2014 NHLA Endorsed and Elected Candidates

Congratulations to all the candidates on your tremendous victory in this year’s state elections. We understand how hard you have worked and the sacrifices you have made to make this day come true. We are grateful for all of your efforts. Your win is a win for ALL of New Hampshire’s citizens. We are also proud to announce that out of the 123 candidates endorsed going into the general election, 87 (listed below) were successful. This is a most exciting time and a big win for the NHLA, New Hampshire, and liberty. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers, donors, and supporters for making this victory a reality. To all of the newly elected/re-elected pro-liberty Representatives, we are looking forward to working with you in the upcoming 2015 legislative session. We feel many great things are about to happen in New Hampshire in the pursuit of liberty and we are excited and ready to do our part. Note: Some Results are preliminary and we will update this page as necessary. Results source: here Updated 12/02/14 to reflect Jim McConnell's win in Chesire District 12.

State Representative

Belknap County

Valerie Fraser (R) District 1 (Center Harbor and New Hampton)
Glen Aldrich (R) District 2 (Gilford and Meredith)
Herbert Vadney (R) I District 2 (Gilford and Meredith)
Robert Luther (R) I District 3 (Laconia Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6)
Michael Sylvia (R) I District 6 (Belmont)
Guy Comtois (R) I District 7 (Barnstead)
Raymond Howard Jr. (R) District 8 (FL) (Alton, Barnstead, and Gilmanton)
Robert Z. Fisher (R) District 9 (FL) (Belmont, Laconia Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Carroll County

Mark McConkey (R) I District 3 (Albany, Freedom, Madison, and Tamworth)
Glenn Cordelli (R) I District 4 (Moultonborough, Sandwich, and Tuftonboro)
Ed Comeau (R) District 5 (Brookfield, Effingham, Ossipee, and Wakefield)
Stephen Schmidt (R) I District 6 (Wolfeboro)
Donald (Ted) Wright (R) I District 8 (FL) (Brookefield, Effingham, Moultonborough, Ossipee, Sandwich, Tuftonboro, Wakefield)

Cheshire County

John Hunt (R) I District 11 (Fitzwilliam and Rindge)
Jim McConnell (R) District 12 (Richmond and Swanzey)

Coos County

Laurence Rappaport (R) I District 1 (Atkinson and Gilmanton Academy Grant, Cambridge, Clarksville, Colebrook, Columbia, Dix's Grant, Dixville, Errol, Erving's Location, Millsfield, Odell, Pittsburg, Second College Grant, Stewartstown, Stratford, and Wentworth's Location)
Leon H. Rideout (R) I District 7 (Carroll, Dalton, Dummer, Jefferson, Kilkenny, Lancaster, Milan, Northumberland, Randolph, Stark, and Whitefield)

Grafton County

Edmond Gionet (R) I District 5 (Lincoln, Livermore, Waterville Valley, and Woodstock)
Robert Hull (R) District 9 (Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, and Grafton)

Hillsborough County

Nick Zaricki (R) District 6 (Goffstown)
David Danielson (R) I District 7 (Bedford)
Keith Murphy (R) I District 7 (Bedford)
Joseph Lachance (R) District 8 (Manchester Ward 1)
Elizabeth Edwards (D) District 11 (Manchester Ward 4)
Amanda Bouldin (D) District 12 (Manchester Ward 5)
Larry Gagne (R) I District 13 (Manchester Ward 6)
Victoria Sullivan (R) District 16 (Manchester Ward 9)
Tammy Simmons (R) District 17 (Manchester Ward 10)
Dick Marston (R) I District 19 (Manchester Ward 12)
Ralph Boehm (R) I District 20 (Litchfield)
Frank Byron (R) I District 20 (Litchfield)
Jeanine Notter (R) I District 21 (Merrimack)
Phil Straight (R) I District 21 (Merrimack)
Peter Hansen (R) I District 22 (Amherst)
James Coffey (R) I District 25 (New Ipswich, Sharon, and Temple)
Jim Parison (R) I District 25 (New Ipswich, Sharon, and Temple)
Chris Adams (R) District 26 (Brookline and Mason)
Donald LeBrun (R) I District 32 (Nashua Ward 5)
David Murotake (R) I District 32 (Nashua Ward 5)
Lynne Ober (R) I District 37 (Hudson and Pelham)
Russell T. Ober (R) I District 37 (Hudson and Pelham)
Kim Rice (R) District 37 (Hudson and Pelham)
Eric Schleien (R) District 37 (Hudson and Pelham)
Jordan Ulery (R) I District 37 (Hudson and Pelham)
Frank Edelblut (R) District 38 (FL) (Antrim, Bennington, Francestown, Greenfield, Greenville, Hancock, Hillsborough, Lyndeborough, Wilton, and Windsor)
John A. Burt (R) I District 39 (FL) (Deering, Goffstown, and Weare)
Laurie Sanborn (R) I District 41 (FL) (Amherst and Bedford)

