HB331Relative to posting agency expenditures on the state transparency website.
HB332Relative to an electronic controlled drug prescription monitoring program.
HB333Repealing certain provisions relating to the sale of oleomargarine.
HB334Relative to the state's authority to prohibit or regulate firearms, firearms components, ammunition, or firearms supplies.
HB335Establishing multi-use number plates.
HB336Designating segments of the Mascoma River as a protected river.
HB337(New Title) amending the calculation and distribution of adequate education grants, repealing fiscal capacity disparity aid, and providing stabilization grants to certain municipalities.
HB338Allowing towns and cities to exempt farm buildings and structures from property taxation.
HB339Allowing the state veterinarian to employ a meat inspection services administrator and making an appropriation therefor.
HB340Promoting parental choice in education and providing for an abatement from the education taxes for parents of children not enrolled in the public school system.
HB341Relative to local spending caps.
HB342Relative to boat operation rules.
HB343Establishing a permanent state defense force.
HB344Establishing a judicial performance review commission.
HB345Relative to insurance payments for ambulance providers.
HB346To incorporate the bar association of the state of New Hampshire.
HB347Exempting from nondisclosure the records of accidents involving and violations by county, city, and town employees and officials.
HB348(New Title) relative to games of chance and prohibiting the racing and charitable gaming commission and the lottery commission from authorizing new gambling machines or devices.
HB349Relative to alternative dispute resolution in civil cases.
HB350Updating laws relative to the fiscal committee of the general court.
HB351Relative to insurance reimbursement for doctors of naturopathic medicine.
HB352Relative to merger of lots or parcels.
HB353Establishing a Medicaid waiver program to provide in-home support services for children who are medically fragile or children with chronic illness.
HB354Relative to licensure requirements for retail vehicle dealers.
HB355(New Title) enabling state and local fire and building officials to issue citations for violations of certain fire safety rules and licensing violations for gas fitters, electricians, and plumbers.
HB356Requiring valid photo identification to vote in person.
HB357Suspending the payment of travel expenses for legislators and staff.
HB358Relative to the maintenance, repair, and preservation of burial grounds.
HB359Prohibiting the use of certain information to underwrite insurance coverage.
HB360Establishing a state defined contribution retirement plan for state and political subdivision members of the retirement system and establishing a committee to study the transition of current employees into the new plan and administration of the new plan.
HB361Enabling counties to adopt semi-annual payment of county taxes by towns and cities.
HB362Relative to binding arbitration in public labor relations disputes.
HB363Relative to Depot Street in the town of Andover.
HB364Relative to the membership of the state committee on aging.
HB365Establishing a commission to encourage broadband development and making an appropriation therefor.
HB366Relative to the jurisdiction of counties concerning retail electric supply.
HB367Relative to the election of county commissioners in Carroll County.
HB368Relative to workforce housing and the definition of community.
HB369Relative to withdrawal from a school administrative unit or an authorized regional enrollment area school.
HB370Making changes to the pupil safety and violence prevention act.
HB371Relative to capital appropriations to the liquor commission for facilities on Interstate Route 93 in Hooksett and improvements to existing stores.
HB372Adding cigar blunt wraps to the definition of drug paraphernalia in the controlled drug act.
HB373Proclaiming June 3 each year in dedication of the sermon by Reverend Samuel McClintock on the commencement of the New Hampshire constitution and relative to the observance of Federal Constitution Days.
HB374Banning corn-based ethanol as an additive to gasoline sold in New Hampshire.
HB375(2nd New Title) relative to immunity for school personnel using reasonable force to protect a minor for special purposes or pupil.
HB376Relative to representative voting on joint boards of school administrative units.
HB377Requiring daily physical education for public school pupils.
HB378(New Title) inserting an exception to the criminal threatening statute, relative to the minimum mandatory sentence for a felony conviction involving the possession, use, or attempted use of a firearm, and relative to the definition of “non-deadly” force.
HB379Relative to late fees charged by utilities.
HB380Exempting the commission on the status of men from repeal on June 30, 2011 and adding a duty to the commission.
HB381Authorizing net metering for micro-combined heat and power systems.
HB382(New Title) relative to the maintenance of municipal public cemeteries.
HB383Prohibiting the collection of certain agency fees from state employees who are not members of the state employees' association.
HB384Prohibiting the office of energy and planning from requiring social security numbers from applicants of any program administered by the office, except when required under federal law or regulation.
HB385Relative to the applicability of licensure requirements for mortgage bankers and brokers.
HB386Adding Granite State college to the university system of New Hampshire corporate charter and adding a student trustee from Granite State college to the university system board of trustees.
HB387Requiring providers of prepaid cellular telephone service to provide subscriber information to the enhanced 911 system.
HB388Requiring providers of prepaid wireless services and voice over internet protocol services to pay surcharges for deposit in the enhanced 911 system fund.
HB389Relative to broadband infrastructure.
HB390(New Title) relative to the reinstatement and repeal of certain boards, commissions, councils, advisory committees, and task forces, and relative to the commission on the status of women.
HB391Relative to an optional tax credit for service-connected disability.
HB392Clarifying responsibilities of the division of homeland security and emergency management, and expanding responsibilities of the advisory committee on emergency preparedness and security.
HB393Repealing the authority for the establishment of certain revolving funds by towns.
HB394Relative to the regulation of oil heating technicians.
HB395Establishing a child protection study committee.
HB396Exempting the land and buildings of Masonic temples or building associations from property taxation.
HB397Relative to image display devices in motor vehicles.
HB398Relative to service animals.
HB399Relative to nonresident registration of motor vehicles.
HB401Relative to postsecondary training for workers with disabilities.
HB402Relative to the authority of the department of environmental services to determine whether outdoor wood-fired hydronic heaters violate air quality emission limits.
