April, 2011


Board Elections

Have you ever considered serving on the NHLA Board of Directors? It’s a great way to take a leadership role in promoting liberty in New Hampshire.

The Board has seven positions (Chairman, Vice Chairman, Political Action Director, Treasurer, Membership Director, Research Director, and Secretary) and each position is a two-year term. The Board meets once a month, at a central location, usually in Concord, to plan, organize, and brainstorm ways of promoting the NHLA and pushing liberty forward through legislative activism and public outreach. These all-volunteer positions are very rewarding and do require some time commitment.

In April, the NHLA will be holding elections for Vice Chairman and Secretary. The Vice Chairman is responsible for, but not limited to, fulfilling the functions of the Chairman in the event of the Chairman’s absence. The Secretary is responsible for, but not limited to, preparing the minutes for each of the Board meetings and writing and sending out the newsletters. More details about these Board positions and the organization can be found here on our website.

Currently, there are two candidates running for the position of Secretary, Jason Sutherland and Jeanmarie O’Herron (Paul, Comeau, Jr. is not running for re-election), and one candidate for Vice Chair, Sandy Pierre. (You may read their bios here.)

Nominations for these positions are being accepted until April 17th at 11:59pm. If you know of someone who would make a great addition to the NHLA Board (including yourself) and would like us to speak with them about their (your) possible involvement, please submit their (your) name to chair@nhliberty.org.

Voting will open on April 18th until April 28th at 11:59pm. Remember, you must be a paid member in order to participate in Board elections. To upgrade to either Full or Lifetime Membership, log in to the website and click on "my account."

Bill Submission for 2012

This year, the House has scheduled the bill submission window for the 2012 legislative session to be May 15th to June 8th. This is much earlier than normal. Anyone considering submitting a bill for next year’s session will need to work fast getting your information together and finding a sponsor. Keep in mind, only State Representatives or Senators can submit bills. For some help pointing you in the right direction, email Joel at political@nhliberty.org.

Nullify Now Tour Recap

As some of you know, the NHLA had a vendor table the Nullify Now! event in Manchester last month. It was a great success and definitely worth repeating. We got great exposure to a crowd of at least 200 people with a centrally located vendor table and our participation in the Q&A session at the end of the event. We made many new friends (including the staff at the Tenth Amendment Center), signed up several new members, as well as increased our visibility with our logo being placed on Nullify Now's website http://www.nullifynow.com/newhampshire/.

Thanks to Eileen L., Keith A., Dan G., Tammy S. and Keith C. for manning the table.

Thanks to Dan G. for speaking on behalf of the NHLA during the Q&A session.

Thanks to Dan G. and Tammy S. for loaning, setting up, and breaking down the large presentation board.

Thanks to Sandy P. for making all the arrangements to be at this event.

Volunteer Appreciation Recap

For those of you not able to attend this year’s Volunteer Appreciation function, it was a wonderful success! We had over 50 people in attendance, including several State Reps. There were many familiar faces as well as several new ones desiring to find out more about NHLA and how they can support the organization.

Many Thanks to Kevin for organizing the event and to Mark for the venue.

NHLA Activist Alert System

The Board is piloting a new program to help activists be more informed with what’s happening at the State House. The NHLA Activist Alert system is an opt-in email messenger designed to alert members about important legislation that needs attention. Members would be asked to call your Representatives, or attend the public hearing to give testimony, or write letters to the editor, or whatever is required to help ensure that certain bills are passed or killed. This system is a great way to stay informed, get more involved and helps coordinate members to be a more powerful positive influence in the area of public policy for the future of N.H.

If you are interested in receiving activist alerts, please email membership@nhliberty.org with your request. (Important notice: When making public statements, we ask that you do so only as a concerned private citizen and never on the behalf of the NHLA.)


Come join the NHLA at this year’s Porcupine Freedom Festival being held on June 20-26 at Roger’s Campground and Motel in beautiful Lancaster, NH. Many new and exciting things are scheduled for this one week event. For more information, go to http://freestateproject.org/festival/.

The NHLA will be giving a presentation on Thursday, June 23 on how to advance liberty in New Hampshire by working within the state legislative system.

Liberty Dinner

The Board has started making plans for this year’s Liberty Dinner, which will be held Sunday, July 10, and you should too. This very popular event draws in over 100 liberty fighting Representatives and activists from all over the state.

Liberty Dinner is where we will announce this year’s Legislator of the Year and Activist of the Year, as well as unveil our annual Liberty Ratings legislative scorecard.

Dinner usually begins around 6:00 and lasts for a couple of hours. A VIP Reception is held for an hour prior to dinner.

Please visit the website periodically for more details as they unfold.

Granite State Coupon Book **PRICE REDUCED**

Here’s a great way you can 1) save money, 2) help the small businesses in N.H., and 3) raise funds for the NHLA all at the same time. The Board is proud to announce the Granite State Coupon Book/NHLA affiliation.

The Granite State Coupon Book is a publication promoted by one of our friends Linda L. that is filled with hundreds of great savings for you and your family. The book was designed with the sole purpose of helping out the local businessman and the N.H. economy and not the multi-national giant conglomerates such as Wal-mart, McDonalds, etc.

We encourage you to check out their website at ttp://www.granitestatecouponbook.com/ and purchase one of their books. The books have been marked down from $29.95 to $19.95. When ordering online (through their website) be sure to note in the comment box “New Hampshire Liberty Alliance,” to ensure that the NHLA receives credit for your purchase.

Gold Standard Subscriptions

Get a copy of the Gold Standard delivered right to your inbox every week for FREE! That’s right, you too can get this highly effective, very popular liberty cheat sheet.

Our Gold Standard team carefully selects bills going before the House for a vote each week that have a high liberty impact upon N.H. citizens and businesses. Our Gold Standard contains our recommendations and liberty talking points on each of these impactful bills. Feel free to use our talking points to contact your Representatives as a concerned citizen in support or opposition to specific legislation. Your correspondence could make the difference on whether or not these bills pass or fail moving N.H. towards more liberty or more tyranny.

To get your copy, email research@nhliberty.org and tell us that you wish to be put on the Gold Standard Subscription list.

Liberty Books

Jim Dodson of Liberty Books in Concord (75 Allison Street) hosts NHLA’s monthly Board meetings. Please visit this treasure-filled store for books on history, economics, and politics, as well as an unrivaled collection of graphic novels and comic books. You may also visit Jim on the web at http://www.libertybooksnh.net/.

Next Board Meeting

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 5 starting at 6:30 pm at Liberty Books on 75 Allison Street in Concord. All members are welcome. Hope to see you there.

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