Merrimack County

Brian Seaworth (R) District 20 (Chichester and Pembroke)
Dan McGuire (R) I District 21 (Epsom and Pittsfield)
JR Hoell (R) I District 23 (Bow and Dunbarton)
Dick Marple (R) District 24 (Hooksett)
Carol McGuire (R) I District 29 (FL) (Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield)

Rockingham County

Bruce Hodgdon (R) I District 1 (Northwood)
Joe Duarte (R) I District 2 (Candia, Deerfield, and Nottingham)
James Spillane (R) District 2 (Candia, Deerfield, and Nottingham)
Kyle Tasker (R) I District 2 (Candia, Deerfield, and Nottingham)
L. Mike Kappler (R) I District 3 (Raymond)
William Gannon (R) District 4 (Auburn, Chester, and Sandown)
Joseph Hagan (R) I District 4 (Auburn, Chester, and Sandown)
Jason Osborne (R) District 4 (Auburn, Chester, and Sandown)
Alfred Baldasaro (R) I District 5 (Londonderry)
Brian Chirichiello (R) I District 6 (Derry)
Beverly Ferrante (R) I District 6 (Derry)
David Milz (R) I District 6 (Derry)
James Webb (R) I District 6 (Derry)
Walter Kolodziej (R) I District 7 (Windham)
Charles McMahon (R) I District 7 (Windham)
Joe Sweeney (R) I District 8 (Salem)
Jeffrey Harris (R) I District 9 (Epping)
Daniel Itse (R) I District 10 (Fremont)
Kenneth Weyler (R) I District 13 (Hampstead and Kingston)
Shem Kellogg (R) District 14 (Atkinson and Plaistow)
Adam Schroadter (R) I District 17 (Newfields and Newmarket)
Tracy Emerick (R) I District 21 (Hampton)
Frederick Rice (R) I District 21 (Hampton)
Pamela Tucker (R) I District 23 (Greenland and Newington)
Richard Gordon (R) I District 35 (FL) (East Kingston, Kensington, Newton, and South Hampton)

Strafford County

John Mullen Jr. (R) I District 1 (Middleton and Milton)
Joseph Pitre (R) I District 2 (Farmington)
David Bickford (R) I District 3 (New Durham and Strafford)
Steven Beaudoin (R) I District 9 (Rochester Ward 2)
Warren Groen (R) I District 10 (Rochester Ward 3)
Laura Jones (R) I District 24 (FL) (Rochester Wards 4 and 5)
Joe Hannon (R) District 25 (FL) (Barrington and Lee)

Sullivan County

None :(

State Senate

Andy Sanborn (R) I Senate District 9 (Bedford, Dublin, Fitzwilliam, Greenfield, Hancock, Jaffrey, Lyndeborough, Mont Vernon, New Boston, Peterborough, Richmond, Sharon, Temple, and Troy)
Gary Daniels (R) Senate District 11 (Amherst, Merrimack, Milford, and Wilton)
Kevin Avard (R) Senate District 12 (Nashua Wards 1, 2, and 5, and Brookline, Greenville, Hollis, Mason, New Ipswich, and Rindge)