HB403Requiring a public hearing on certain school district warrant articles.
HB404(New Title) relative to toilet facilities at recreational campgrounds or camping parks.
HB405Relative to dissolving corporations.
HB406Relative to the additional fee for the licensing and restraining of dogs.
HB407Establishing a committee to study the rising incidence of autism.
HB408Relative to residential mortgage loan transactions.
HB409Relative to planning board members.
HB410Extending the reporting date of the committee to study dispatch times within the enhanced 911 system and requiring quarterly meetings of the committee.
HB411Relative to distributing campaign materials at the polling place.
HB412Establishing a committee to study issues of judicial standing under federal and state law.
HB413Directing the joint legislative oversight committee on the emergency management system to review the duties of certain other committees.
HB414Establishing an assessment on motor vehicle inspections to be deposited in the police standards and training council training fund.
HB415Relative to access to abuse and neglect investigation records pending a child custody dispute.
HB416Adding an exemption from immunization for conscientious beliefs.
HB417Making an appropriation to the milk producers emergency relief fund.
HB418(New Title) relative to the use of open source software and open data formats by state agencies and relative to the adoption of a statewide information policy regarding open government data standards.
HB419Relative to language in insurance certificates.
HB420Relative to voluntary registration for independent contractors under workers' compensation law.
HB421Relative to candidates for United States senator.
HB422Prohibiting vaccinations in public schools.
HB423Relative to including workplace harassment in the legislative ethics law.
HB424Relative to surplus lines tax collection.
HB425Making an appropriation for the special education catastrophic aid program for the 2011 fiscal year.
HB426Adding certain entities to the unused prescription drug program.
HB427Prohibiting political advertising on public property.
HB428Relative to the procedures for detention and sanctions for default and breach of conditions of bail and recognizances.
HB429Permitting a child 16 years of age or older to withdraw from school with parental permission.
HB430Establishing a committee to study the feasibility of establishing a state development bank in New Hampshire.
HB431Relative to psychiatric evaluations.
HB432Limiting traffic violation stops of women at night.
HB433Relative to the exhumation and testing of victims of the so-called Connecticut River Killer and making an appropriation therefor.
HB434Relative to procedures for investigating law enforcement officers involved in critical incidents.
HB435Establishing a committee to study joint parenting decisions.
HB436Establishing a committee to study the guardian ad litem board.
HB437Relative to the definition of marriage.
HB438(New Title) relative to funding of the Claremont, Colebrook, Milford, Keene, and Plaistow District Courts.
HB439Relative to claiming an invasive species as a habitat.
HB440Requiring that New Hampshire join the lawsuit challenging federal health care reform legislation, and repealing the authority for state implementation of federal health care reform.
HB441Relative to muffling devices on boats.
HB442Relative to the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.
HB443Establishing that marriage between one man and one woman shall be the only legal domestic union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.
HB444(New Title) relative to the commemoration of General John Stark Day.
HB445Relative to the regulation of electronic tracking devices.
HB446Repealing the authority for regulation of certain professional occupations.
HB447Relative to collection of the education property tax and establishing a program to rebate certain excessive property tax payments of eligible taxpayers.
HB448Relative to spice incense products.
HB449Expanding the information available on the state transparency website.
HB450Relative to the regulatory authority of the board of barbering, cosmetology, and esthetics.
HB451(New Title) relative to prerecorded political messages.
HB452Establishing the independent regulation of dental hygienists.
HB453Making persons fleeing to avoid prosecution or custody or violating parole or probation ineligible to receive certain disability aid.
HB454Establishing a job creation credit against the business profits tax and the business enterprise tax for small businesses increasing employment in New Hampshire.
HB455Authorizing optional enhanced drivers' licenses and optional enhanced nondrivers' picture identification cards.
HB456Relative to the calculation of average final compensation for the purpose of determining retirement system benefits.
HB457Reducing the interest rate on late and delinquent property tax payments, subsequent payments, and other unpaid taxes.
HB458Establishing a sunset review process for executive agency and judicial programs and making an appropriation therefor.
HB459Relative to placement of political advertising.
HB460Relative to the retirement age for group II members.
HB461Relative to repealing the authority for retirement system members to purchase service credit for certain out-of-state service.
HB462Relative to the determination of employer assessments for excess benefits paid by employers in the retirement system.
HB463Relative to the retirement system maximum initial benefit limitation.
HB464Requiring the transfer of certain retirement system group II special account funds to the state annuity accumulation fund.
HB465Relative to the number of years for calculating average final compensation for retirement system benefits.
HB466Eliminating the ballot law commission.
HB467Relative to the procedure for school districts to determine if a child in the juvenile court system is a child with a disability.
HB468Relative to assessments for aquatic resource compensatory mitigation.
HB469Establishing a credit against the business enterprise tax for operators collecting meals and rooms taxes.
HB470Repealing the comprehensive shoreland protection act.
HB471Relative to the discontinuance of certain tolls and authorizing the department of transportation to establish a toll plaza between exits 1 and 2 on the F.E. Everett turnpike.
HB472Relative to a certain E-Z Pass discount for Nashua toll plazas.
HB473Relative to fees added to the late payment of fees to bail commissioners.
HB474(3rd New Title) relative to freedom of choice on whether to join a labor union.
HB475Relative to penalties under the consumer protection act.
HB476Establishing an independent board of psychologists.
HB477Relative to the classification of certain highways in the town of Farmington.
HB478Relative to testimony by video teleconference.
HB479Relative to receivership of nursing homes and other residential health care facilities.
HB480Establishing a state renovation, repair, and painting (RRP) rule program relative to lead-safe practices.
HB481Relative to the definition of disability for aid to the permanently and totally disabled.
HB482Relative to county reimbursements for nursing home services.
HB483Relative to mosquito control.
