SB78 (2009) – 2009-01-20 revision

Relative to contractor accountability and disclosure in the public works construction procurement process.

Status: SIGNED BY GOVERNOR No/unknown committee assignment (Details)
Length: 388 words.

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Public hearing:2009-05-05 13:00:00 LOB 2012009-03-24 00:00:00
Executive session:2009-05-26 10:15:00(unscheduled)
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AN ACT relative to contractor accountability and disclosure in the public works construction procurement process.

SPONSORS: Sen. Hassan, Dist 23; Sen. DeVries, Dist 18; Sen. Lasky, Dist 13; Rep. Goley, Hills 8; Rep. Benn, Graf 9; Rep. Tahir, Hills 9; Rep. R. Holden, Hills 7

COMMITTEE: Commerce, Labor and Consumer Protection


This bill establishes contractor accountability and disclosure requirements in the public works construction procurement process.

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In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Nine

AN ACT relative to contractor accountability and disclosure in the public works construction procurement process.

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

1 New Sections; Public Works Design and Construction; Subcontractor Bids; Worksite Accountability. Amend RSA 21-I by inserting after section 81 the following new sections:

21-I:81-a Requirement for Listing Subcontractors Bids for State Construction Contracts. The following requirements apply to the construction, reconstruction, installation, demolition, maintenance, or repair of any building by a public agency, including the community college system and university system of New Hampshire, that is required to be awarded through competitive bidding.

I. A general contractor shall provide to the agency a list of the names, addresses, CEO, CFO, other LLC principals, and each subcontractor to be used in the performance of the contract within 48 hours of the contract award.

II. No general contractor may substitute another subcontractor for a subcontractor listed within the general contractor’s sealed subcontractor list, nor shall the general contractor subcontract work it originally intended to perform without a subcontractor unless the general contractor submits a written notice to the awarding agency, with explanation for the substitution and disclosure of the name, address, CEO, CFO, and other LLC principals, and no such substitution may occur without prior written authorization from the awarding agency. Such authorization shall not be unreasonably withheld.

III. This section provides minimum disclosure standards regarding subcontractors and shall not preclude an awarding agency or the community college or university system from setting more rigorous standards for construction work under their jurisdiction.

21-I:81-b Worksite Accountability. At the onset of site work on any state construction project, including any construction project undertaken by the community college system and the university system of New Hampshire, the general contractor or designated project construction manager, if any, shall provide to the awarding agency a list of all subcontractors, and independent contractors on the job site with a record of the entity to whom that subcontractor or independent contractor is directly contracted, and by whom that contractor or subcontractor is insured for worker’s compensation purposes. This list shall be posted on the jobsite and updated as needed and also posted on the agency website, to be updated weekly. Under no circumstances shall a subcontractor or independent contractor be present on a state construction site without the contractor’s name and direct contracting relationship being posted in the visible location at the worksite.

2 Effective Date. This act shall take effect 60 days after its passage.