HB484Requiring random drug testing of food stamp program participants.
HB485Relative to requiring photo identification for food stamp program participants.
HB486Relative to penalties for alcohol ignition interlock circumvention.
HB487Relative to election day registrants.
HB488Relative to criminal records checks for employment with child day care agencies.
HB489(New Title) establishing a health information organization corporation.
HB490Adopting the interstate compact for juveniles.
HB491Relative to divestiture of retirement system assets relating to Sudan.
HB492Establishing a deferred retirement option in the judicial retirement plan, and relative to benefits related to service of certain judges of probate retiring because of permanent disability.
HB493Relative to the certification of integrated residential communities.
HB494Relative to tipped employees who deal card and table games at games of chance venues.
HB495Relative to the prevention of the use of pesticides on the grounds of child day care facilities, schools, and state parks.
HB496Relative to radiological monitoring in nuclear emergency planning zones.
HB497Relative to the placement of crosswalks and a stop sign in the town of Rye.
HB498Relative to weed control along certain state routes.
HB499Relative to the employer's lien on damages and benefits recovered from third persons by employees who have received workers' compensation.
HB501Requiring the teaching of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in public schools.
HB502Relative to low-digit number plates.
HB503Allowing a master electrician to have 2 apprentice electricians under his or her supervision.
HB504(New Title) licensing reverse distributors of drugs and requiring manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, service distributors, and brokers to report changes in ownership.
HB505Making charter schools eligible for grants for leased space.
HB506Relative to false allegations of child abuse.
HB507Requiring the department of transportation to establish a storage depot for storing historic bridge parts.
HB508Establishing a performance measurement system for state agencies.
HB509Relative to drinking water at temporary mass gatherings.
HB510Requiring marital masters to be New Hampshire residents.
HB511Relative to retired judges over 70 years of age.
HB512Relative to education requirements for certification as a guardian ad litem.
HB513Relative to end of life aid in dying for certain persons suffering from a terminal disease.
HB514Relative to entry on private land.
HB515Relative to voter registration and relative to procedures for absentee voting.
HB516Establishing Red Sox number plates to benefit the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth.
HB517Repealing provisions concerning licensure of fuel gas fitters.
HB518Increasing the research and development tax credit and establishing a commission to assess the effectiveness of the credit.
HB519Repealing New Hampshire's regional greenhouse gas initiative cap and trade program for controlling carbon dioxide emissions.
HB520Requiring certain bills to have performance standard notes.
HB521Relative to meeting dates for county conventions.
HB522Relative to elder abuse.
HB523Making various changes to the fish and game laws.
HB524(New Title) relative to the release of prisoners on probation or parole.
HB525Naming a bridge in the town of Merrimack in honor of Corporal Timothy Gibson, U.S.M.C.
HB526Requiring the registration of persons convicted of animal abuse.
HB527Relative to tort reform.
HB528Requiring school districts to develop a facility maintenance and capital improvement program.
HB529Relative to real property on which methamphetamine has been produced.
HB530Relative to state regulation of the septic system installation process.
HB531Relative to uniformed presence officers in highway work zones.
HB532Relative to municipal liability for dog bites.
HB533Establishing a cap on the amount of school building aid grants distributed in each fiscal year.
HB534Relative to nonprofit reporting requirements with the division of charitable trusts, department of justice and making an appropriation therefor.
HB535Relative to the committee to study parole boards and parole board procedures.
HB536Relative to the natural right to carry a firearm, openly or concealed, without a license.
HB537Reducing retirement allowances paid by the New Hampshire retirement system.
HB538Establishing a reporting system for court decisions relative to the determination of parental rights and responsibilities and the appointment of guardians ad litem.
HB539Repealing the state enforcement of OBD II requirements for motor vehicles.
HB540Relative to motor vehicle inspections.
HB541Relative to ownership of property placed in trust qualifying for certain property tax exemptions and credits.
HB542(2nd New Title) relative to exceptions for objectionable material in public school courses.
HB543Relative to biomass combined heat and electricity facilities.
HB544Relative to state authority over firearms and ammunition.
HB545Repealing the department of education's rulemaking authority for home education programs.
HB546Relative to the use of hand-held cellular phones while driving.
HB548Relative to boater safety education and relative to the minimum age for operation of motorized vessels.
HB549Relative to driver's license reexaminations.
HB550Relative to the payment of bills by municipalities.
HB551Relative to religious societies.
HB552Establishing a committee to study repealing the revisions to the law implemented by SB 500-FN of the 2010 legislative session.
HB553Relative to the law on wiretapping and eavesdropping.
HB554Relative to mental health records.
HB555Relative to the designation of the Lower Exeter/Squamscott River as a protected river.
HB556Relative to citizen complaints against police officers.
HB557Relative to the standards and burden of proof with respect to the business profits tax deduction for reasonable compensation attributable to owners of partnerships, limited liability companies, and sole proprietorships.
HB558Relative to exchanging Haseltine Street in Plaistow for a section of NH 121A from the intersection of Haseltine and Main Streets to the border with Haverhill, Massachusetts.
HB559Establishing a committee to study methods of encouraging the installation and use of small scale renewable energy resources by homeowners and businesses and authorizing the development of a solar photovoltaic renewable energy project in Manchester.
HB560Increasing the minimum wage.
HB561Prohibiting the state payment of the cost of wireless communications services for legislators and staff.
HB562Relative to overdraft fees charged by banks.
HB563Revising the child support guidelines based on foster care reimbursement rates.
HB564Relative to the adoption of forms by the department of revenue administration for the filing of taxes.
HB565Establishing a dental hygienists committee within the board of dental examiners.
HB566Relative to the identification of dental prosthetic appliances.
HB567Relative to physical force in defense of a person.
HB568Relative to smoking within certain areas of New Hampshire state parks and historic sites.
HB569Establishing domestic union as a valid contract and extending certain rights to parties to a domestic union.
HB570Relative to licensure of guides by the fish and game department.
HB571Relative to lobster and crab licenses issued by the fish and game department.
HB572Relative to official oppression.
HB573Relative to the administration of certain pain relief medications by a school nurse.
HB574Relative to the taking of private property during a state of emergency.
HB575Relative to the calculation of child support in cases of shared parenting.
HB576Relative to the right to brandish a firearm in defense of one's property.
HB577Relative to the use of foreign languages by retail establishments.
HB578Relative to payment at time of medical services.
HB579(New Title) exempting department of revenue administration guidelines from the right-to-know law and relative to the position of revenue counsel.
HB580(2nd New Title) establishing a committee to study collective bargaining by public employees.
HB581Regulating guaranteed price plans and prepaid contracts for petroleum.
HB582Relative to communication between employers and employees during bargaining negotiations.
HB583Relative to including projected sea level rise in planning and implementation of state-funded projects.
HB584Authorizing coastal management provisions in master plans.
HB585(New Title) proclaiming the third week of October as New Hampshire history week.
HB586Establishing an interdepartmental public health and environmental coordinating committee.
HB587Relative to grounds for divorce for persons with minor children.
HB588Relative to polling hours and location of polling places.
HB589Repealing written majority authorization for an employee organization to be certified as the exclusive representative of public employees in a bargaining unit.
HB590(2nd New Title) establishing a committee to review state participation in federal grant-in-aid programs.
HB591Relative to the determination of parental rights based on the best interest of the child; relative to grounds for modification of an order regarding parental rights and responsibilities, and relative to grandparent and stepparent visitation rights.
HB592Apportioning state representative districts, congressional districts, executive council districts, and county commissioner districts.
HB593Relative to video lottery and table gaming.
HB594Relative to the application of procedures for discharge or suspension from county employment.
HB595Amending the compulsory school attendance statutes to permit parent-directed instruction programs and repealing the home education statutes.
HB596Establishing a recommended procedure upon the abandonment or foreclosure of a manufactured home within a housing park.
HB597Revising the child support guidelines based on an income shares model of calculating child support.
HB598Prohibiting a candidate from receiving the nomination of more than one party.
HB599Relative to appointments and reapppointments of marital masters.
HB601Relative to implementation of federal health care reform.
HB602Relative to funding the law requiring reporting of health care acquired infections.
HB603(New Title) prohibiting public works projects and natural formations from being named in honor of any living elected, or formerly elected, official.
HB604Relative to the procedures for approval of plans, specifications, and costs of school building construction or renovation.
HB605Authorizing the business finance authority to establish a New Hampshire innovation business job growth program.
HB606Establishing a committee to study the formation of a consumer protection working group.
HB607Relative to exemptions under the consumer protection act.
HB608Establishing a committee to study the health and environmental effects of using industrial-grade silicofluorides and industrial-grade sodium fluoride for water fluoridation in New Hampshire.
HB609Establishing the New Hampshire circuit court to replace the current probate courts, district courts, and judicial branch family division..
HB610Establishing number plates supporting New Hampshire public higher education.
HB611Relative to determination of the reasonable compensation deduction under the business profits tax.
HB612Establishing a commission to study existing septic systems and potential new septic technologies.
HB613Establishing exemptions from the licensing requirements for first mortgage bankers and brokers.
HB614Requiring a performance audit of the guardian ad litem board and guardian ad litem services.
HB615Creating a database of New Hampshire grown genetically modified crops.
HB616Relative to coverage for divorced spouses.
HB617Repealing the prohibitions on Sunday business activities.
HB618Requiring state agencies to submit an efficiency level expenditure estimate to the commissioner of administrative services as part of the biennial budget process.
HB619Requiring the state of New Hampshire to opt out of the requirement that individuals purchase health insurance contained in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
HB620Establishing a commission to study the creation of a health care pool for police, fire, teachers, state, university, and municipal employees.
HB621Relative to the authority of the department of transportation.
HB622(New Title) relative to adjustments to the semi-annual and quarterly collection of property taxes in towns and cities.
HB623Prohibiting preferences in recruiting, hiring, promotion, or admission by state agencies, the university system, the community college system, and the postsecondary education commission.
HB624Relative to the rulemaking authority of state agencies to establish or increase fees and costs.
HB625Relative to New Hampshire correctional industries.
HB626Relative to a division of motor vehicles office location in Milford.
HB627Relative to "essential benefits" under federal health care reform.
HB628Making the touching or viewing with a technological device of a person's breasts or genitals by a government security agent without probable cause a sexual assault.
HB629Relative to the uninsured health care database.
HB630Requiring state agencies, boards, and commissions to submit a report to the senate and house finance committees concerning the need for fee increases or new fees.
HB631Repealing the requirement that all school districts offer public kindergarten.
HB632Relative to labeling requirements for dispensing of drugs by automated pharmacy systems.
HB633Preventing prescribing practitioners from owning pharmacies in-state and out-of-state.
HB634Relative to payment of guardian ad litem and mediator fees in marital cases where the parties are indigent.
HB635Requiring the governor to consolidate certain agency functions and making an appropriation therefor.
HB636Increasing the rate of the Medicaid enhancement tax, the nursing facility quality assessment fee, and the ICF quality assessment fee.
HB637Relative to lowering the legal drinking age for members of the armed forces.
HB638Relative to access to public buildings by brick or stone walkways.
HB639Requiring impact studies for large-scale retail development.
HB640Relative to notice to the department of health and human services of the allocation of spousal income and relative to estate planning by guardians.
HB641Relative to lien authority for the office of reimbursements within the department of health and human services.
HB642Requiring the departments of health and human services and administrative services to jointly issue a certain request for information.
HB643Relative to propane sales.
HB644Relative to various state laws pertaining to unlawfully present aliens.
HB645Eliminating various taxes and fees and tax and fee increases enacted in fiscal years 2007 through 2010.
HB646Eliminating various taxes and fees and tax and fee increases enacted in fiscal years 2006 through 2010.
HB647Relative to withholding of wages.
HB648Relative to eminent domain petitions by public utilities.
HB649Relative to the Northern Pass Project to construct and operate transmission lines from the Canadian border to a proposed terminal in Franklin, New Hampshire.
HB650Authorizing a school district to call a special meeting in the event of changes in the amount of state education funding.
HB651Allowing the sale and possession of monk parakeets.
HB652Establishing a commission relative to Medicaid managed care.
HB653Requiring general fund budget reductions to reimburse Medicaid.
HB654Relative to credit for retirement system employer contribution overpayments.
HB655Establishing a committee to study issues regarding the New Hampshire Local Government Center.
HB656Relative to boundaries of wards.
HCO1Relative to implementing an election pursuant to representative districts established in the order.
House Concurrent Resolutions (27)
HCR1Urging the congressional delegation to begin the process for a constitutional amendment establishing that human beings, not corporations, are entitled to constitutional rights.
HCR2In support of the Arizona immigration law.
HCR3Urging increased consideration and preservation of local authority in international trade and investment agreements.
HCR4Urging the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission to permit New Hampshire to relicense nuclear power plants.
HCR5Urging that the United Kingdom return the Parthenon (Elgin) marbles to Greece.
HCR6Requiring the Congress of the United States of America to reaffirm its adherence to the Constitution of the United States regarding international agreements and treaties.
HCR7Urging Congress to expedite the entry of political dissidents from Iraq and Afghanistan to the United States.
HCR8Urging the Transportation Security Administration to terminate recent changes to pat down search procedures and urging Congress and the President to change or discontinue the use of advanced imaging technology at airports.
HCR9(New Title) urging the President and Congress to address the privacy, constitutional, safety, and religious freedom concerns presented by advanced imaging technology employed by the Transportation Security Agency at the nation’s airports.
HCR10Urging the National Park Service to permit the exhumation of the body of Meriwether Lewis to determine the cause of his death.
HCR11To urge the Congress of the United States to withdraw the membership of the United States from the United Nations so that the United States may retain its sovereignty and control over its own funds and military forces.
HCR12Urging Congress to withdraw the United States from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in accordance with Article 2205 of the agreement.
HCR13(New Title) urging the New Hampshire delegation to support HR 459 and S.202 requiring a comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve.
HCR14Applying to Congress to convene a convention proposing amendments to the United States Constitution.
HCR15(New Title) urging our federal senators to vote against the Law of the Sea Convention.
HCR16Urging the prohibition of enforcing a particular federal executive order.
HCR17Declaring that Copp v. Henniker and the opinions which subsequently relied upon Copp versus Henniker are void and of no force.
HCR18Declaring Merrill v. Sherburne to be void and of no force.
HCR19Affirming States' powers based on the Constitution for the United States and the Constitution of New Hampshire.
HCR20Urging Congress to expedite the return of the Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Storis to the state of Alaska to become Alaska's first maritime museum.
HCR21Urging the US Army Corps of Engineers to donate a portion of the wreckage of the USS Chickasaw, which served in the Civil War, to the state of New Hampshire.
HCR22(New Title) declaring that although a trademarked name may include a New Hampshire geographic location such as “Mount Washington,” no single business, firm, or association shall have sole authority or exclusive use of the name of such geographic location.
HCR23Urging the New Hampshire congressional delegation to support earmarks for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.
HCR24Urging the New Hampshire congressional delegation to sponsor legislation implementing policy recommendations of the Congressional Budget Office.
HCR25Urging Congress to amend the Internal Revenue Code to permit churches and other houses of worship to engage in political campaigns.
HCR26Declaring that the Claremont case's mandates that the legislative and executive branches define an adequate education, determine its cost, fund its entire cost with state taxes, and ensure its delivery through accountability, are not binding on the legislative and executive branches.
HCR27Honoring the members of the military and intelligence community who carried out the mission that killed Osama bin Laden, and for other purposes.
House Joint Resolutions (4)
HJR1Directing the department of transportation and the department of environmental services to study the prevention of further erosion of the east bank of the Exeter River.
HJR2Prohibiting the implementation of the insurance department rules regarding the New Hampshire Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association.
HJR3Prohibiting the implementation of certain rules of the board of mental health practice regarding misconduct investigation.
HJR4Prohibiting the implementation of certain rules of the board of medicine.
House Resolutions (13)
HR1Adopting the rules of the 2010 session for the 2011-2012 biennium, (with deadlines in rule 64 to be prospective only).
HR2Recording House sessions and the permanent journal.
HR3Distribution of House publications.
HR4The Speaker employing personnel per RSA 17-E:5.
HR5Legislative salary and mileage payments.
HR6Condemning the taking of a private business by a foreign government.
HR7Directing the house judiciary committee to investigate whether grounds exist to impeach marital master Phillip Cross and/or any justice of the New Hampshire superior court.
HR8Urging the New Hampshire congressional delegation to sponsor and support a constitutional amendment to re-establish the authority of the states and Congress to regulate campaign spending by corporations.
HR9Supporting earmarks for public safety.
HR10Urging the United States Congress to remove tax breaks for companies that send jobs out of the country.
HR11Affirming revenue estimates for fiscal years 2011, 2012, and 2013.
HR12Affirming revenue estimates for fiscal years 2011, 2012, and 2013.
HR13Repudiating Opinion of the Justices, 162 N.H. 160 (2011), and urging the senate to remove from the table and pass 2011 HB 89.
PET2A petition for redress of grievance on behalf of Elena Katz, Arnold Goodman, and Their Daughter.
PET3A petition for redress of grievance on behalf of Michael Brewster.
PET4A petition for redress of grievance on behalf of Vincent Milano.
PET5Petition for redress of grievance on behalf of David Johnson.
PET6Petition for redress of grievance of Candy Knightly.
PET7Petition for redress of grievance of Denise-Marie McIntosh.
PET8Petition for redress of grievance of Greg and Sarah Clarkson.
PET9Petition for redress of grievance of Frank M. Handibode.
PET10Petition for redress of grievance of Marie L. Miller.
PET13Petition on behalf of Hope Nardone.
PET14Petition on behalf of Jeanette Dionne.
PET18Petition of grievance on behalf of Jeffrey Frost.
Senate Bills (192)
SB1Eliminating the automatic continuation requirement for public employee collective bargaining agreements.
SB2(New Title) relative to adoption of tax caps by cities, towns, and other political subdivisions.
SB3(2nd New Title) making comprehensive changes to the state retirement system.
SB4Requiring legislative approval of cost items for state employee contract negotiations.
SB11Relative to the police commission in the town of Hooksett.
SB12Relative to screening panels for medical injury claims.
SB13Increasing the limit on single wagers for games of chance conducted by charitable organizations.
SB14Relative to the brandishing of a firearm.
SB15Relative to the duties of tax collectors and clerks.
SB16(New Title) relative to the placement of numerical tallies on a ballot.
SB17Relative to evidence of admissions in medical injury actions.
SB18Deleting a function of the central tax services unit.
SB19Relative to the definition of "prime wetlands."
SB20Relative to shoreland protection permits.
SB21(New Title) relative to exemptions from excavating and drainage permits.
SB22Relative to alternative regulation of small incumbent local exchange carriers.
SB23Establishing a revenue assistant position within the department of justice.
SB24Exempting the Unity school district from the moratorium on school building aid.
SB25Relative to the Connecticut River Valley resource commission.
SB26Establishing a committee to study the classification of motor vehicles.
SB27Relative to speed limitations for boats.
SB28Establishing an exemption from the licensing requirements for nondepository first mortgage bankers and brokers for persons providing loans for certain seller-financed transactions.
SB29(New Title) relative to the definition of “moped” and relative to motorcycle endorsements.
SB30Relative to including a parent's residence in the parenting plan.
SB31Relative to revocation or denial of a driver's license for drug or alcohol involvement by persons under 21 years of age.
SB32Relative to water withdrawals for snow making.
SB33Relative to retired state employee contributions for medical benefits costs.
SB34(New Title) relative to orders of notice in guardianship cases; relative to approvals of marriages for persons under 18 years of age by the judicial branch family division; and relative to the adjudicatory hearing date in child protection cases.
SB35Relative to exemption from the definition of utility property for purposes of the utility property tax.
SB36Relative to the permanent siting of the Hampton-Exeter District Court.
SB37Relative to the determination of residency for certain pupils.
SB38Relative to extensions for wetland and shoreland permits.
SB39Relative to enforcement of the excavation tax by the department of revenue administration.
SB40Making technical corrections to meals and rooms tax laws.
SB41Relative to enforcement of the timber tax and excavation tax by the department of revenue administration.
SB42Relative to the declaration of consideration for purposes of the real estate transfer tax.
SB43Making a technical correction to the tobacco tax laws.
SB44Relative to payment of rent pending a landlord-tenant action.
SB45Relative to criteria for designation as a Granite State scholar.
SB46Extending and revising the commission to develop a plan for the expansion of transmission capacity in the north country.
SB47Extending the commission to study water infrastructure sustainability funding.
SB48Relative to filing of rates for certain telephone services.
SB49Relative to tip pooling arrangements.
SB50Making various changes to laws regulating trusts and trust companies.
SB51(New Title) relative to the establishment of an inter-departmental team to address issues concerning certain adults with developmental disabilities who may present a substantial risk to the community.
SB52Excluding persons convicted of violent crimes and sexually violent persons from mandatory early release on probation or parole.
SB53(2nd New Title) relative to the definition of nursing and the nursing assistant registry administered by the board of nursing.
SB54(New Title) relative to the definition of declarant under the condominium act and the duties of the committee to study laws relating to condominium and homeowners’ associations.
SB55Requiring certain engine coolants and antifreeze to include an aversive agent so that they are rendered unpalatable.
SB56(New Title) authorizing the department of revenue administration to accept credit card and debit card payments of taxes.
SB57Relative to regulation of title loan lenders.
SB58Adding qualified community development entities to the definition of "qualified investment company" under the business profits tax and the business enterprise tax.
SB59Relative to fees for terrain alteration permits.
SB60Relative to the definition of commercial motor vehicle.
SB61Relative to capital appropriations to the liquor commission.
SB62Relative to persons participating in the return to work program.
SB63Relative to the list of bail bondsmen and prohibiting law enforcement and corrections officers from indicating preferences for bail bond companies.
SB64(New Title) removing the oath requirement for class B misdemeanor criminal complaints filed by police officers.
SB65Making technical corrections to a law relative to court facility financing.
SB66(New Title) relative to nonresident tuition for motorcycle rider education.
SB67(New Title) establishing a committee to study the implementation of an education tax credit plan in New Hampshire.
SB68Relative to records of disciplinary actions taken by the electricians' board.
SB69Permitting 2-wheeled vehicles to proceed through an intersection after stopping for a red light.
SB70Relative to remedies in landlord-tenant actions.
SB71Relative to health care fees in workers' compensation.
SB72Establishing a comprehensive cancer plan fund.
SB73Establishing a committee to study local options for evergreen clauses.
SB74Relative to the life settlements act.
SB75(New Title) relative to clarification of part-time service in the state retirement system.
SB76Relative to the authority of the department of revenue administration to adopt rules and to administer state tax laws.
SB77Relative to the special fund for payment for second injuries under the workers' compensation law.
SB78Relative to motor vehicle registration fees.
SB79Authorizing the department of revenue administration to impose administrative fines for timber tax violations.
SB80Exempting certain rental income from the meals and rooms tax.
SB81(New Title) relative to powers and duties of commissioners of executive branch agencies, and relative to the extension of the expired term of a commissioner or agency head.
SB82(2nd New Title) extending the state board of education’s authority to approve chartered public schools and relative to the funding of chartered public schools approved by a school district.
SB83Enabling municipalities to create other post-employment benefits (OPEB) trusts.
SB84Relative to state regulation of the septic system installation process.
SB85Naming a bay in the town of Meredith Johnson Bay.
SB86Requiring the department of labor to warn employers of certain violations prior to imposing a fine.
SB87Relative to the closure of certain underground storage tank systems.
SB88(3rd New Title) relative to physical force in defense of a person, relative to producing or displaying a firearm or other means of self-defense, and relative to eliminating minimum sentencing and adding civil immunity for certain firearm use.
SB89(3rd New Title) relative to employee leasing companies and establishing a study committee on the procurement of health insurance by employee leasing companies.
SB90(New Title) directing the legislative oversight committee to study the consolidation of school administrative units.
SB91Relative to automatic fire suppression sprinklers.
SB92(New Title) establishing an economic strategic commission to review the relationship between business and government.
SB93Relative to pharmacist administration of vaccines.
SB94Relative to state certification of community residences in municipalities with zoning ordinances which accommodate certified community residences.
SB95(New Title) establishing a commission to study youth sports concussions and other concussions received while at school.
SB96Relative to amending the charter of The Pinkerton Academy.
SB97Relative to the application of the community revitalization tax relief incentive.
SB98Revising the international registration plan.
SB99Relative to trailer brakes.
SB100(2nd New Title) relative to the size limitations on OHRVs operating in Jericho Mountain state park.
SB101Requiring the Pettengill Road project in Londonderry to be added to the state's 10-year transportation improvement program.
SB102(New Title) establishing a commission to study the effects of service-connected post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury suffered in the line of duty by members of the armed forces and veterans.
SB103Requiring the commissioner of administrative services to develop a plan to consolidate the human resource functions within state government.
SB104(New Title) relative to certain agricultural operations and certain bonds for excavation and driveways.
SB105(New Title) exempting highway trail crossing from evaluation requirements for certain all terrain and trail bike trails.
SB106Naming the visitor center at Jericho Mountain state park for Robert Danderson.
SB107(New Title) establishing a committee to study the effectiveness of criteria for establishing ATV and trail bike trails on state lands.
SB108Relative to emergency obstetrical care.
SB109Establishing a committee to study the foreclosure process in New Hampshire.
SB110Relative to condominium development projects and application of the state fire code.
SB111Relative to short sales of a homeowner's residence.
SB112(New Title) relative to the membership on the advanced manufacturing education advisory council.
SB113Relative to nonpublic schools receiving public funds.
SB114Prohibiting assessing teacher performance based solely on assessment scores.
SB115Relative to observing voter check-in.
SB116(New Title) relative to the manufactured housing installation standards board and relative to the definition of a modular building.
SB117Relative to private postsecondary career schools and the student tuition guaranty fund.
SB118Modifying the definition of renewable generation facility.
SB119Relative to qualified association trusts.
SB120Relative to alcoholic beverage advertising restrictions.
SB121Relative to the application of the worker adjustment and retraining notification act.
SB122Establishing a committee to study the laws relating to electronic prescriptions.
SB123Relative to notification if a person found incompetent to stand trial and civilly committed is released into the community.
SB124Relative to the comprehensive shoreland protection act.
SB125(New Title) relative to the standards and burden of proof with respect to the business profits tax deduction for reasonable compensation attributable to owners of partnerships, limited liability companies, and sole proprietorships.
SB126Relative to net operating loss carryovers under the business profits tax.
SB127Relative to the city of Manchester's contributory retirement system.
SB128(New Title) establishing a committee to study sources of funding for the search and rescue operations of the fish and game department.
SB129(New Title) relative to presenting photo identification to vote in person and relative to the election fund.
SB130Repealing the tax on gambling winnings.
SB131Repealing the exemption for water and air pollution control facilities from local property taxation.
SB132Establishing exemptions from the real estate transfer tax.
SB133Relative to reestablishing the exemption from property taxation for telecommunications poles and conduits.
SB134Relative to jury trials under the consumer protection act.
SB135Relative to election returns and election records.
SB136Relative to games of chance.
SB137Relative to the driver training fund.
SB138Eliminating the lottery commission and establishing the education lottery authority.
SB139Relative to state recoveries of public assistance caused by fraud.
SB140Relative to the disposition of military justice fines.
SB141Requiring drivers who are residents of foreign countries to have insurance.
SB142Relative to reorganizing the permitting process within the department of environmental services.
SB143Requiring the commissioner of administrative services to develop a proposal for state employees to make monetary contributions to a health savings account or other tax-advantaged account.
SB144(2nd New Title) relative to approvals for site plans and subdivision of land.
SB145Relative to state employees who volunteer as election workers.
SB146Relative to requiring submission of a reduced spending alternative as part of the biennial budget process.
SB147Relative to Medicaid managed care.
SB148(3rd New Title) relative to health insurance coverage.
SB149Relative to the rate of the meals and rooms tax and the distribution formula for meals and rooms tax revenue.
SB150Authorizing individuals and certain businesses to purchase health insurance from out-of-state insurance companies.
SB151Relative to contracts of the department of health and human services.
SB152Relative to participation in state employees' group insurance by members of the general court.
SB153Relative to the regulation of real estate appraisers by the New Hampshire real estate appraiser board.
SB154(New Title) reforming and renaming the comprehensive shoreland protection act and repealing New Hampshire’s regional greenhouse gas initiative cap and trade program for controlling carbon dioxide emissions.
SB155Relative to section 179 expense deductions under the business profits tax.
SB156Authorizing retail vehicle dealers to act as agents of the division of motor vehicles for vehicle registrations and title applications.
SB157Relative to the division of weights and measures and fees for licensing weighing devices and the definition of service technician.
SB158Relative to the payment of state aid grants for water and wastewater for 2009 and 2010.
SB159Establishing a state infrastructure bank.
SB160Relative to the definition and regulation of installment loans.
SB161Relative to procedures for adoption of agency rules under the administrative procedures act.
SB162Relative to federal health care reform 2010.
SB163Relative to the New Hampshire health benefit exchange.
SB164Relative to the personal needs allowance of residents of nursing homes.
SB165Relative to the Medicaid uncompensated care fund and the Medicaid enhancement tax.
SB166Relative to medical benefits for beneficiaries of a police officer or firefighter killed in the line of duty.
SB167Establishing a production jobs creation credit under the business enterprise tax and making changes affecting small business to the business profits tax, the business enterprise tax, and the meals and rooms tax.
SB168Conforming the interest and dividends tax to federal tax definitions.
SB169Relative to campaign expenditures and contributions by business organizations and labor unions.
SB170Relative to the New Hampshire Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association.
SB171Relative to prescription drug benefits for the treatment of pain.
SB172Relative to performance-based school accountability criteria.
SB173(New Title) proclaiming January 24, 2012 as Granny D. Day.
SB174Relative to the Concord regional solid waste/resource recovery cooperative.
SB175Regulating the commercial use of a person's identity.
SB176Relative to marriage licenses.
SB177Relative to training of directors and officers of nonprofit corporations.
SB178Establishing a commission to study long-term sustainable funding for school building aid and the establishment of eligibility criteria for school building aid in order to ensure that all school age children in every part of the state have access to a safe, healthy, and academic environment for learning.
SB179Relative to qualified purchasing alliances.
SB180Establishing a committee to study the availability of community supervision programs for prisoners released on probation or parole.
SB181Relative to distribution of funds for education.
SB182Relative to video lottery and table gaming, providing property tax relief for local economies, providing services for problem gamers, and promoting tourism and public safety.
SB183Amending the calculation and distribution of adequate education grants, repealing fiscal capacity disparity aid, and providing stabilization grants to certain municipalities.
SB184Extending the commission to study water infrastructure sustainability funding.
SB185Establishing a restitution fund for victims of financial fraud and continually appropriating a special fund.
SB186Repealing the exemption from the consumer protection act for certain regulated trade and commerce.
SB187Relative to fair debt collection.
SB188Relative to the authority and roles of the banking department, the attorney general, and the bureau of securities regulation in state regulation of securities.
SB189Relative to the definition of mortgage loan originator.
SB190Relative to the duties and membership of the executive branch ethics committee.
SB191Relative to the registration of independent contractors for the purposes of workers' compensation.
SB192Establishing a commission to identify strategies needed for delivering a 21st century education.
SB193Relative to nomination of political organizations.
SB194(New Title) relative to the transfer of real and personal property from the former department of regional community-technical colleges to the board of trustees of the community college system of New Hampshire and relative to the tax exempt status of real estate and personal property owned by the community college system of New Hampshire.
SB195Naming the Manchester Airport Access Road for Raymond Wieczorek.
SB196(2nd New Title) relative to the renomination or reelection of teachers and grievance procedures.
SB197Regulating guaranteed price plans and prepaid contracts for heating oil, kerosene, or liquefied petroleum gas.
SB198Relative to the calculation of aid to the permanently and totally disabled and temporary assistance to needy families (TANF).
Senate Concurrent Resolutions (1)
SCR1Urging Congress to call a convention for the sole purpose of proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
Senate Resolutions (10)
SR1RESOLVED, that the Rules of the 2009-2010 Session be adopted as the Rules of the 2011-2012 Session, with the changes which have been provided here today, and be it further RESOLVED that these Rules may be amended by majority vote for the next three legislative days.
SR2RESOLVED, that the Secretary of State be requested to furnish the Senate with the official return of votes from the various Senatorial Districts.
SR3RESOLVED, that the return of votes from the several Senatorial Districts be referred to a Select Committee of three with instructions to examine and count the same and report to the Senate where any vacancies or contest exists and if so, in what Senatorial District.
SR4RESOLVED, that the biennium salary of the members of the Senate be paid in one undivided sum as early as practical after adoption of this resolution, and be it further RESOLVED that the mileage of members of the Senate be paid every two weeks during the session.
SR5RESOLVED, that the Senate, when appropriate, meet in Joint Convention with the House for the purpose of electing the Secretary of State and the State Treasurer.
SR6RESOLVED, that the Senate meet in Joint Convention for the purpose of canvassing votes for the Governor and Executive Council.
SR7RESOLVED, that the Senate meet in Joint Convention for the purpose of hearing the report of the Joint Committee appointed to compare and count the votes for Governor and Executive Council, for the Inauguration of the Governor, the Honorable John H. Lynch, and for the taking of the oath by the Executive Council.
SR8RESOLVED, that the Senate notify the Honorable House that it is ready to meet in Joint Convention for the purpose of hearing the Budget Address by his Excellency, Governor John H. Lynch.
SR9Requesting an opinion of the justices concerning the constitutionality of HB 89.
SR10Honoring the members of the military and intelligence community who carried out the mission that killed Osama bin Laden, and for other purposes.